TestMarket - Exclusive Savings Alert! NEEWER 72mm UV Lens Filter - Limited Time Offer!

Exclusive Savings Alert! NEEWER 72mm UV Lens Filter - Limited Time Offer!

Apr 07, 2024 09:46 am
Exclusive Savings Alert! NEEWER 72mm UV Lens Filter - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: Neewer
Category: Filter Sets
Seller Name: XiangDaE
Rating: 4.50
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Limited Time Offer! Snag your exclusive 20% off discount on the NEEWER 72mm UV Lens Filter now! Hurry, this flash sale may sell out soon. Get your hands on this must-have photography accessory for only 36.79£, saving you 9.2£ off the original price of 45.99£. Don't miss out on this time-sensitive deal! Shop now!

Title: Good, Low Cost Filter Set.
Content: This Ultraviolet (UV) and Circular Polarizer Lens (CPL) Filter Set arrives sealed and well packed in a nice looking, Neewer branded cardboard box, that would be more than suitable should you be wishing to give it as a gift. Inside the box are both of the filters (inside a plastic protective case), and a cleaning cloth. The filters I’m reviewing has a diameter of 72mm, but there is no reason to believe any of the other sizes would be any different. The build quality of the filters is very good, and they both feel quite robust. They screwed on and off my lenses and step up/down rings without any issues. The rotation mechanism on the CPL filter was also nice and smooth. With modern digital sensors, UV filters are no longer really needed. However, many people still use them in order to protect their camera lenses from dust, sand and the risk of damage if dropped. CPL filters on the other hand are very useful when shooting water, snow, forests, around lots of glass, or anywhere where reflections and glare are an issue. They not only cut down on the reflections, but also allow for the natural colour and detail that were hidden by those reflections, to come through in the image. In use, the optical quality of both filters was very good with no discernable change in image clarity or sharpness, nor did they affect the focus at all. There was a very slight colour shift, but nothing too noticeable, and something that can easily be corrected in Post if necessary. The CPL effect, whilst might not be the best, is still very good for this price point and will be good enough for most people’s needs. In conclusion, this is a well made, reasonably low cost UV and CPL filter set. The advantages/disadvantages for using a UV filter to protect your lens is hotly debated, so obviously if you feel you don’t need one, you will be better off just getting the CPL filter by itself. However, for those who do want both, whilst these might not quite reach the same quality of more expensive filters, this set makes for a good, cheap option, that’s almost as good, especially for those just starting out. ~ Amazon asked me to review this product and to give my honest and impartial opinion about it. That’s what I have set out to do, so I hope you found it helpful. ~
Title: Filter genius
Content: Venturing into the wild outdoors, armed with my trusty camera, I was determined to capture nature's mesmerising beauty. I slipped on this remarkable lens filter set, and the world transformed before my eyes. The vibrant colours were accentuated, and the reflections subdued, resulting in splendidly clear photographs. The filters themselves were uncomplicated to attach, and their slim profile was a welcome relief. I did notice, however, that a protective case was absent, so I had to improvise with a makeshift solution. No matter, the images produced were utterly captivating. For landscape photography enthusiasts, these filters are a delightful addition to your arsenal.
Title: Blue skies
Content: Two filters everyone should carry in their bag is a UV one and also a Polariser. The first one should be on the front of every lens, not to actually make a difference to your photos but to protect the front element from dust, dirt, sand, moisture and scratches, etc. After all, what would you rather have to replace; the filter or the lens itself? The polariser is a different proposition altogether. Probably the most important filter of all, it has a unique mechanism in that it reduces glare and reflections whilst also enhancing colour saturation. Unlike other filters, a polariser has an outer ring that can be turned to vary the effects. This double pack is a perfect for both those eventualities, If you only ever buy one filter, make it a polariser.
Title: Crisp and Clear Images
Content: The Neewer 72mm CPL UV Lens Filter Kit is a great choice for photographers who want to enhance the quality of their photos. This kit comes with a circular polarizing filter and a UV filter, both of which are of 72mm thread size. The circular polarizing filter effectively reduces glare and reflection from non-metallic surfaces, while the UV filter blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and acts as a layer of protection for your camera lens. The filters are made of premium high definition optical glass, protected with 30 layers of Nano coatings on both sides against scratches, dust, fingerprints, water, and oil. They deliver vivid colors and manage contrast without sacrificing image sharpness. The super slim aluminum frame ensures that there is no vignetting or dark corners, even when mounted on wide angle lenses. With the included lens cleaning wipe and filter case, this kit is a complete package for photographers looking to take their photography to the next level.
Title: Perfect for travel
Content: I get more and more impressed with Neewer products. These 2 filters come nicely packaged with a lens cloth and a protective plastic case. They nest into each other, so as well as being able to leave both on camera to protect the lens, when you remove one you can pop it back in the protective shell when in your bag. Perfect for my 24-240mm lens I have on the camera when travelling as it covers pretty much everything I'll need without needing to switch out lenses. This adds a further level of dust protection. The optical quality, to my eyes, is great, no distortion or vignetting that I can notice at either end of the zoom, adds a nice bit of extra clarity to street photography and is great when on boat trips in the sun. The build quality is nice, seem solid and screws in nicely and don't seem to stick or feel jammed at any point. Good value, quality set of filters
Title: Works as expected
Content: No issues or complaints, came well packaged, provides a good filter for excessive/strong lights

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  • 【72mm UV+Circular Polariser Filter】The circular polarizer and UV filters are both of 72mm thread size. Thus they can only work with 72mm camera lens. Please double check the lens filter thread of your camera (marked with the "Φ72" symbol under lens barrel). Package includes a CPL filter, a UV filter, a lens cleaning wipe, and a filter case
  • 【Enhanced Contrast & Reflection Free】The circular polarizing filter effectively darkens skies, and reduces glare and reflection from water, glass, foliage and other nonmetallic surfaces. Use the CPL filter to get detailed images with better contrast, well suited for blue sky and white cloud shots
  • 【UV Protection Filter】Mount the included UV filter on your camera lens to block ultraviolet rays ranging from 300nm to 410nm. With up to 99.8% light transmittance, it effectively avoids bluish cast on images. Also serves as a layer of protection of your camera lens against dust, scratches, and bumps
  • 【Multi Coated HD Optical Glass Build】Made of premium high definition optical glass, the two filters are protected with 30 layers of Nano coatings on both sides against scratches, dust, fingerprint, water, and oil. The HD optical glass material helps capture vivid colors and manage contrast without losing image sharpness
  • 【Super Slim Aluminum Frame】Firmly sealed with ultra slim aluminum alloy frame, both filters deliver your desired effect without causing dark corners or vignetting, even when mounted on wide angle lens. The non slip pattern on the frame provides firm and comfortable grip
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