TestMarket - The Hundred Loves of Juliet: Exclusive Offer - Save 33% Today Only!

The Hundred Loves of Juliet: Exclusive Offer - Save 33% Today Only!

Jun 15, 2024 07:05 pm
The Hundred Loves of Juliet: Exclusive Offer - Save 33% Today Only!
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Rating: 4.10
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Title: One of the best novels of 2023
Content: Evelyn Skye's The Hundred Loves of Juliet is a breathlessly beautiful retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It follows Helene Janssen as she travels to Alaska to distance herself from her ex-husband and try to piece together a novel using vignettes she has written throughout her entire life. But while in the town Ryba Harbor, she meets Sebastien, an expert crabber and owner of the ship Alacrity, and realises that the hero she used in all her vignettes is a real, alive human being. And she’s not just Helene, she’s also Juliet in one of her many reincarnations. And Sebastien? He’s Romeo. But slightly different to how Shakespeare described it. He never died, but he has to watch all the other versions of Juliet die in unfortunate incidents while he continues to be cursed with immortality. What ensues is a glorious, moving love story that proves that soulmates will always find their way back to each other regardless of what happens in between. Through the 700-year-old curse, countless different lives and many different continents, Sebastien and Helene, Romeo and Juliet, try to cling onto each other in the hopes of stopping the curse. This book is an amazing treat for any hopeless romantics out there and especially for any Romeo and Juliet fans. Skye’s prose when talking about Helene and Sebastien’s love for each other is sublime and lyrical. It is one of the best romantic novels I have read in a very long time. The novel will stay with me forever. A true masterpiece.
Title: Rating 3.5, Beautiful Romeo & Juliet Retelling
Content: Helene is escaping her old boring life and has filed for divorce against her no-good cheating husband. She finds herself running away to Alaska to write her novel based on short historical, love stories she wrote when she was younger. Each story she envisioned the same handsome male lead. But on her first day in Alaska, she bumps into the real-life rendition of her romantic male lead. How is he real after Helene wrote him in specific detail, including the small scar running through his eyebrow. Sebastian is his name, and there is a big reason why Helene thought of Sebastian when she was younger & it is an emense story, full of love and tragedy. What a beautiful concept and retelling for Romeo & Juliet. I loved following the storyline. The romance and raw emotion were bleeding from the page. I really liked Sebastian's character and felt like I could really empathise with him. Helene, however, I struggled to connect with. I started to like her towards the end, but it was a little too late for me. I also wish that there was more chemistry written between the 2 main characters so that I could root for them both more. Overall, a real emotional rollercoaster that made me cherish the people I love and it also made me feel like I need a hug after reading it. A great romantic read!
Title: Unique take on Romeo and Juliet
Content: I thought the premise of this book was really unique and I was excited to start reading it. It was very predictable though and I wasn't a huge fan of the narrative style. The book tells the story of Romeo and Juliet in a modern setting with Helene as the modern day Juliet having reincarnated over and over again but always forgetting who she was. We also have Sebastien who is Romeo who is immortal and finds every incarnation of Juliet and falls in love only to lose her to the curse that has been put on them. Helene is a writer and goes to Alaska to complete her book where she meets Sebastien who turns out to be the character she has imagined all her life. It's a pretty predictable story from here on but it's still a lovely summer read that will take you away for a couple of hours.
Title: A beautiful retelling!
Content: 🎧Audiobook Review🎧 #adprproduct I want to thank NetGalley for approving me for an ARC of this book. Special thank you to my buddy readers @bex_boys_and_books and @wendyreadsbooks. 📖Retelling (Romeo & Juliet) 💞Romance 💫Star-Crossed 🖤Curse I loved the premise of this story and found myself swept away by the beautiful narration. This is a well-known story with a unique twist that will make readers fear the fate of the MCs. ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫
Title: An easy and heartfelt read
Content: I have always enjoyed the star crossed lovers trope, but I have never been a fan of the tragic Romeo and Juliet. I enjoyed this story, however. Romeo is cursed to live an immortal life while finding his reincarnated Juliet over and over again. The real bummer is that he has to watch her die every single time. When he meets Helene ( his Juliet) in Alaska this time things might turn out differently. Small snippets of the story contain flashbacks that show their lives together throughout the ages. I thought these flashbacks would detract from the forward momentum of the storyline, but they do not. They add to it, more like. The overall theme that a person should love while they can is a refreshing reminder to not waste time in fear of the future, or the what ifs. The personal acknowledgment at the end of the story was a nice hug, too. I could have done with a bit more magical realism other than how the curse was explained. And while there were no explicit scenes there are still some sexual acts and instances described in the book. Also there were a few times that facts were a bit repetitive. I read this book mainly to get a feel for the author’s writing style while I wait for her book Damsel to be available on my library app. I may look into her YA books as well.
Title: A lively reimagining
Content: 4.5 stars A lovely reimagining of the Romeo and Juliet love story for the modern age. I really enjoyed seeing the history unfold for Helene and Sebastian as we and Helene learn more about their lives together and apart. I really enjoyed the little vignettes as we followed Helene and her love of the fated lovers. Evelyn Skye has written a beautiful, emotional story full of hope.

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