TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials! Secure Your Deal on The Fall of Gondolin - Save 34%!

Limited-Time Specials! Secure Your Deal on The Fall of Gondolin - Save 34%!

May 20, 2024 06:20 am
Limited-Time Specials! Secure Your Deal on The Fall of Gondolin - Save 34%!
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Title: Bitter sweet ending
Content: A bittersweet feeling to finally add this book to my collection, I always wanted it however I knew that once it was released, there would be no more to come from the great man. Sadly the epic he started writing back in 1917 in the First World War was never completed. If you have read the Silmarillion you know how it ends. Though not having Tolkien's own finishing touches on it, as with anything posthumously released since his passing, makes you wonder what more it could of been if truly completed and not pieced together from countless notes. His son, Christopher, once again does an amazing job of filling gaps and adding narration to certain things Like always the artwork by Alan Lee is simply sublime. Until Children of Hurin he said he had never worked on the First Age of Middle-earth, he has now brought that magically epic period to life three times like I could of only dreamed. While there is no true finality to the story of Gondolin in this edition; the book is still worth adding to your collection if you are a big Tolkien fan.
Title: Nice product good quality
Content: Nice product good quality
Title: Received quickly in good condition
Content: Bought as a gift for Tolkien fan. Not read myself
Title: For Tolkien Purists Unafraid of Archaisms
Content: One for the Tolkien purists! It is as much a study of Tolkien and his writing process (and the many changes that he made) as it is a story of this text. That said, I enjoyed the commentary a lot and took a lot from it. I have a newfound respect for Christopher Toliken (albeit sadly too late, as he recently died). He has honoured his father greatly over the past forty years and dedicated his own life to allow the public to access the many stories which otherwise would never have been unearthed which would have been a great shame! This book tells four versions of 'The Fall of Gondolin'. The first, called the Original Tale (or simply 'The Tale') is really the only complete version. Christopher Tolkien compares the versions mainly for differences in the story, place and character names and how revisions were made. Whilst interesting, and the implications around those changes are of interest, I personally found the stylistic change in writing more drastic. The 'Sketch of the Mythology' and 'Quenta Noldorinwa' versions of the story are brief - fine and easy to read but without full development. Contrast the Original Tale with the Last Version (which was unfinished) and you see a huge difference in the telling rather than the content. Thirty years had changed J.R.R. Tolkien it seems. The first version, written in the early 1920s, contains a significant amount of archaic language (understood through the handy glossary at the back) and is written in a way almost biblical. I was somewhat reminded of reading Cormac McCarthy is as much as I needed a dictionary hand to read some of his (utterly brilliant) works. Personally, I really enjoyed it in The Fall of Gondolin as I like learning words no longer in use. It is almost a study of language. It went some way to show the age of the tale I felt. The Last Version is more detailed and, if fully completed, would undoubtedly have been the definitive version of the story. Completed around 1950, Tolkien's style had changed a lot - it is written much more akin to The Lord of the Rings, making it easier to digest for readers. It is more descriptive and archaisms are toned down drastically. What I would say is that, although you are essentially reading the same tale four times, it never really felt like that for me because each version has so many differences in the length, the amount of details and also in the way of the telling. It feels fresh and new. Christopher Tolkien adds great detail and commentary throughout when needed. Having ignored other Tolkien releases over the past 10 years (since I bought Children of Hurin in 2007), seeing them as money-spinners from the Tolkien estate, I have just bought Beren and Luthien and am keen to start reading it! Highly recommended for any Tolikien fans - even those that found The Silmarillion dry and dull (which I did)!
Title: Great book for Tolkien enthusiasts
Content: Firstly, buyer beware. This is a book for real Tolkien enthusiasts and not casual readers. Do not buy this book expecting to find a new complete Tolkien story. The Fall of Gondolin was never finished. What you have here is an unfinished story that has already been in print, parts of it are spread over various books (The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The History of Middle Earth). Tolkien wrote and rewrote the story several times. These fragments are now gathered together in one place for the first time and presented in the order that Tolkien wrote them. This book is more about the evolution of Tolkien's writing, which is quite fascinating. The hardback version is beautifully illustrated with Alan Lee's paintings and pencil sketches. (Personally I think these are worth the price of the book on their own.)
Title: Classic Tolkien
Content: Excellent

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