TestMarket - Exclusive Savings for You - imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch! Limited Time Offers Available

Exclusive Savings for You - imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch! Limited Time Offers Available

Apr 07, 2024 04:28 am
Exclusive Savings for You - imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch! Limited Time Offers Available
Brand Name: imoo
Category: Fashion Smartwatches
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Hurry and grab these exclusive offers for the imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch with Two Way Video. Today Only! Shop and Save Now with up to 15% Off the original price of 199.00£, now available for 169.15£. Your exclusive discount of 29.85£ awaits! Act fast before it ends tonight!

Title: Z1 - As close to perfect as I could find
Content: This is for the Z1 watch. I spent a good 25-30 hours researching phone watches. Eventually went through Amazon, YouTube, and independent gadget reviews for 23 devices. So I can tell you that I did my checking. I don't normally review stuff - but - as there was a serious lack of decent reviews on phone watches on Amazon, I thought it may be useful. Eventually went for this one for a 10 year old, even though it was more expensive than some others out there. Key things wanted INITIALLY - Entertainment (games etc), GPS tracking, phone capability (standalone - not needing to be linked to a mobile), Calendar, Alarm, Stopwatch. Now - let's make this clear - NO phone watch had all of these. If you wanted GPS - it would probably not have games. If you wanted a habit tracker calendar - it would probably not have calls. Something would always be absent. So I reduced my key "want list" to - Calls and Entertainment. Calls being the dealbreaker. After a lot of thought, I realised that it wasn't worth sacrificing GPS tracking, or going for a more plasticy "toy" watch, for a couple of really bad computer games (maybe good for a 5-8 year old - but not for my 10 year old - she can source games elsewhere). So we're down to calls and GPS as they're key requirements. I cannot fault this watch so far. - Packaging - pretty classy. Doesn't look like a kids watch. The only things it has on the box are the brand "imoo" and "Z1". - Instructions - clear and easy to understand. But it's not hard to guess your way around this if you've ever had a smartphone of any type. - Build quality - solid. It doesn't feel cheap at all. The strap is a fake leather/silicon hybrid. - Touchscreen - very responsive - it's not in any way worse than my own mobile phone. - Screen definition - very clear. Everything looks and feels good quality - Camera - for a 2mpx camera it takes surprisingly good pics. - Battery - so far so good. About 2 day's charge in there if you have medium usage - Social Media - NONE.
Title: Fun for the kids, keeping them safe
Content: My nephew has reached the age where he now feels old enough to go to the shops or park with his friends or alone. A worrying time and feeling for parents. We decided to get him this watch for his birthday. I have had cheaper “smart” watches for kids. Bought two in fact and they fundamentally failed at what a parents need from these type of watches. I will give my reasons as to why this, while being very expensive kids watch, is worth it and exactly what parents need and I’ll give a small comparison with cheaper watches. The first thing I will point out is the build quality. The build quality is exceptional. The body feel solid and robust. The mechanism to tilt the screen feel smooth and strong. Clips in and out very easy and nicely. I was concerned the mechanism will be weak point and break easily, but It is not the case at all. It makes a very cool sound effect when opening and closing it. The screen is very clear, bright and sharp. While direct sunlight will decrease the visibility, still visible enough to see what’s on the screen. The video quality it fantastic, but naturally, this depends on the signal strength. Both front facing camera and rear camera do a great job for a watch camera. The best I’ve seen on a watch. Obviously, it doesn’t have imagine stabilisation or flash, so to get the best picture, you will need good light and steady hands. It does have image focus. With those condition, you can get decent photos. For kids, they will love it. Use it to pretend to be special agents or futuristic hero. The voice and video call feature are a hit and miss. In a very good area with strong signal. Both the voice and video calls worked very well. Voice call was perfect, clear audio from both ends, no delays. With the video call, video quality both ways was great. Very very clear on both cameras. You get the odd buffer, but it is expected. In areas where the signal is weak, the audio calls hardly suffered. Still clear on both ends and very little to no delays. The video calls did suffer. While the image was clear both ways, we noticed long delays in audio. The video buffers more often. When this was the case, we would revert back to audio call. Sending messages and making calls is done via the watch app. Sending text and voices messages works exactly how WhatsApp works. The audio again is perfect. In comparison to the other sub £50 watches I owned, calls failed more often than not. Struggled to send and receive messages. This is mainly to do with the fact that the cheaper watches uses 2G. This watch uses 4G which is better in many ways. Speed mainly and also allows you to use GPS. The GPS tracking works great. Not perfect. It struggles a little when on the move. We tracked my nephew as he was going to the park. It will tell us exactly where he is, outside which house and pinpoints to the exact location on the map. Now, it did fail to track him a few time while he was walking. Tried a few time and updated his current location. The software is great. It is designed and built for this watch. Other kids smart watches uses third party generic software. The software give parents control of the device to protect your child and to control what he can and can’t do with his watch. You can disable all the features except telling the time while he is in class for example. Schedule and plan his day. There’s a few activities and features to get kids engaged and active. Shaking the watch and getting the step counter up gains points which can be used to purchase themes and face watches. Brilliant way to get them active and add some fun to the watch. Honestly, this is one of the best things for child’s safety and for parents who worry about their child. The watch has all the features needed, it isn’t perfect. But it does so much to help the child and parents. The issues it has, is also a problem with expensive smart phones, connection problem in certain areas. It is expensive, but I’m a believer of paying more to protect any child.
Title: My 7 year old loves it.
Content: I'm a huge tech fan and spent a long time researching watches for my daughter age 7. This has been a great purchase. Getting set up is straight forward once you have the app and understand the often poor English translations. Adding family members is very easy and the app itself it's feature rich. Adding contacts with profile pics etc makes it very easy for my daughter and voice messages are great and clear. Calling is simple and only takes a couple of swipes. There are no games which my daughter was disappointed with but the other features easily outweigh this. Tracking is good. A charge lasts about 3 days. More child friendly wallpapers would have been good as the few on the watch are a bit boring and adult like. From a parents perspective though this is a great purchase and Lebara Sim card for £5 a month makes it great value too. You may need to set up the watch APN settings manually. These are easily available from the networks website and takes 2 mins to input these in the watch settings on the app.
Title: Great watch, exactly what I was looking for
Content: Everything works perfectly fine,location, calling. The only thing is missing more futures on the watch like be able to write a message, be able to change wach face for picture, and few more. Otherwise very good strong watch. Get for my son for his birthday and he love it and use it everyday. Battery is also good.
Title: Control parental.
Content: The media could not be loaded. El reloj cumple todas las funciones a la perfección. Compré el Z6 en verde para mi hijo en su cumple de 8 años, estuve tan contenta con el reloj que cuando mi niña de 6 años me lo pidió se lo regalé también (en color morado) cuando cumplió 7 años. El primero me valió 229€ y el segundo lo pillé en oferta con 20€ menos (si mal no recuerdo). - Puede llamar y recibir llamadas (solo a los contactos agregados por los padres) sin necesidad de estar conectado al bluetooth de un móvil, ya que usa tarjeta sim independiente. - Bloquea automáticamente llamadas de números que no tiene guardados en sus contactos (la agenda la controlan los padres desde la aplicación que tiene que descargar uno de los padres en su móvil), lo cual es perfecto, así no reciben llamadas no deseadas de comerciales, números equivocados, etc. Yo agregué solo a la familia (padres, hermanos, tíos y abuelos), claro que si quieres añadir amigos, etc. Puedes, de esta manera el niño solo recibirá llamadas y llamará a las personas que tú quieras. - Tiene llamada de emergencia. - Puedes tener activado el "modo clase" para que no reciba llamadas ni mensajes a esa hora y así no tenga distracciones. Yo, por ejemplo le tengo activado el modo clase desde que entran al cole hasta su recreo y desde que finaliza el recreo hasta la salida del cole, lo tengo activo se lunes a viernes (automático) y lo desactivo en festivos o vacaciones, todo esto lo controlo desde mi móvil. - En cuanto a las llamadas, se oye bastante bien por ambas partes. - Envía y recibe mensajes por la aplicación a los contactos que tenga como "administradores". - No tiene más juegos o tiene uno solo algo súper básico, esto también me parece otro punto a favor porque así no están pegados a una pantalla que era lo que no quería, por eso no era partidaria de comprarles un móvil, además de que al no tener juegos no se baja la batería tan pronto. - Tiene alarma que puedes activar para una vez, todos los días o los días que quieras, también la puedo activar desde mi móvil y no necesito estar donde está él. - Tiene doble cámara (delantera y trasera), para activar la cámara trasera solo hay que darle a un botón que tiene en la parte superior y el reloj se levanta automáticamente mientras hace un sonido de robot y en la pantalla aparece también la imagen de un robot (una pasada para los peques), enseguida se activa la cámara, tiene muy buena resolución, puede tomar fotos o grabar y enviarlo a los contactos que tengan la aplicación. - El GPS es altamente preciso, un rango mínimo de error, siempre me ha dado la ubicación precisa. La vez que más margen de error tuvo fue una calle, de las cortas (por no decir la única vez que tuvo margen de error),yo no estaba en casa, el reloj sí pero me ponía la dirección de la siguiente calle de casa. - No probé sumergirlo al agua aún, aunque en las especificaciones pone que sí es resistente a sumergirse en ducha o piscina por media hora. No lo he intentado, mojarse sí que se ha mojado y no le ha pasado nada. De todas maneras le contraté un seguro que me ofrecieron al momento de la compra, por dos años si mal no recuerdo, que le cubre cualquier daño accidental, en teoría si se rompe accidentalmente o falla en cualquier momento, el seguro te da otro. Por ahora mi hijo mayor va casi un año con el reloj y no ha tenido problema ninguno. - Es robusto, con lo cual es más resistente a caídas, le ha caído ya 3 veces y apenas se le ve un mínimo rasguño en una esquina de la carcasa, es casi imperceptible y las caídas han sido duras, en la calle. De todas formas le compré también un protector de pantalla el cual me ofrecieron también con la compra justo para este modelo de reloj (valía alrededor de 9€). Cuando mis amistades o familia me preguntan por el reloj lo recomiendo siempre, les aclaro que el precio es algo elevado porque los relativamente buenos rondan los 100€, pero este reloj vale lo que cuesta . A día de hoy no ha habido un solo día que me arrepienta de esta compra; todo lo contrario, recuerdo el día en que lo compré y pienso que fue una de las mejores compras que hice. No dañas la vista de tus hijos con una pantalla de móvil ni se quedan pegados al vicio que dan los videojuegos y en cambio tienes la tranquilidad de tener cierto control de sus movimientos. Por ejemplo, en clases extraescolares, alguna vez he tenido algún retraso, ya que llevo a mis dos hijos a distintas clases, y les llamo para informarles de mi retraso para que estén tranquilos o hablo con ellos de camino. Muy satistecha con mi compra.
Title: Exceptional Peace of Mind for Parents
Content: I bought the imoo Watch Phone for my 6-year-old son six months ago and it has been a game-changer for our family. This device is the first phone for kids and it's packed with features that provide both fun and safety. The 2-way phone and video call features are outstanding; I can limit who he contacts and enjoy face-to-face conversations anytime. The chat feature is also a hit, allowing us to exchange texts, voice messages, emojis, photos, and videos. The real-time locating service using Google Maps is a standout, offering peace of mind while granting my son a sense of independence. Another feature I love is its water resistance - it's perfect for our swimming outings. The 'Class Mode' is an ingenious addition, ensuring his learning remains undisturbed. Despite its many features, what impressed me most was the customer service. We faced a technical issue once, but the company’s response was swift and efficient. They arranged for a pickup and had the issue resolved within two days. Their commitment to service added a layer of trust and satisfaction to our experience. In summary, the imoo Watch Phone has taken a lot of stress off our shoulders. It's not just a gadget; it's a companion that keeps us connected with our son in the most convenient and secure way. Highly recommended for parents looking for a reliable way to stay connected with their young kids.

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  • ⌚8MP+5MP Flip Dual Cameras - With 8MP+5MP dual cameras: Parents can not only see their children's status but also the surroundings where their kids are during video calls, bringing more peace of mind! Kids can snap their adventure and the exciting moments in daily lives.
  • ⌚Real-time Locating - Guard Security for Loved Ones: Only one click to get accurate real-time location within 10 meters by imoo kids gps watch. In emergency, write Letter "C" in the HD screen for help.
  • ⌚IPX8 Swimming Waterproof - Offer Longer service Life: imoo Watch Phone allows kids to swim even in 20 meters underwater. Turn on "video" function before entering pool, this kids smartwatch can shoot clear videos in the water.
  • ⌚Class Mode & Stranger Rejection - Exclude Disturbance for Kids: Parents can set class mode and stranger rejection on the imoo smart watch for kids. Children can concentrate on study at school without unexpected disturbance and danger.
  • ⌚Step Counter & Important Notice - With Step Counter/Race/Shake functions, kids can enjoy games with each others. imoo kids smart watch is suitable for standard Nano-SIM card only. The compatible operators are: O2, Vodafone and LEBARA. Before inserting the SIM card into the watch, make sure you have turned off the SIM PIN on the phone.
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