TestMarket - Unlock Savings on EMF Meter! Hurry, Check Out the Deals Now!

Unlock Savings on EMF Meter! Hurry, Check Out the Deals Now!

Jan 15, 2024 06:36 am
Unlock Savings on EMF Meter! Hurry, Check Out the Deals Now!
Brand Name: GQ
Category: EMF Meters
Seller Name: GQ Electronics LLC
Rating: 4.60
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Snag Your Discount on this Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation 3-in-1 EMF ELF RF meter, 5G Cell Tower Smart meter Wifi Signal Detector RF up to 10GHz with Data Logger and 2.5Ghz Spectrum Analyzer. Shop Now and Save Big! Old Price: $158.00. New Price: $93.90. You Save: $64.10. Limited-Time Discounts Available. Act Fast and Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Title: Works great. Long battery life, simple
Content: Very easy to use and it goes off with light and sound at danger levels. Has 4 buttons. Left is setup, goes up and down through option. Right button is enter, left button opens menu then works as back button. Push right button after turning on and it takes you to user preferences. Up down(center 2 buttons) select with right button. Can set auto rotation or lock in vertical or horizontal if wanted. Can set your own limits. Comes with good plastic card thick like credit card, it has low medium and high limits in an easy to read and follow chart. It auto identifies sources- power lines, cell phone and RF wifi. Nicer wider range than other models. Easy to use on 3 way readings or single settings for RF or magnetic or electrical radiation. Very pleased. Battery probably lasts 18 or 24 hours. In 5 hours use I had 83% battery left. Comes with battery installed at 100% charge. Was on 100% battery for almost an hour. You can leave it on. Does not get hot or even warm in 3 hours use. It gives the highest reading while measuring. You can change sample hold speed to speed or slow readings. Comes at 3 seconds set, works well there. Basically set time and go. Gives awesome detail on individual settings. Gives required number readings on 3 way. Then it blinks and beeps when you get a high reading. Hold onto lower end of meter where wrist strap is already installed. Comes with carry drawstring pouch, and water resistant soft pouch, usb cable and instruction manual and battery and tip card for overall safe reference levels to keep with you. Can customize levels of alarm beeps and light and set units of measure but it is already set up right out of the box. Handy good size, easy to hold and it is always taking readings and displays highest reading for that time of measure. Easy use and well done and solid. Not too light or heavy.
Title: Great accurate meter
Content: The media could not be loaded. I bought this to test around the house and learned that my wifi router puts off a high amount of RF. As you can see in the video, I tested a faraday fabric that I’m using to help block RF in the living room from the router. I learned that our cellphones also put out a decent amount of RF. Anyways, the meter works great and am very pleased with it. If I had any gripes or complaints about the meter, it would be the physicality of the meter. I wish it had a better base or was a little thicker to stand up on its own a little better. I have knocked this this over many times when I thought it was standing on its own. But that also goes to show how durable this thing is too. I’ve dropped it at least 20 times. When it falls, it does turn off automatically which is fine. Again, I just wished it would stay up on its own a little better. Otherwise, I’m very happy with this meter and it’s at a great price compared to the Trifield TF2 that I also bought and tested. Highly recommend!
Title: Amazing!!! Forget the old school dial one, this is So much better than the competition
Content: When you do a search, a lot of people like the tried-and-true analog one, and it looks like a quality unit. But this thing does so much more! It’s a great EMF reader. When tested against the Tray field, it says accurate and has a much greater range. But When you see the features that this thing has just on the RF meter it will blow you away. You can pinpoint different frequencies and different strengths of different frequencies. You can make a graph out of it spanning any length of time. You can hold at the High Point’s. Once you start playing with it, you realize this is way more sophisticated than any of the other ones with a few lights are at Gage. So far, I’m very happy with this item, and I have had three other similar items before it. That were just Soso. I can’t believe any of the other ones are even suggested anymore with this one out.
Title: Easy to use and came fully charged!
Content: Was able to use immediately as it came fully charged! It came with a small guide and a HELPFUL quick reference card with safety ranges for three types of measurements but, safe is labeled "normal." It would have been nice to have more information about safety ranges but, internet search works too. wifi and cell phones can be turned off but, EF due to house wiring will remain. Pulled the beds away from the walls to get into "normal" range for EF. If living in multi-story dwelling, the electrical wiring for overhead lights for the room downstairs may put areas of bedroom out of indicated "normal" range.
Title: Works great!
Content: I love this thing. I carry it with me to see how cell phone signals (microwave) are coming at us. Some things I've learned from using this device. Keep your router at least 20 feet away from you in a separate room nobody uses. Preferably in the opposite side of the home. Always use speakerphone. Your phone is always emitting radiation. Hold the phone the least you can. Turn on wifi at home (less radiation) but turn wifi off when you leave the house. The phone powers up every time you pass a house trying to connect to wifi it detects along the way. Use an outlet timer to turn your router off at night when you're not using it. The difference between the microwaves that cook your food and cellphones is power. Microwave oven is 1000 watts, a cellphone 1.7 watts I believe. The only drawback is that it doesn't detect 5G but that feature would probably have been a more expensive unit. I'm glad I bought this as it educated me in how much we're exposed all the time.
Title: Works Well
Content: I can't tell how accurate this device is but it does give me readings for the area I am in. I hike to a lot of communication sites and I wanted to be sure I'm not entering an area that has hazardous RF fields. I find so far if I stay in areas outside fencing and barriers I am fine. However my microwave oven seems to run hot which seems odd. So I'll be staying back a bit while its running.

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  • Multiple high sensitivity sensors installed for detecting Power line, Smart meter, Cell phone, Microwave etc.
  • Identify/recognize the common possible sources, such as Power line, Cell Tower, Microwave, Static etc.
  • Safety suggestion lets you understand current situation instantly.
  • Detects 5G network signal and RF up to 10Ghz
  • Built-in RF Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser for real time RF monitoring.
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