TestMarket - Hottest Amazon Deal Today! NETVUE Birdfy Pro Perch - Wider Extension Perch with DIY Add-ons. Limited Stock!

Hottest Amazon Deal Today! NETVUE Birdfy Pro Perch - Wider Extension Perch with DIY Add-ons. Limited Stock!

Jan 15, 2024 09:03 am
Hottest Amazon Deal Today! NETVUE Birdfy Pro Perch - Wider Extension Perch with DIY Add-ons. Limited Stock!
Brand Name: NETVUE
Category: Feeders
Seller Name: NETVUE INC
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Limited-Time Discounts! Claim Yours Now! Sale Now On! The NETVUE Birdfy Pro Perch is perfect for Bird Lovers. It includes a Suet Ball, Mini Hummingbird Feeder, Fruit Holder, Jelly Feeder and Welcome Card. With an incredible discount of 10%, you can now save 4$ on your purchase. Shop and Save Now! Check Out the Deals! Hurry! Exclusive Promo! Get Your Exclusive Savings!

Title: Brings Much Greater Variety of Birds!
Content: The media could not be loaded. I’m loving the Birdify Pro Perch. It’s very easy to replace the original perch with the upgraded model, and it has brought in a wide variety of new birds. There are spots for every different feature included with the perch (e.g., suet holder, hummingbird nectar orb, jelly tray, etc.). However, if you put them all up at the same time, the perch gets a little crowded. Because many types of birds are seasonal visitors to my area, it makes more sense to choose which specific features I want to add and when. Even when all the features are added at once, there is some space for the birds to move around; I just prefer a little more. There is no information or instruction in the box, but setup is reasonably intuitive. So far, my birds have used every feature except the hummingbird orb (as it’s not yet hummingbird season in my area) or the decorative sign (it’s very cute and I may include it in the future, but again, I prefer having a bit more room on the perch for now). Some of my birds have a habit of sitting on TOP of the orange or suet holder, which sometimes puts them out of view of the camera (as I already have it tipped “up” as far as possible, while still getting the edge of the seed tray in view, as is my preference), but that’s no fault of the perch itself. The trays are perfect for fruit or jelly (or in the summer, maybe a small amount of water, but it would have to be refilled often). A tip for those new to putting fruit/jelly out for birds: diced, red, seedless grapes work great (and they are usually cheaper and have less preservatives than bottled bird-jelly). And if you want some amount of really “jelly” jelly (rather than fruit-pieces), blended grapes are liquid initially, but thicken up to “jelly” surprisingly well, just sitting in the feeder tray over the course a day or so. I couldn’t find a ball of suet that fit the round suet holder (at least not in my local stores or for an at-all-reasonable price online). In a pinch, you could just cut a standard suet cake into quarters and put one piece in the holder. I, however, wanted to fill the container a bit more, so I melted pieces of a regular suet cake in a saucepan (slowly, on low heat, or it burns badly), and filled cupcake liners about 3/4 full (I used silicone cupcake liners, but I assume paper would work, if held stable by a cupcake pan or small bowls), and put them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Then, I took 2 of the suet “muffins” out of the liners and flipped one upside down on top of the other to create a “ball” that fit perfectly in the holder. TL;DR - The Birdify Pro Perch is a worthwhile upgrade from the basic Birdify perch. It brings a SIGNIFICANTLY wider range of birds to the feeder, provides more variation and nutrition, and is customizable for which birds you want to attract and/or what birds are in your area by season. If you’re enjoying your Birdify and thinking about adding this perch, I would recommend making the purchase.
Title: Attracts many different types of birds, easy to use, and fun to watch them from anywhere
Content: I received this feeder as a Christmas gift and it is one of my favorite gifts of all time. It was very easy to set up the feeder and the app on my phone, and I have been watching the birds daily ever since. The perch is very sturdy and has lots of room for different types of birds to feed from the different attachments. I have had woodpeckers come for the suet ball, and hummingbirds for their feeder attachment. I've had birds come to the feeder that I have never seen in my yard before, and I don't miss a thing because the app alerts me when they are there, and saves videos to watch later. The app even identifies what type of birds they are, and provides a link to more info about the bird species.
Title: Really improves the cameras
Content: The media could not be loaded. This addon is really good. It's pretty easy to clean, and add nectar to it. It also help that it gives the birds a bit more legroom so the pictures come out a bit better in my opinion. It's easy to install and fits perfectly. The packaging is pretty minimal which I think is a big plus, especially since the included instructions are very clear. I also enjoy the color and I think it's really good at attracting birds.
Title: Great Addition to a Great Bird Camera System!
Content: I've been using the Netvue Birdfy since last May and it has worked well. We regularly have visits from Tufted Titmouse, Doves, Cardinals, Chickadees, and Blujays. We had a separate hummingbird filter in our backyard, but always wished we were able to photograph them. When Netvue released the Hummingbird Feeder, I was excited to have another bird to record. The feeder shipped quickly and is well made. The red and yellow colors are vibrant and comparable to the best hummingbird feeders I've used. I have two non-camera hummingbird feeders and the quality is the same or better. Installation is simple and refilling is as well. One thing I love about the Birdfy is the seed-filling mechanism (with a tilt-forward roof) and the fact that it stays charged with a small solar panel even during the cloudy winter months. Having the ability to add hummingbirds to this feeder is a great addition. I'd recommend it to anyone who has the Birdfy or anyone looking for a bird camera "system" that wants to attract hummingbirds.
Title: Great idea!
Content: I got this to replace the smaller perch that came with my feeder. There is more room for the birds and the extra features are very useful. I can put fruit and the small hummingbird feeder was a nice touch. Highly recommend this perch!
Title: We made a modification to the slippery red plastic
Content: I received the Birdfy feeder with camera as a gift at this past spring, along with this hummingbird food attachment. I put out seed in the feeder until the hummingbirds returned for the season. I did not also put seed in the tray, didn't want others birds hindering the hummers. I have really enjoyed studying them close up while they ate! As another review stared, the clear tabs that help attach it to the feeder are brittle. I have done some damage when refilling it, but even so it attaches securely. Also mentioned in another review, the perches that come with it are way too far back from the flower portals for the hummers to rest while they eat. Most times they eat on the fly but some wanted to rest on the feeder. They need to stand on the red plastic next to the flower, which appeared to be as slick as ice and slightly tilted down. We decided to scuff up the red plastic with a drill bit so their toes would have something to grip and they won't almost slide off while drinking. Can't wait to bring it out again next year!

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  • NETVUE Birdfy Pro Perch plays a role of a holder for you to DIY different add-ones including suet ball, mini hummingbird feeder, fruit holder, jelly feeder and a cozy welcome card, perfect for all birds.
  • Wider Perch to Hold Different from the previous design, Birdfy Perch Pro has wider structure for you to add different add-ons but also keeps the same space for birds to stand on.
  • Suet Feeder - When winter comes, it is important to have a suet feeder for Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and Jays to stay healthy.
  • Fruit Holder - The fruit holder is designed for Orioles, Cardinals, and Finches. You can insert oranges or other type of fruits on it to attract different birds.
  • Mini Hummingbird Feeder - Designed as a flower shape, this hummingbird feeder will attract hummingbirds easily and feed them in this winter.
  • Jelly Feeder - Jelly Feeder usually combines with Fruit Holder as a combo for Orioles. You can easily place it in the space of the perch.
  • Welcome Card - One more thing, the welcome card! It is a great tool for you to welcome lovely birds or write down the daily recipe.
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