TestMarket - 🌟 Flash Sale Alert 🌟 Large Leak Proof Window Hummingbird Feeders - Save 29.00$!

🌟 Flash Sale Alert 🌟 Large Leak Proof Window Hummingbird Feeders - Save 29.00$!

May 20, 2024 11:18 am
🌟 Flash Sale Alert 🌟 Large Leak Proof Window Hummingbird Feeders - Save 29.00$!
Brand Name: Nature Anywhere
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Title: Perfect for hummingbird watching
Content: Very sturdy. Metal hangers with larger suction cups are stable. Birds love them. Once bracket is mounted on a window, it's so easy to put up and take down the bottle for cleaning and filling. And this puts the tiny birds right up close so you can REALLY watch them.
Title: Easy to clean.
Content: I really like this feeder. It is so easy to take it out of the frame for cleaning and to change the nectar. The 3 suction cups are very sturdy. We cleaned the window with a mixture of water, alcohol and white vinegar (our go-to for streak-free windows!). Then I did a good swipe with just alcohol and let it dry. Put a few drops of water in each suction cup and it is very secure. And a hummer found it yesterday!!!
Title: Hummers up close and personal!
Content: The media could not be loaded. Update Spring 2023: Ordering another - this is the favorite feeder without question! Must order another because our cat managed to reach it and it finally broke - kinda useable until the new one arrives Monday (yay Prime!). The hummers are squawking at me to put it back up, lol! Increasing the height this time! Putting it up after refills, the hummers arrive in seconds now, not minutes, lol! Prior review 7/2022: Love love love this window hummingbird feeder! We had "customers" within 1 hour of hanging it! We feed ~30 hummingbirds, Scott's orioles, and ladder-backed woodpeckers. 2 of our feeders are designed for the bigger birds. I saw a window feeder at a client's house and just had to get one! Then, the research began... Top 3 criteria for my selection: #1 - A jar vs a "dish"/trough only - Small window feeders don't hold enough nectar for our needs - I don't want to refill multiple times daily. - Though I prefer glass, I chose this because I read reviews of those with glass jars falling due to the weight (don't forget the nectar adds more weight!). #2 - Sturdiness of the hanger - Suction cups - The red metal holder has some heft to it! (I was surprised how heavy it was!) - The 3 suction cups hold it firmly in place! We washed the windows first, washed the suction cups and applied them while slightly moist. I squished out as many air bubbles as I could starting from the middle and pushing outward. The holder hasn't budged, and I've removed & refilled the feeder a lot - have had this only x2wks, FYI. Do note: the amount of nectar seen in the video/pics is about how much I've filled it thus far. I haven't tested the staying power with it full in part because this feeder gets direct western Texas sun, and I don't want the nectar to spoil. When it's cooler, I'll see how it does when it's filled completely. If it doesn't hold, I'll update this review. #3 - We want to see the hummers! - Other feeders seemed to block the view - Admittedly, my video is a poor representation, however I took it while lying in bed, literally. This feeder is single-handedly motivating me to get out my real camera (which has been put away ever since smart phone cameras, lol). This feeder comes with 4 white, 4 yellow, and 4 red florets. When I first hung it, I put all colors (2 white)- hummers went to the 1 yellow floret. I've switched the florets to all yellow now. They use the 2 farthest from the window the most, so I may put the other colors there and keep the sides yellow to bring them closer to the window. The feeder is a good design. We're quite picky. The neck of the jar is more narrow than our others, but if you're a hummer-feeder, you probably already have your cleaning tools! The base is designed correctly - it doesn't leak. The perches are the right distance. I have zero complaints, only high praises for this feeder! If we want another, I'd buy this again without question! Highly recommend! Hope this helps! P.S., Thank you for keeping the hummingbirds happy and HEALTHY... - Please change your nectar ASAP when it spoils/sours, gets cloudy, or gets insects in it! - Please wash your feeders thoroughly before refilling - use the cleaning tools for every crevice! - Please do NOT use artificial food coloring in the nectar! It's not necessary, and it's not good for them! If you have an ant problem with your hanging feeders, YouTube "ant moat for hummingbird feeders" - works great! For this window feeder, we haven't had a problem yet, but my plan is to spray borders/edges of the window with an insect deterrent (keeping the spray away from the feeder itself).
Title: Feeder
Content: Excellent feeder. Was skeptical, but love it! Hummingbird s found it immediately! Easy to clean and refill. Highly recommend!
Title: Nice feeder
Content: The suction is great on this feeder. I changed out the plastic for glass. I prefer glass.
Title: Best hummingbird feeder!
Content: There isn't anything I don't like about this feeder. The hummers are so close to you, you can almost hear them humming. The feeder is very easy to clean -- no unreachable nooks or crannies to get moldy. The mouth on the jar is wide for pouring in your sugar water. No funnel needed. The base comes apart into two pieces with a gasket in between to stop leaks. I can carry this feeder through the house without it dripping on the floor. To mount it, I cleaned the window thoroughly, cleaned the suction cups with water, dried them off, then licked them before attaching. I know... ew. But it's worked and hasn't budged in a couple of weeks. I'm using the white flowers right now, but in reading some of the other reviews I think I'll swap out the yellow ones for the two stations right next to the window. The hummers tend to use the two stations away from the glass which makes them a bit harder to see. I'll post an update if this works. Update: The hummers appear to use the white and yellow flowers equally so my plan to lure them closer to the window didn't work. One thing I forgot to mention -- of all of the feeders I've had in the past that had perches for the little guys to sit on, I never had one they actually sat down on before. But this feeder with it's large, looping perches, seems to be ideal for them to use. They rarely hover to eat. From the start they sat/perched while they drank. This saves them energy as well as making them even easier to see. Win-win!

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  • AS SEEN ON NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and many more. Nature Anywhere is a US based company, a premium brand of window bird feeders for true bird lovers. The best window hummingbird feeder in town with original hummingbird gifts.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our hummingbird feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee, providing peace of mind and exceptional customer support. Crafted with premium materials for durability and worry-free enjoyment
  • NO-LEAK DESIGN: Enjoy a mess-free hummingbird feeding experience with our innovative no-leak suction window bird feeder design. The 100% leak-proof feeder with advanced gaskets ensures no spills or waste from your bird window feeder.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE FLOWERS: Three colors of interchangeable flowers attract and train hummingbirds while becoming and and bee proof. Create a vibrant display and a haven for garden hummingbirds with your window bird feeder.
  • VIP CUSTOMER SUPPORT: As our valued customer, you'll receive personalized VIP support. We are dedicated to providing prompt assistance and ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new bird feeder for window.
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