TestMarket - Go, Snag Your Discount on KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves!

Go, Snag Your Discount on KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves!

Jan 15, 2024 12:21 am
Go, Snag Your Discount on KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves!
Brand Name: KastKing
Category: Fishing Gloves
Seller Name: Top-end Sports
Rating: 4.30
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Grab Yours Before It's Gone! Enjoy Extra Savings Today on KastKing IceRiver Fishing Gloves – 100% Waterproof Cold Winter Weather Fishing Gloves for Men and Women. Ideal for Ice Fishing, Winter Fishing, or Other Outdoor Winter Sports. Shop Now for the Lowest Prices. Old Price: $32.99. New Price: $26.38. Hurry, Limited Stock! Save Big on Your Purchase and Get a 20% Discount. You'll be Saving $6.61! Your Exclusive Discount Awaits. Act Fast and Secure Your Deal Now!

Title: Checks all the Boxes
Content: KastKing strikes again. These glove fit, well, like a glove. Snug without being overly tight. Super warm without being too bulky. Waterproof as advertised. Looking forward to the lakes freezing over to put them to real use. Once again, another fine product from KK.
Title: Very warm!
Content: These gloves are great! They help cut wind and water and they are extremely warm. They aren’t so bulky that it is impossible to do things with them on. I can dig through a tackle bag easily. The sizing chart was spot on. I didn’t think I would wear a large but I followed the chart and they fit great. These gloves are the perfect accompaniment to my winter fishing gear!
Title: Great at 20°F, good at 10°F, insufficient at 0°F
Content: The Good: 1. Definitely waterproof. Ran tap water over them at full blast for ages when they arrived, and no moisture penetrated. The surface dried almost instantly. 2. You can actually move your fingers well enough to bait a hook. I am a woman with small hands, so even with the S there was a little room at the end of the fingertips. When a small trout swallowed the hook and I needed pliers to get him off, I couldn't quite sort it with the gloves on. But I could get most fish, I could put maggots on, I could adjust my reel, and I could get things in and out of my pockets. 3. Pretty insulating considering the flexibility. I ran the hottest possible tap water over them for several minutes and my hand felt slightly warm. I ran the coldest possible water over them and felt nothing. I plunged my hand into the ice hole several times for approximately 10 seconds at 15-18°F and felt nothing. I plunged my hand in the water for a few seconds at about 10°F and felt nothing. (I kept my hands out of the water at -3°F, I'm not insane). 4. I was able to put a hand warmer in the palm without making the wrist gap (and let in cold air). Of course your fingertips will get cold first so I don't know how much good this does, but it won't hurt. The Bad: 1. The insulation does have a limit. I have used these at multiple lakes and temperatures, so I think I have a pretty good idea of how warm they are. Around 15-20°F, they were totally sufficient on their own. Down around 10°F I really wanted to keep my hands in my pockets as much as possible and I would have used a second glove layer if I could have. At -3°F my fingers got so cold I lost feeling and couldn't grab a maggot or bait a line. It doesn't matter how much dexterity a glove allows if your hands get so cold you lose it anyway. 2. Some reviews suggested using a warmer glove in addition to these. I planned to use my warm mittens with finger flaps on top of these but they didn't fit. I still think that basic idea would work, but these are thick enough that you would need large mittens/gloves,-specifically sized-up to be an outer layer. I don't see how you could wear gloves under these without losing dexterity. 3. The fit was surprisingly good but not perfect, and neoprene doesn't allow for any squishing or adjustment. It would be nice if they made some women's sizes, as our finger length and width relative to our palm dimensions tends to be proportionately different than men's, and a neoprene glove works best when fit perfectly. But the size was workable, and the fingers stiff enough that a bit of extra room did not prevent using them. Overall: I struggled with how to rate these because there are no magic gloves. How can any material allow you enough flexibility and motion for fine motor control, entirely repel water, AND keep you warm at literally any temperature? I'm sure it's impossible. On the other hand, negative temperatures are totally realistic for ice fishing. It's reasonable to prep for those temps and to want gear that works in them. I am glad I bought these gloves, I will continue to use them ice fishing, and I may even buy new mittens specifically to pair with them, but I have also decided to reserve the 5th star for a pair of gloves that can take any temperature I can take.
Title: Love these!
Content: My husband absolutely loved these gloves. He swares they are now a necessity for fishing or hunting. They fit him great, with lots of mobility still. They are water proof while also warm, due to the fleece insulation on the inside. These gloves also have a rubber design on the inside thumb, first finger and bottom of the palm for a better grip.
Title: Love the zip pocket!
Content: These gloves are pretty impressive, especially for the price and they seem like they'll be extremely warm, but I won't know that until it's extremely cold. The zip pocket on the back of the gloves is really cool...you could put all sorts of things in there, even a hand warmer. The lining on the inside doesn't stay in place when taking the gloves off so you have to remove them carefully or you'll have a difficult time putting them back on, but I didn't deduct for this because so many gloves have exactly the same problem, even more expensive ones. I just wish glove manufacturers would realize this is a real problem for people and fix it, but it seems people making gloves must not ever wear gloves to experience this issue for themselves! Overall, great gloves that I'd recommend!
Title: Appear to be scuba diving gloves
Content: These seem like scuba diving gloves. Not something you’d want to wear and be able to move your hands and actually function in your outdoor life. Stiff and rigid. Hard to get on my hands. Hard to move hands and actually hold objects. Yuck

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  • Key Features – 100% waterproof ice fishing gloves– Bound stitched, and glued seams – Fleece lined for warmth – Anti-slip embossed palm – Material remains pliable in extremely cold weather conditions – Stylish Prym1 Camo
  • 100% Waterproof – KastKing IceRiver gloves are 100% waterproof. These fishing gloves are manufactured with 2.2mm neoprene rubber material for excellent water resistance. All seams are bound, stitched, and glued to ensure water does not enter the ice bay neoprene gloves.
  • Fleece Lined – The IceRiver winter gloves are lined with a 1mm layer of polar fleece to provide extra warm in extremely cold and wet conditions.
  • Flexible Anti-slip Palm – The 2.2mm neoprene palm is design with an embossed non-slip pattern that provides additional gripping strength in any weather conditions. The neoprene material maintains flexibility in extremely low temperature conditions, making them ideal for ice fishing.
  • Prym1 Camo – “BE THE PREDATOR” with American born Prym1 Camo. KastKing is proud to partner with Stacie Walker a wildlife artist and founder of Prym1 Camo. Stay protected from the harsh winter elements in style with waterproof KastKing IceRiver gloves.
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