TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: Save 21% on This Savage Song Collectors Hardback - Now Only 14.23£

Limited-Time Specials: Save 21% on This Savage Song Collectors Hardback - Now Only 14.23£

May 20, 2024 12:17 pm
Limited-Time Specials: Save 21% on This Savage Song Collectors Hardback - Now Only 14.23£
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Title: Another great book by V!
Content: I first jumped into V.E. Schwab's work with A Darker Shade of Magic and was blown away by her world building skills, and her beautiful range of characters that make up that story. I quickly read through that and its sequel (A Gathering of Shadows) and it left me feeling giddy. I hadn't felt so many emotions from reading a good book in a very long time, and I thought nothing would top that. So when I picked up This Savage Song I was excited but thought I could never enjoy it as much as her other series. Turns out I was wrong. This book proved to be as enthralling as the other two. I don't know what it is about the way that Schwab writes but once I've started I just can't put a book of hers down. It's honestly the quickest I've ever read a book since back when I was reading Harry Potter as a kid. Her books take you by the hand and lead you into a world you don't even question, instead you stand alongside her characters and learn about it with them. This Savage Song is a fresh look at the idea of monsters. In this series there are three types of monsters that are all unique but are each different because of what created them; they each are created by a different crime. * Corsai are created from horrible acts of violence - they're creatures that live in the dark and eat anything as they feast on flesh and bone. * Malachai are created from murder - they are similar to vampires in movement and graceful brutality. They feast on the blood of a person. * And Sunai are the only monsters that resemble humans in appearance so they can blend in. The difference with these though is that they are created by cataclysmic events of tragedy. (So multiple people dying in one place at the same time, e.g a bomb.) But they are different though because they feed on a soul - and only the soul of a person who has sinned in an act of terrible violence. The base of the story is set in a world where a City is divided in two, literally. A City where a truce that keeps these two divides running in a teeth-gritting harmony is slowly crumbling. One side is ran by a human called Henry Flynn. He runs a task force sent out to deal with monsters and also sinners to lower the chances of more monsters being created. He has the luck of having the Sunai sided with his cause, their identities unknown to most. The other side is ran by Callum Harker. He is also human but a lot of people would say he was as much a monster as the actual monsters themselves. He runs an empire - putting a great number of the Malachai and the Corsai under his control and forcing people to pay for his protection from them and other monsters. But, he is sorely lacking in knowledge of the Sunai. Something that troubles him and his empire because they have a gift of music: something similar to that of a Siren song that enraptures a person and renders them unwilling. Perfect for them to deal with unwilling sinners. Except this song also works on Corsai and Malachai - something that is a great disadvantage to Harker, and something that gives Flynn an edge. But... the majority of this story revolves around two kids: August Flynn and Kate Harker. Kate Harker is the daughter of Callum Harker. She is on a mission to prove how ruthless she can be to her father, and prove to him that she is as strong as he is. That she deserves to have a place in his empire. A place at the top. August Flynn is one of the three Sunai that joined Henry Flynn. Adopted and raised as Henry's youngest son, he wants nothing more than to be human. To prove that he is not the monster everyone is telling him he was born to be and to be as kind-hearted and good as his own father. But this is a story of self discovery about whether Kate will realise if being just like her father is who she really wants to be? And whether not all monsters are quite as black and white as they are described to be, but instead there are areas of grey even amongst monsters. That a human can sometimes be a worse monster than those with pointed teeth? And for August, he may have to make choices he doesn't like, and will he have to realise that he is a monster whether he likes it or not. No matter how hard he fights to revoke that part of him, can he ever truly escape it? This is the thing that resonates with me with all of V.E Schwab's work; all of her characters are so realistic. They have flaws and they have problems and moments of indecision. But most of all they make mistakes. From Kell and Lila in the ADSOM series to Kate and August in this, they are very much human in their characterisation and the decisions they choose to make. Also one thing that made me very happy with This Savage Song: NO ROMANCE. It's rare to find a young adult fiction without a romance subplot between a male and female lead, so this is ultimately refreshing. It really emphasises their struggle and the issues with the trust that may have to be built when they ultimately meet. Very cool. V is also very, very good at writing action scenes. (And YA friendly torture scenes). They are never clunky, and every detail that's important is there for you to have. Instead they are very emotionally-driven. Instead of reading about every punch or kick a character makes - Victoria is very good at writing WHY a character makes that action. How the scene effects them and WHY they make a decision or say a line. It's chapters like the ones leading up to -and of- the penultimate "battle" near the end of TSS that had me welling up and had my chest hurting because my heart was in my throat. Because of that emotional connection she makes you have with her characters you can do nothing more than clutch at the page, wishing for them to be okay. For me the only criticism I had was the pacing somewhat. It had the same effect on me as I had with ADSOM where the first half of the book I enjoyed it but I was okay to pause and it took a little time to properly grab me. But the second half is like a roller coaster ride; it hooks you by the throat and drags you into the mix. At that point I just can't put the book down for love nhy money. But that would be my only main criticism. I still enjoyed it immensely. I saw another review complaining about the lack of backstory between some characters and the city itself: for me it was enough. This story was about the role of monsters and humans in the city and how the city is surviving now. Having to rebuild around the devastation monsters can bring. I would have liked to know more about Henry and Callum because of the brief glimpses we had of their characters when they were younger but I don't feel like I missed anything by not knowing. For me it reflected Kate and August very well: they've both been in the dark for a long time. Kate for being away from her father and August for him being "born" after it happened, it makes sense for them not to know the exact ins and outs of their fathers feud. I imagine both men would rather not speak of the penultimate moment that caused the rift in the city, and before. We just know they are very different people and I'm sure we'll see more discussion about that later. Yup - incase your wondering this book is going to have a sequel so if you're left feeling like it's a bit open ended then it's because book 2 is being written! Yep, this book is part of a duology. I wouldn't read this and look for what isn't there, instead I would embrace the characters of August and Kate and take in the world of V-City, and prepare for another rollercoaster ride with book 2. I'm finishing this long, long review with nothing more than I hope this encourages someone to pick this book up. Or at least try any of V.E Schwab's work. And to utter a huge thank you to V.E Schwab herself; for all of the hard work she puts into her books. How much love, blood, sweat and tears she pours onto a page for the readers to enjoy. And to her brain for creating these amazing worlds and universes and filling them with such fascinating characters. Her books have made me love reading again and I can't ever thank her enough for that.
Title: Another amazing book from Schwab’s hand and luckily only the first in a series!
Content: When I see a book with the name V.E. Schwab on the cover I always get excited now. I must have burned through almost all her books this year! She is probably my favourite discovery of 2017. So far I haven’t read one book that disappointed me and This Savage Song was no exception. Urban Fantasy is very often hit or miss with me and not the genre I would go for if I had a choice in books. Schwab is slowly changing my mind though. This Savage Song is another brilliant Urban Fantasy with a different take on a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by monsters. The two main characters are Katherine Harker and August Flynn, both children of opposing factions in V-city. Katherine’s father runs North City, where a tense understanding with the ‘monsters’ has lead to a rule where money can be exchanged for protection. Everyone under Harker’s protection gets a metal medallion, marking them as off limits for the monsters. August’s parents are in charge in South City where the FTF, some sort of security group, protect everyone as much as they can. After the Phenomenon, which stays a very vague event throughout the book, monsters started to be born from the wrongdoings humans committed. The Corsai can best be described as some sort of zombies. They prefer the dark, can’t stand UV-light, smell like death and will not hesitate to tear you to pieces. The Malchai are a bit more sophisticated and have a closer resemblance to vampires. They are pale and cold, cunning and also don’t mind sinking their teeth in humans. Last of all there’s the Sunai. They are very rare and seem to be born out of especially violent events. There are only three and all of them have been adopted by the Flynns. As you might have guessed reading this, our August is one of these Sunai. Between South and North a shaky truce was established 7 years ago, but lately that truce has been crumbling and war is looming at the horizon. I was very interested to find out more about this particular kind of ‘monster’ and August’s viewpoint was perfect to slowly but surely find out what they are, what they can do and how they deal with all of this. However, August’s character didn’t immediately win me over. At the start of the book he very much wants to be a part of the FTF, even though his parents forbid it. He seems to be quite jealous of his older brother, also a Sunai, who is the face of the FTF and is out there fighting the other monsters. He seemed to me a very petulant child, but luckily that changed quite quickly the longer we got to spend time with him. He eventually gets sent on a mission to keep an eye on Harker’s daughter Katherine at a school in the safer areas of V-city. I liked Katherine from the start. She’s a very feisty girl struggling with the differences between the girl she’s supposed to be and the girl she actually is. With a father like Harker, she has to prove that she can be ruthless and strong. But deep down inside Katherine is still dealing with her mother’s death and the fact that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of this fight. Aside from her internal struggles though, she’s very efficient and remarkably clever. Even though this post-apocalyptic world is very fascinating, it’s the more personal journeys of August and Katherine that really make this book stand out. Both have their own struggles in their life and even though August’s identity is hanging over them like a dark cloud, they find a connection that has so much potential that I was rooting for them the whole time. I don’t even mean this in a romantic sense, their chemistry as just two people connecting is so strong that I couldn’t help but be sucked into their story. Another amazing book from Schwab’s hand and luckily only the first in a series! I can’t wait to read the second book and find out how Katherine and August are doing now.
Title: Loved it
Content: Kate Harker will do anything to get her father’s attention so he will bring her back home, including burning down her school’s chapel. Her father brings her back to the divided city of Verity where he allows the monsters to roam free and has humans pay for his protection. Meanwhile, August Flynn is the “son” of the ruler of the other half of the city. August is a monster, with the power to steal a soul with a violin song. When the Flynn family find out that Kate will be attending school in the city, they send August to masquerade as a student and get close to her. However, power is shifting in their city. When Kate’s life is put in danger, August has to put his secret at risk to figure out who is trying to kill them. This was such a thrilling and suspenseful story. It was an original and complex world. A lot of the rules and history of the world weren’t described until halfway through the story. I would have liked to learn that earlier so I could really understand the world. I still really enjoyed this story! This Savage Song is a great story! I can’t wait to read the sequel!
Title: About monsters and humans, holding on and violins, shadows and truths
Content: If you want your stories to be driven by the characters, buy this book. Victoria Schwab writes these amazing, intricately woven stories with the characters at the center. Plot: You live in a world, where every misdeed by a human leads to the creation of monsters, monsters who in turn eat people. The monster is not bound to you, neither you to it. Would you live among people who created these monsters or would you rather live in a safe place where people fight these monsters and their creators? This is the story of the city of Verity, which is divided into two half - north and south. Each controlled by two humans - one who creates/rules monsters, the other who opposes and fights them. Then you have Kate and August the children of said humans. The stories they weave, and the lives they want to live, but can't because they're stuck in a world where every action has a consequence, and not all the choices you make, are for your own happiness. This story was so well-written, that I felt every emotion in it. August's chapters were so calming to read, even when everything was going to hell. The whole story is never told out-front, but in bits and pieces. There is no romance in this - as said by the author herself. The feelings in this book cannot be simply dubbed as romantic. There's so much more to it all. Fair warning - get ready for some form of heart break in this as that's the way Schwab writes. If you loved her other trilogy, Shades of Magic - then you'll love this duology too. There are some similarities between characters. Kate was in some way - both like Delilah Bard and Holland. Throughout this book, all I wanted was for people to leave August alone and to let him play his violin peace. Is that too much to ask?!
Content: 5/5 E' una meraviglia! Nonostante non sia proprio un lettura leggera, la storia è talmente appassionante e nuova che non riesci a smettere di leggere, devi per forza sapere di più. Peccato che il sequel mi abbia delusa tantissimo.
Title: Kate is a queen, and August is too precious, too pure for this world.
Content: There are a lot of times to hate switching points of view; THIS SAVAGE SONG is not one of them. Both Kate and August are interesting characters with different and similar ambitions. In the end, it’s about living how they like. This book was an easy read, and I couldn’t put it down. Even when Kate and August weren’t interacting, the differences in the ways they thought and their experiences kept me reading, and I was interested in seeing the tension between the North and South sides of V-City play out. At first it was a little difficult to like Kate; she was reckless, picked fights, set fires, and got what she wanted because of it. But the more I read about her, the more I liked her. She clearly idolised her father, and the subsequent actions she takes to prove herself to him while growing into herself and accepting her own existence at the same time were great. August was a sweetheart from the beginning; and his descriptions of his family’s ways of thinking versus his own, and his attempts at acting human were great to see. I have a love/hate relationship with the monster who doesn’t want to be a monster trope (okay, fine, it’s mostly hate), but August was so sweet. He so concerned about screwing up, and his interactions with people outside his family in the beginning are so awkward, but he wants to help and he wants to make friends. The rivalry between their families could almost make this another story of Romeo and Juliet, but there’s no romance. Their friendship is amazing; their conversations while they’re getting to know each other at school are really fun to read, and both of them circling around each other with their own secrets is great. I love the monsters in the novel, I would have loved to see more of them than we did. Granted, yes, I know, probably not really much time outside of what was affecting August and Kate, but still. More monsters, please! Although, the underlying threat of them at night and the rhymes that were repeated or referenced through the novel about them were nice too. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really too much to the plot, and I kind of expected more. The characters, however, definitely made up for it and the ways they developed through the novel were amazing. I can’t wait to read the sequel once I get it, I’m so excited to see how they are in it and how they grow from this. Plus I want to read about my favourites some more. Kate is a queen, and August is too precious, too pure for this world. I just want them to be happy… it’s going to be painful, isn’t it? ('•̥ω•̥`)

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