TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: VAGKRI Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control - Save 15% Today!

Limited-Time Specials: VAGKRI Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control - Save 15% Today!

May 16, 2024 03:20 pm
Limited-Time Specials: VAGKRI Evaporative Cooler with Remote Control - Save 15% Today!
Brand Name: VAGKRI
Category: Evaporative Coolers
Seller Name: Vagkri Brand
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 1198
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Discover the VAGKRI 3000CFM Evaporative Air Cooler with 120° Oscillation and 3 Wind Speeds. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, this 12 Gallon cooler comes with a 24H Timer and Remote Control. Act fast to snag your exclusive discount of 15% off, saving you a total of 57$. Don't miss out on this time-sensitive deal!

Title: Easy to use
Content: The cooler was well made and easy to use. The machine is pretty light so most adults can easily move it around.
Title: No Water Leakage!
Content: I really love this swamp cooler! This was our first time getting one of these and it is way better than a regular fan! Easy to set up and came well packaged. The noise level is low and it cools our bedroom perfectly! We love it, since it has been so hot and we don't have air conditioning. You do have to buy new freezer blocks because as the reviews mentioned these do leak eventually. This is a swamp cooler so it does smell when the water is very low. (Meaning you have to turn off the machine and refill and the smell does go away). I love that it is versatile and can turn it around while washing the dishes so you have a breeze, please remember to open a window because if not it will become humid. What we did not like was the remote did not work, but we didn't care as long as the swamp cooler worked!
Title: Better than a fan, but a far cry from a/c
Content: As Murphy's Law would have it, my frickin' frackin' heat pump died right after paying for a new roof. It was 5 years old and gets a one star review, but that's for another day! Anyway, we needed to wait a while before coughing up for a new unit and after a few 90 degree days became desperate for relief. My home is rather small, so we ordered this for the living room with the plan to move it to the bedrooms at night. First of all, I find it louder than a fan. We do have it at it's highest setting. It's supposed to cool up to 700 sq ft but that's a pretty big stretch. My living room is around 300 sq feet. The machine was very easy to set up. The remote is nice. The day it arrived, it was already 85 degrees in the house. By bedtime the inside temperature had only dropped a few degrees, although the fan was still welcome. We have since left it on 24 hours and the inside temperature has stayed several degrees cooler than outside. Here's the thing...We've been rotating ice packs combined with regular ice every few hours. It's MUCH cooler using it. Once the packs and ice thaw, it performs more like a good fan. The problem is, it's not practical to think we can continue to change the packs every few hours which means the inside temperature will start to climb again. This is probably way too much information. I guess I'm saying to be realistic with your expectations. For a few hours outside or in, it's a 5 star product. In a small 10x12 room it'd probably add a lot of comfort. Otherwise, I'm still grateful to have it, but it's certainly no air conditioner!
Title: Odd fish-like odor coming from unit
Content: Follow Up: I originally left a 2-star review and was contacted by the company offering a few solutions. Unfortunately, their recommendations did not fix the odor I was experiencing. I was then offered a refund or a replacement unit free of charge. I opted to receive a new unit and I am happy to report that this one does not have any odd odor and works very well. Therefore I am changing my rating from 2-stars to 5-stars. Original Review: This unit cools very well. I first placed it on my deck where it was around 85-degrees F outside, loaded the top filler portion with ice and water and turned on the cooling mode. I was getting about 70-degrees F out of it which was quite impressive. I then moved the unit inside where it was 76-degrees F and let it run and was getting 66-degrees F output which was great ... at first. Then my wife came into the room I had the unit in and said "Whats that smell? Smells fishy, like the back bay." The longer it ran the more I picked up on the smell too. I placed the unit back on the deck again and let it run for several hours thinking (hoping) the smell would go away. Unfortunately, that did not help. I turned the cooling function off and let the fan run for an hour, drying out the pad. I then smelled the pad and that is definitely where the smell is coming from. I am not sure if a new pad will resolve this but the last thing I want to do with a brand new unit is take it apart and "fix" it. Unsure at this point if I will keep it or return it.
Title: 3000 CFM far cry for cooling down the garage
Content: 3000 CFM model Unpacking: I received the unit and started unpacking it at home. Where you pour water into the unit at the top, I had scratch marks as if it was a used and returned unit. I connected the hose adapter to the back and had to take apart the reservoir because the adapter was loose. Setup: The main garage door was closed, the person garage door was left open with the evaporative cooler in front to draw in air from the outside, and a window towards the back of the garage was open with a fan pushing air out. This should have created a crosswind through my garage. Garage space is 650 sqft; the cooler is supposed to handle a 900 sqft room. I placed a frozen ice pack into the top reservoir too. In Use: The temperature outside was 99* at 2:59 pm in Houston, TX. Inside my garage, it was 102.9* and 46% humidity. I turned the unit on and left it running for an hour. At 3:56 pm, the temperature was 102.6* and 47% humidity. AT 4:39 pm, the temperature was 103.1* and 42% humidity. If you stand in front of the cooler, the air was pushing out 90* so it does push cooler air. It just does not cool down the room.
Title: Buena compra
Content: Refresca muy bien el ambiente y fácil de usar, sin duda lo volvería a comprar

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  • 【3-in-1 Appliance】 With three possible cooling processes (air/water/ice), this portable evaporative cooler not only can be as a fan, also reduce air temperature as well as add humidity.
  • 【Excellent Cooling Effect】VAGKRI Evaporative air cooler has 3 sided intake pannels allow for fast cooling and super cool air, delivered strongly with powerful fan motors. It also has an ice compartment for ultra effective cooling.
  • 【Larger Coverage】With its 120° oscillation, this portable swamp cooler can handle spaces of up to 950 square feet, puts out 3000 cubic feet of cold air a minute, effectively distributes the cold air all throughout the space.
  • 【Manual and Continuous Fill】Featuring an large 12-gallon water tank, this evaporative air cooler will keep going for hours, you can add water from the top manually or attach a garden hose for uninterrupted cooling without needing to be refilled.
  • 【Digital Display and Remote Control】This cooling fan uses electronic control panel, aimed at ease of use and long term reliability, lets you select between 3 fan speeds and 1-24H timer settings, and there is also a full-function remote control.
  • 【24/7 Customer Service】VAGKRI offers a 2-year warranty. Whenever you have a problem, please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our top priority!
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