TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: ERYONE PLA Plus Filament - Save 48% on Cool White 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

Limited-Time Specials: ERYONE PLA Plus Filament - Save 48% on Cool White 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

May 20, 2024 07:46 am
Limited-Time Specials: ERYONE PLA Plus Filament - Save 48% on Cool White 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament
Brand Name: ‎ERYONE
Category: Filament 3D Printing Materials
Seller Name: Baichuan-EU
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 10180
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Title: Great surface finish and good flow
Content: This is a fantastic product even though it isn't rated for high flow, I managed to run it have passed the top end it's rated millimetres per second which is really good turned out beautifully can hardly even notice the can hardly even notice the z seam, first time in a long time since I printed just normal PLA and it hasn't disappointed will be buy more and definitely love the colour.
Title: Flawless
Content: Let me start off by saying that this filament is some of the best I've ever used. I've gone through a variety of PLA filaments and have settled on Eryone's filaments due to how great and consistent they print. But there is something that could be considered a con with the filament, but its not really anything worth worrying about as it's easily fixed - the filament is very forgiving in terms of adapting your settings. At 200 degrees C, some layers take on a very shiny appearance, but then others are quite matte and dull. It's the inconsistency at this temperature that is the concern. It's only aesthetic though, and can be easily fixed by raising the temperature. I've found 215 to be a sweet spot for this filament. On to the pros (and there are many), the overall vibe I get with the filament is that its very high quality and consistent once you get the temperature right. I haven't had any stringing at 200-215 C on my Ender 3 V2 or my Prusa i3 MK3S. The layer adhesion is great, and is comparable to a lot of other high end filaments such as prusament. It is slightly lighter and slightly more flexible than Eryone's galaxy purple for example, but that's to be expected as those contain glitter particles which aid stiffness whereas this filament is plain jet black. Print quality is extremely pleasant and has a beautiful shine. I've not noticed any brittleness, popping when printing, moisture issues or anything. I'm also very happy with the performance of the filament, it is a pleasure to print and is very durable. My customers love the products I make using this filament and I really enjoy printing with it. Thanks!
Title: Very Easy To print.
Content: ABS+ Is a real GOAT. Sticks well to the bed, and it's very is to print. Has very little shrinking, I'm using it for my new printer build as it is reasonably sturdy. It prints on the higher side 260° and Higher Flowrate than usual 0.95 but you can print it fast without problems.
Title: Not Bad Filament
Content: I got this because it was the cheapest at the time and it was offering a spool in black and a spool in white, I've only used the black to date. I previously had 2 spools of black Embro PLA and that was very good quality. I had inevitable issues with it to begin with as my environment is drafty so my bed heats unevenly. I had thought that cured by using a Sunlu enclosure though. But switching to this Eryone filament has brought those warping effects back, even inside the enclosure. The quality of the prints, when they work, is very good so I can't fault it there but it seems to have issues sticking to my heated bed. I suppose I can try going back to using glue sticks again.
Title: Cardboard spools :(
Content: Good finish, calibration hardly had to be changed from generic PLA on my Bambus. The only issue was with the Bambu AMS - the cardboard spool was weak at the edges and frayed almost immediately. I tried spool rim rings but the fraying was already too much for them to clip on properly so I ended up with a universal outer spool to make it work. In future I shall rewind onto a Bambu spool.
Title: Nice stuff
Content: As usual, Eryone filament never fails me. I printed some Multiboard panels from Keep Making, shelves and brackets will be fitted to it and hold all my fish tank gear. Adhesion was amazing, the parts were still stuck on a little after the bed cooled which I like. I can't see layer lines at 0.2mm, and it printed fine at 300mm/s on bambu.

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  • [HIGH TOUGHNESS PLA PLUS] The toughness of ERYONE PLA plus filament is stronger than normal PLA.Lower shrinkage,good layer adhesion and a clog-free printing experience characterise this 3D printing filament.Filament 1.75 pla making good print results.
  • [HIGH PRECISION PLA+]1.75 mm PLA+ filament is manufactured with a tolerance of ± 0.03 mm. Minimal warping,no clogging,no bubbles.Perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerances makes your prints a very smooth surface and very fine texture.
  • [NON-TANGLE PLA+ FILAMENT 1.75] The 1.75mm PLA + filament doesn't overlap, tangle or clog.PLA+ 3d printing filament has good melting properties,smooth and consistent feeding, strong layer adhesion without clogging the printer nozzle or extruder.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FDM 3D PRINTERS] PLA+ is made of starch raw materials derived from renewable plant resources.Filament 1.75 pla plus has been improved from PLA for great strength and toughness. Compatible with most popular 1.75 mm FDM 3D printers and 3D pens.
  • [1.75MM VACUUM PACK PLA + FILAMENT] ERYONE pla plus filaments are stored in optimal condition free of dust or dirt before opening the vacuum-sealed package which prevents nozzle blockages and achieves smooth 3D models.
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