TestMarket - Grab Yours Before It's Gone! AILUKI 31 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

Grab Yours Before It's Gone! AILUKI 31 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments

Jan 14, 2024 04:07 pm
Grab Yours Before It's Gone! AILUKI 31 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments
Brand Name: AILUKI
Category: Feather Toys
Seller Name: AILUKI
Rating: 4.70
Total Rating Count: 20120
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Hurry! Shop now and save up to 23% on AILUKI 31 PCS Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments. This variety catnip toy set includes 2 Way Tunnel, Cat Feather Teaser, Catnip Fish, Mice, Colorful Balls, and Bells for Cat, Puppy, and Kitty. Don't miss your chance to grab this exclusive offer and save big on your purchase. Get your exclusive savings today and enjoy endless playtime with your furry friend. Limited time offer, so act fast!

Title: Good value, good mix of toys
Content: The kitten loves all her new Christmas toys... The mix of toys is perfect for our kitten. She loves balls and mice, and we are now finding them everywhere - LOL. I wasn't sure she would like the tunnel, but that was a big hit also. I was impressed by the variety of toys (not just a bunch of the same thing...). The toys are high enough quality that they will last a while, and affordable enough that I don't care too much when the dogs gets one and destroys it - lol. Would definitely recommend.
Title: Great hold & throw sticks - wide variety of toys!
Content: What a great value & well made! At least 3 of these toys you'd pay $5+ each for. I don't know how best to describe them, but they're the plastic sticks w/things attached to them for you to flick back & forth to the cat. Buttercup, my 12 year old tabby, is addicted to the stick that has a long leopard-print string (well made) on it. There's a 2nd one w/feathers & a bell on it. 3rd is a ball w/a bird or mouse on it that they bat all over the place! Haven't even opened the whole bag yet!
Title: Affordable & Much to choose from
Content: If your cat won’t like one toy, they will definitely like another. Kept and keeps my cat entertained daily.
Title: good variety of cat toys
Content: This is a pretty good variety of cat toys, it's a great beginner pack for new cat owners and will help you learn for the most part which toys your cat may actually play with. Value wise, if you buy most of these things in separate packs, especially a little tunnel, you'd pay a lot more. You do get what you pay for though so keep that in mind. We adopted a cat from an animal shelter who is about a year and half old, she was a rescue animal from Hurricane Dorian and she is very energetic. I purchased this set of toys for her because it is a good value and variety. She is a bit of an aggressive chewer though and any toys with feathers she easily pulled most of the feathers out nearly right away, the feather dancer toy is nearly bald because the feathers very easily came off, and I had to get it away from her as she was attempting to swallow them. She personally only liked one of the ball toys, the soft sparkly one and does not care for any of the others, even the cute one with the mouse in it. She loves playing in the tunnel and popping out at my fiance and I from inside it when we walk by. She also loves the little mouse toys, though some had feather tails and she tried to pull the feathers out and we had to throw those away. While she did pull tails off the other mice she left the tails on the floor so we just picked them up and she will still play with the mice that way (they were her favorite thing in the whole batch). Some toys, like some of the balls, are made a bit nicer than other things. The fish is made well, but she's not affected by catnip and doesn't play often with it, she does like to grab it and kick it while holding it. I feel it's mostly the things with feathers that are too poorly made, they should not come apart that easily. Also the sticks/handles that hold the two dancer toys are very cheap and she bit them a few times while playing, it punctured them and the end of one flattened some, so I would not say they are the best quality. I do feel that it is a good value and variety pack, but I also feel if you have a particularly feisty or playful cat, or one that likes to chew or tear, then you may want to find better made toys that won't fall apart so easily and can hold up. It all comes packed well and has a cloth drawstring bag which the toys can be stored in, or the extra toys kept out of the floor. The tunnel is collapsible and can be tied to secure it in a collapsed position, it has two balls that dangle on one side of the opening that my cat likes to bat. Some of the balls contain bells and make a tinkling noise if swatted. There was one little sparkly soft cloth ball with like longish hair and glittery strands that stick off of it, my cat will actually play with that one but it easily sheds so I am often picking up sparkly strands out of the carpet and sometimes her fur. The chew stick toys she doesn't often go for on her own, and the bark easily comes off and is left behind on the floor wherever she has played with them. There were about six little mice, three with feather tails, one inside a kinda wire ball, aside from their tails coming off some of their face bits come off easily too so definitely check if the pieces are loose on the toy before giving it to your cat if you purchase this item, the little felt ears and plastic eyes are small enough to swallow accidentally. I don't regret purchasing this, the toys she does like and can use make up for the price in itself, and I was impressed with the variety and all. It's not a perfect product and you should keep in mind the pieces that have issues if considering buying this for your cat/cats. If they are an aggressive chewer or seem to like to tear at stuff you may want to skip this purchase!
Title: Appears to be OK.
Content: This item is a contribution to a service learning program for a kindergarten student at Middletown Primary School in Frederick, MD. I do not have cats, so I am unable to judge the product. However, it is packed well and has many items in the package for the kitties at the local humane society. Price was reasonable.
Title: Bang for your buck!
Content: I foster kittens through a local rescue and this pack of fun is perfect and affordable!

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  • 😺【31 PCS Value Pack Cat Toys】 : 31 pieces cat toys with a collapsible Cat Tunnel, Cat Teaser Wand, Interactive Feather Toy, Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls and etc.This variety pack toys fits all cats needs,keep your cat interesting.Best Holiday and birthday gift for your cats.
  • 😺 【High Quality Toys】: These interactive cat teaser toys are made from premium materials, very durable and useful.
  • 😺 【Exercise for Cat】:Encourages exercise through batting, kicking and pouncing fun with cat balls and teaser wand.Give your cat a way to release his energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys
  • 😺 【Playing with Your Cat】:Play assists young kittens’ physical development and coordination.You will gets to know better and get closer to them when you are playing together with these various toys
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