TestMarket - Limited-Time Offer: Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots 2M - Get Up to 15% Off!

Limited-Time Offer: Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots 2M - Get Up to 15% Off!

Apr 06, 2024 05:17 pm
Limited-Time Offer: Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots 2M - Get Up to 15% Off!
Brand Name: hotimy
Category: Extension Cords
Seller Name: BANPOO UK
Rating: 4.70
Total Rating Count: 561
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Unlock Savings with this exclusive deal on the Tower Extension Lead with USB Slots 2M! Claim yours now and save big on this 8 Way Outlets Multi Plug Extension Tower with 6 USB ports. Don't miss your chance to save - the old price was 20.99£, but now you can get it for just 17.84£, a discount of 15%! Save 3.15£ on this must-have item. Shop now and enjoy extra savings today!

Title: Great Extension lead
Content: Funky ext lead with usb ports. Looks good and does the job
Title: Great product
Content: Very good product. The orientation of the sockets means that you can use every plug regardless of odd shaped plugs and the usb ports are a very handy extra for me. The readout on the front is also very handy so you know you're not overloading it.
Title: Exactly what it says on the box
Content: The product arrived well-packaged in a sturdy box with as little wasted material as possible, so that's an extra bonus point on environmental friendliness. The first impression of the extension tower was that the plastic did seem a little cheap, as you can visibly see the seam going down the middle of the product where the two plastic pieces were fused together, which I notice has also been deliberately airbrushed out of all but one of the product photographs on their Amazon page. However, upon further examination, it is not really an issue either structurally or visually. The design is unique (to me). It blends in well plopped onto my desk, tucked away in the corner, giving the desk a slightly modern feel, or something, I don't know, I'm not into all that arty farty feng shui or whatever you want to call it. But it looks nice and blends in well is the point I'm trying to make. The fact that it is designed as a tower rather than your usual standard rectangle extension lead means that it is easier to access the plugs you insert into it, and it is also easier to keep clean of dust and dog hair (very handy if, like me, you rescued a Siberian Husky before you realised what a bloody mess they constantly make with their hair...). The extension tower comes with a total of eight plug sockets - four on either side. Which is really more than the average person needs. Most standard UK extension leads usually come with just four plug sockets. So having eight in one extension tower is a bonus. As said, there are 4 sockets on each left and right side of the extension tower, meaning that you should be able to run any long cables tidily around the room from either (or both) directions to plug into the tower with ease and no faff. Both sides also come with an independent flick switch that can be used to turn off or on all the sockets plugged into that side. This provides ease of access and also ease of safety. There are also four USB-A sockets and two USB-C sockets at the front of the tower, providing you with plenty of charging points for your USB devices. For newer devices, such as the iPad Pro, the USB charging cable provided with the device by Apple will fit snuggly into one of the USB-C sockets and charge the device relatively quickly. Also on the front is a display that shows how much power the USB slots are using (ahem, or rather how many volts/amps your iPad is costing you to charge). To be honest, as interesting as it is to know that information, it's also pretty distracting when the display changes while you're trying to focus on your work on the computer. I have fixed this problem by moving my pen holder slightly to the left on my desk to block the display reading. The extension tower also has a built-in overload protection button, which will immediately cut off the power to the extension tower in the event of an emergency or overload issue I cannot test the claims that the extension tower is fireproof up to 750 degrees Celcius, as I have no intention of deliberately throwing it into the fireplace at the moment. But if the tower should break anytime soon while the fireplace is on... I'll let you know, maybe. Overall, it appears to be a very good quality extension tower that I expect will last me some years before needing to be replaced. It is sturdy, has more conveniently accessible plug sockets than you'll ever need (unless you're NASA, or growing a few hundred naughty plants [tut tut]), looks good, easy to keep out of the way, and comes with handy USB sockets which, let's be honest, are really an important thing to have on hand these days). Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and congratulations for making it to the end. Now, plop this thing into your basket and off you pop to make a cuppa tea. You've already spent far too long sitting there reading this, it's an extension lead for crying out loud.
Title: Great design
Content: This is a really great design. It is very efficient USB ports are on the front and easy to reach. I like the fact that the sockets on each side can be isolated if you are not using them all. There are separate switches. There is also a good length of cable I believe its 2metres. But the best thing is the very sleek design definitely saves some space and a bit more interesting than the usual cube! It came well packaged and I am very pleased with my purchase!
Title: So far so good
Content: I have been impressed with this with the amount of plugs and usb ports. I used to buy the plugs with usb which didn't work so well but this works great and charges whatever I need so have thrown away those usb plugs fore sure.
Title: Great.
Content: So much better than the lie flat extension cords. Takes up very little space and is very sturdy. Looks good too.

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  • 【14-in-1 Versatility: 8 AC Sockets + 4 Type C Ports + 2 USB-A Ports】Our tower extension lead features 8 widely-spaced outlets in 2 different directions and 6 USB ports. Offering a maximum rated power output of 3250W/13A, it empowers you to effortlessly connect and charge up to 14 devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome an organized and efficient desk space. Must-have home office accessories.
  • 【Smart IC charging technology】 This plug extender is designed to deliver optimal charging speeds for all your devices. With a maximum output of 3.6A/18W (USB-C: 3A/5V Max, USB-A: 2.4A/5V Max), it auto identifies your connected devices and adjusts the power accordingly. Suit for smart phones, tablets, power banks, lamp and more USB devices.
  • 【Your safety is our top priority.】Hotimy 2M pure copper power extension cord guarantees excellent heat dissipation and exceptional conductivity. And you could stay in control and keep track of your charging progress with the built-in digital display, which shows the voltage and current of your connected devices. Also, Crafted with high-temperature resistant materials and children safety door, our multi plug extension offers reliable quality and various safety protections.
  • 【Safety Comes First - Overload Protection】 Rest easy knowing that our plug extension tower always has your back. Equipped with overload protection, it auto cuts off power to safeguard your valuable devices in the event of power rating exceeding 3250W 13A. The reset/off switch, featuring an integrated circuit breaker, provides overload protection for all outlets, ensuring peace of mind.
  • 【Space-Saving Design Meets Stability】 Hotimy desk tower power strip vertical with USB ports is designed as a sail-shape with an enlarged base. Even when using multiple large UK adapters and plugs, the tower with widely spaced outlets can always stand stable, making your desktop organized, neat and tidy.
  • 【2 Indepedent Control Swithes】With the double power on/off control switches at dual sides, you can effortlessly turn off multiple electronics at once when they're not in use, promoting energy efficiency and simplifying your life without always plug in and unplug.
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