TestMarket - Limited-Time Discounts: Popglory Smart Watch for Women Men Answer/Make Calls, 1.85" Smartwatch 2 Straps - Save 25%!

Limited-Time Discounts: Popglory Smart Watch for Women Men Answer/Make Calls, 1.85" Smartwatch 2 Straps - Save 25%!

Jun 15, 2024 10:05 am
Limited-Time Discounts: Popglory Smart Watch for Women Men Answer/Make Calls, 1.85" Smartwatch 2 Straps - Save 25%!
Brand Name: Popglory
Category: Fashion Smartwatches
Seller Name: POPGLORY-UK
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 16026
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Title: Nice watch!
Content: Really pleased with my watch but have given four stars for battery life and accuracy. The watch seems to need charging quite often but it doesn't take too long. Accuracy - I'm not sure how accurate the watch is regarding blood pressure etc. so it's best to use it as a guide.
Title: Good Watch
Content: I think it's good value and the quality is great. I have only had it for 2 days but so far it has met all my expectations. Love the different watch faces available on the app.
Title: Classy look
Content: Looks elegant, a bit too big but does the job. Doesn't give accurate blood pressure measurement, shows always same results. Useless for that. Cant see details of sleep times either.... If you need it for time and steps, it will do the job.
Title: Value smart watch
Content: Two straps, much better than expected for the price. Good battery life. Usable functionality.
Title: Decent Features, but Falls Short on Some Aspects
Content: I recently purchased the Popglory Smart Watch and have mixed feelings about its performance. While it offers some useful features, there are a few aspects that left me wanting more. Here's my take on this smartwatch: The Good: Size and Display: The 1.85" screen size of this smartwatch is quite impressive and provides a clear and vibrant display. It's easy to read notifications and navigate through the menus, making it user-friendly. Voice Assistant: The inclusion of a voice assistant is a convenient feature. Being able to ask questions and get instant answers or assistance is handy, especially when you're on the go. Call Functionality: The ability to answer and make calls directly from the smartwatch is a useful feature. It allows for hands-free communication, which is particularly helpful when you can't access your phone. The Not-So-Good: Fitness Tracking Accuracy: While the smartwatch claims to have fitness tracking capabilities, I found that the accuracy of its tracking features, such as step counting and calorie burn estimation, was inconsistent. It often failed to accurately record my activities. Limited Notifications: Although the smartwatch does provide notifications, it falls short in terms of the variety and customization options. I wished it had more flexibility in choosing which notifications to receive and how they are displayed. Bluetooth Connectivity: I experienced occasional connectivity issues with the Bluetooth connection between the smartwatch and my phone. It sometimes disconnected without any apparent reason, requiring manual reconnection. In conclusion, the Popglory Smart Watch has its merits with its impressive display, voice assistant, and call functionality. However, it falls short in terms of fitness tracking accuracy, limited notifications, and occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues. While it may suffice for basic smartwatch functionalities, those looking for a more comprehensive and reliable experience may need to explore other options.
Title: Less accurate than a wild guess, less useful than a chocolate teapot
Content: I bought this as an attempt to get some kind of track on health trends as I was interested to see which forms of exercise did the most for me. The manual tells us repeatedly not to trust the readings for medical purposes, but I'd go further and say that with the possible exception of blood oxygen readings, which are fairly accurate, the rest is utter nonsense. I don't think it is the fault of this particular watch, but of low-cost "fitness bands disguised as watches" in general. A friend described these generically using a term that sounds like Fitbit, but isn't, which is about right. The idea that a BP reading can be taken by this thing is unlikely even at best, since the watch can't exert pressure on the blood vessels, but this keeps putting out virtually identical readings despite my actual BP changing throughout the day, measured by a proper medical cuff. I've no idea what it thinks it is reading, it's more likely to be providing random values on the basis of my entered height, age, and weight values. So, cancel the BP option - one less feature. The blood oxygen is closer, but again we have medical stuff in the house that is at least GP grade, and it tends to be off, although it's measured at the wrist and the pulse oximeter measures it in a fingertip. The heart rate function actually seems to be the best of the options, always quite close to the HR measured by our pulse oximeter. The sleep monitor is just hilarious. While I have to believe its impressions when I'm actually asleep - not being conscious enough to double-check and all, I'm resolutely informed at 8am that I'm in fact still asleep and have been for the past 90 minutes, when I've had breakfast and such things. I like a slow start to the day as much as many people do, but that's taking things a bit too far. Perhaps I've taken sleepwalking to a new level, sleep breakfasting. I can also apparently do Wordles and Sudokus in my sleep. MENSA will be thrilled. So what else can it do other than measure heart rate, which so far is all we have? I can link it to my phone and can use it to answer/screen calls. Big whoop, unless you enjoy wandering around town tapping your wrist and talking into thin air like an unpaid extra in a low-budget sci-fi movie. It can measure your activity in exercise routines, such as indoor walking (what? To the fridge?), outdoor walking (it's been known...), rowing machines (ours - JTX Flow - has a device that is already working that out for us and getting far more plausible values for calories burned etc), and a whole host of other activities. It seems to be a jack of all trades, and master of none. Everything to everybody. Please buy me for all my inaccurate and pointless features. There's one thing it does quite well. It can tell the time and get a sketchy weather prediction off the internet through your phone. And you can find out what day it is. So, to sum up, you can buy this or any other budget smart/fit/watch and get yourself a clock, a calendar, an idea of the weather right now (we have windows, right?), and a fair impression of our heart rate, measured every so often. And it will give you about 60 hours of runtime before needing to be recharged, when the watch is new. Even at £25 this isn't really worth having, and a return is underway, as "not fit for purpose". I came into this purchase with few illusions, or so I thought. I knew and had been told that everything is a guide at best. Truth is, its not even that. It's a distraction, and one more likely to promote hypochondria than health. I wanted to like it, to warm to it, but even at £25 it's sucking up a little power to achieve very little in return. Perhaps if I was inundated with phone calls when on the move, it would at least spare me from fishing out my phone. Don't expect any device costing this little, of any "brand", to do a sensible job. The innards are probably all manufactured in the same one or two factories in China, dressed up differently externally, and flogged en-masse to hapless customers around the world. For the few features that actually get close to usable, you could probably get something more useful by simply saving your money.

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  • [Make/ Answer Call and Receive Message]: With a built-in microphone and high-fidelity speaker, you can receive/reject/answer calls and adjust volume on the watch. You can upload contacts on the watch via app and review recent calls on watch. Our Bluetooth call and message notification can work simultaneously with one pair connection. The watch will vibrates to inform you 10+ social app notifications and SMS.
  • [1.85” Ultra-large, Split-screen Design, 100+ Watch Faces &5 Theme Switch]: You can swipe right on the screen to access the features that you just used. It makes everything easier to see and use. The smart watch support 5 operating themes, 100+ watch faces selection and customized dials.
  • [Get 2 Straps and a Health Assistant]: Each package contains 2 straps. This package contains silver stainless steel strap and gray silicone strap to suit your different occasions. This fitness watch can help you achieve a healthier and more active life with blood-pressure, blood-oxygen, heart rate measurement and sleep quality analysis. The fitness watch can record female physiological cycle and vibrate you when you sit too long.
  • [100+ Sports Modes and IP67 Waterproof]: The activity tracker supports over 100 sports modes with connected GPS to meet your daily exercise needs. The pedometer can record your steps, distance, calories and duration. For history exercise data, you can view them in GloryFit App. You can wear it to meet the demands of daily life with IP67 waterproof and dust-proof such as wash hands, raining and running.
  • [More Practical Gadgets & Built-in Speaker]: It serves more practical functions, such as alarm, stopwatch, timer, find phones, brightness adjustment and weather display, breath training, breath rate, raising hand to activate display, remote camera, find device, sedentary alert. The built-in speaker allows you to play music and answer calls through the watch.
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