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Unlock Your Savings - Nikura Essential Oils Blends Gift Set for Home and Sleep | Save 15% Today!
  • 🎁 IN THIS GIFT SET: 1 x 10ml bottle of each Anti-Anxiety, Citrus Relief, Four Bandits, Relax & Unwind & Sweet Dreams. Scent any room in your house with the relaxing aroma of our hand made essential oil blends.
  • ✨ HOW TO USE: This essential oil blend kit can be used for aromatherapy, in diffusers, oil burners, humidifier, in a bath, for soap making, candle making, or potpourri. Add a few drops of a blend to a Nikura carrier oil such as Almond oil to create your own massage oil. Always perform a patch test before use. Do not ingest or apply undiluted.
  • ❤️ BENEFITS: Relax your mind and destress your body with the aroma of five of our best-selling 10ml blends, beautifully presented in a gift box. Whether buying for yourself for some self-love, or for a friend or family member as a well-being gift, this will make someone feel special.
  • 🌎 VEGAN & ETHICAL: Nikura is a UK run, family-owned business. It is very important to us that our suppliers are subject to the highest standards, and we personally ensure that all our products are harvested ethically and are completely cruelty free.
  • 🌸 ABOUT NIKURA: Here at Nikura, we take great pride in bringing you high quality, luxurious products that promote wellbeing, support relaxation, and enable creativity. Nikura is an Aromatherapy Trade Council Member and this oil is proudly bottled in the UK.