TestMarket - 🔥Exclusive Offer🔥 Electric Lighter with Battery Indicator, USB C Rechargeable Lighter - Get Yours Before It's Gone!Old Price: £14.99.New Price: £12.74

🔥Exclusive Offer🔥 Electric Lighter with Battery Indicator, USB C Rechargeable Lighter - Get Yours Before It's Gone!Old Price: £14.99.New Price: £12.74

Apr 06, 2024 06:53 pm
🔥Exclusive Offer🔥 Electric Lighter with Battery Indicator, USB C Rechargeable Lighter - Get Yours Before It's Gone!Old Price: £14.99.New Price: £12.74
Brand Name: LcFun
Category: Fire Starters
Seller Name: Lcfun
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 3858
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Unleash the power of the dragon with this stylish Electric Lighter with Battery Indicator! Act fast to snag this limited-time deal with a 15% discount, saving you £2.25. Don't miss out on this time-sensitive offer - grab yours now before it sells out!⚡

Title: Bought two a good buy !
Content: Bought two , one for me and another for our son who smokes , very nice looking lighters with a great dragon motif , rechargeable and holds charge well . We find plenty of uses for it around the house , in shed and on our boat , no more messing around with damp matches or looking for refills . They make really useful affordable gifts for anyone and at this price are really good buys . Well worth my 5 Stars !
Title: Efficient and Reliable Electric USB Lighter
Content: I've been using the Electric USB Lighter for the past 4 to 5 months, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in several aspects. First and foremost, the battery life of this lighter is truly impressive. It seems to last forever on a single charge, which is a big plus for someone like me who uses it frequently. I haven't had to worry about constantly recharging it, and that's a significant convenience. Efficiency is another standout feature of this lighter. Lighting my cigarettes or anything else that requires a flame has never been quicker or more hassle-free. It ignites reliably every time, even in windy conditions, which is a problem I've encountered with traditional lighters. The USB charging capability is a game-changer as well. Recharging is a breeze – simply plug it in, and it's ready to go in no time. No more running out of fuel or dealing with messy refills. In summary, the Electric USB Lighter has become an essential part of my daily routine. Its long-lasting battery, efficient performance, and easy recharging make it a top-notch choice for anyone in need of a reliable lighter. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their lighting experience.
Title: Excellent lighter
Content: I've owned a lot of different arc lighters and this one is the best one so far. I was going to review it once the battery ran out the first time but so far after 10 days it still hasn't shown the low battery light yet so the battery is easily lasting 5 times longer than my last 200mah lighter. All arc lighters I've owned have only lasted roughly one year using them about 10 times a day so this one should be roughly the same but I think it might just last a bit longer this time (manual states it will light over 100 cigarettes at 2 second burn or 50 cigarettes using it for 4 seconds, 30 for 7 seconds, this is accurate so far). The problem with arc lighters is that the arc contacts wear down from repeated use. Also, although they can be used outdoors in the wind, I won't be doing that anymore as that reduced their lifespan much faster, you have to hold the cigarette really close to the contacts which burns them so although you can do it, it's best to avoid using this outdoors to make it last. The arc points are going to eventually wear down on this one but they are a bit longer than my last lighter and seem a bit more durable so far, we shall see. It should warn you when the battery gets low but the battery is so long lasting this literally hasn't happened yet. I've had other lighters that showed how full the battery is and I was thinking that would be a downside to this lighter but it isn't, on other lighters the battery light is useless most of the time as the batteries were so weak as soon as it went down one bar you'd have to recharge it or they wouldn't light properly anymore. This one like said lasts 5 times longer and it also warns you when you need to recharge it so much better than any other lighter with a battery level. The only main niggle with this lighter is that the arc contacts are a little too far forwards so when you flick open the lid you can scrape your thumb along the arc contacts because they are also slanted forwards. It's just something to be aware of, with the right flick motion you can avoid scraping your thumb but you have to be aware of it every time flicking the lid open. This could have easily been avoided placing the arc 1-2mm further back and it is a design flaw in my books but it's not a deal breaker and I will certainly be getting this one again in future once this one gives up (as long as it does last at least a year and is still available by then). Would recommend this one above all others on Amazon. I've literally tried practically all the others Amazon sells.
Title: Quality is good
Content: Chargeable and it’s really good
Title: Great looking ligter
Content: Nice looking well working replacement ( for the one airport security stole) definitely worth purchasing if your in the market for a smart look lighter!
Title: An excellent product
Content: It is so easy to use. Its safer too. Its a or the golf one had been taken off baccarat I was planning to buy one add gifts for my friends

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  • ⭐Unique Design ▶ Noble and brave dragon motif, stylish and cool lighter. 75°slope pole design-Upgraded, which makes it easier to reach when lit candles and other things. Intelligent chip prevent overheating, the electric lighter has 7s automatic power off protection.
  • ⭐Battery Notication ▶ Upgraded LcFun plasma lighter can display battery power in real time. The indicator light will flash when charging, when 4 LED lights all turn on, it is fully charged. The lighter can be used more than 30 times (7s/ignition) on a single charge.
  • ⭐Wind & Splash Proof ▶ Adopting flameless plasma technology ensures that you can easily use it under severe weather conditions. Compared with traditional match lighters, no butane, no flame, eco-friendly and reusable.
  • ⭐Type-C Charging ▶ The arc lighter is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery with an upgraded Type-C charging port, fully charged in about 1 hour, the lighter can be used 30 times (7s each time) on a full charge.
  • ⭐Perfect Gift ▶ Dragon lighter is a classic and original 2023 new arc lighter. USB A to USB C charging cable and instructions, perfect gift for Men, Christmas, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Friend, Birthday, Business and Party.
  • ⭐After-sales Guarantee ▶ 90 days product guarantee, if you don't like your lighter or have any problem, we are always ready to help and we will provide a perfect solution.
  • ⚠️Warning: Do not use it with metal products.
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