TestMarket - 🚨 Flash Sale Alert: EUKI Compressed Air Duster PC Cleaner - Save 31£!

🚨 Flash Sale Alert: EUKI Compressed Air Duster PC Cleaner - Save 31£!

Jun 15, 2024 09:27 pm
🚨 Flash Sale Alert: EUKI Compressed Air Duster PC Cleaner - Save 31£!
Brand Name: EUKI
Category: Electronics Compressed Air Dusters
Seller Name: HANA Tek
Rating: 4.90
Total Rating Count: 45
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Discover Exciting Discounts on the EUKI Compressed Air Duster PC Cleaner! Hurry and Unlock Savings of 31£ on this Electric air Blower for PC Cleaning. Act Fast to Snag Your Discount Today and Save 40£ on the New Price of 89.99£. Limited Stock Available, Shop Now!

Title: Versatile, Compact and Powerful Air Blowing Duster!
Content: The media could not be loaded. I recently purchased the EUKI Battery Operated Air Blowing Duster and it has quickly become an indispensable tool in my home and office. This versatile device excels in multiple roles, making it a standout product that I highly recommend. - Powerful Cleaning Performance - First and foremost, its air-blowing capability is impressively powerful. I've used it to clean dust from my computer keyboard, desktop, and other electronic gadgets. The concentrated burst of air effortlessly dislodges dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas, leaving my devices spotless and running more efficiently. It's a far superior alternative to traditional canned air dusters, as it's not only more powerful but also environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. - Versatile Uses - What truly sets this air blower apart is its versatility. Beyond just cleaning electronics, I've used it to dust off shelves, blinds, and even my car's interior. The precision nozzle allows for targeted cleaning, ensuring that every nook and cranny is free from dust. Additionally, it doubles as an effective cordless hair dryer! The gentle but powerful airflow dries hair quickly without the excessive heat that can cause damage. This dual functionality makes it a handy tool for travel or for those quick fixes when you’re in a rush. - Convenient and User-Friendly - The battery-operated design adds a level of convenience that is hard to beat. No cords to tangle with means it's easy to maneuver and use in any location. The battery life is commendable; a single charge lasts through multiple uses, making it reliable for both short and extended tasks. Plus, it's lightweight and ergonomically designed, ensuring that it’s comfortable to use for extended periods. - Quality and Durability - The build quality is top-notch. It feels sturdy and well-constructed, giving me confidence that it will last for years. The materials used are high-quality, and the overall design is sleek and modern. In summary, the EUKI Battery Operated Air Blowing Duster is a versatile, powerful, and reliable tool that has surpassed my expectations. Whether you need it for cleaning electronics, household dusting, or even drying your hair, it performs exceptionally well in all tasks. This multifunctional device is a great investment and a must-have for anyone looking for an efficient and practical solution to everyday cleaning and grooming needs. Highly recommended!
Title: Small compact and powerful turbo airblower
Content: The media could not be loaded. The device got delivered promptly the next day of order and the package was very neat and tidy. It includes a charging cable, a handy pouch bag to keep items in and several dusting and cleaning accessories to go with the jet air blower. The turbofan itself is very tiny compared to what I would have imagined (thought it'd be of the size of a hairdryer). It is very small and fits nicely within palms. It Packs in tons of power. There are three modes that can be selected using power on and off button. Power 1 and 2 are moderate and sufficient to get most of cleaning done on electricals and electronic equipments. Power 3 is the super turbo mode and literally blows everything around you off. This is useful for hardy stuff like cleaning car floor, boot seats etc. The powerful blow from such a tiny form factor is amazing. Full 5 stars for performance, size and power. The battery seems to be huge packing 6000MaH for longer lasting performance. Solidly built product and highly recommended. Only suggestion is if the outlet has some accessories to fit in like a flexible hose, then this can be used in more variety of applications.
Title: Super Small, Powerful Air Duster
Content: The media could not be loaded. Honestly, this thing is amazing. It is so powerful and small. It is also very light weight which is good for portability, it also comes with a nice bag which holds all of the accessories and chargers together. This is defiantly a premium product, so well made and durable. In the video below, i showcase the product on the lowest setting, and how to use it. Keep in mind this product is quite loud, but what do you expect, this blower is easily the best I've had! Haven't used on my PC yet, but can imagine it works extremely well! It also comes with tools to use to help dust places as well. The product lasts a long time and is charged by USB C Would defiantly recommend.
Title: Very powerful kit
Content: This is awesome a really powerful Air Duster from Euki. It's great that it came with all the useful accessories. Being able to control the power settings for different pieces of equipment is super handy. It's impressive that it did such a perfect job cleaning my keyboard, CPU, PSU fan, MOBO, and the rest of the inside of the PC a very good purchase super happy with my turbo fan
Title: Powerful blaster
Content: The media could not be loaded. Great packaging, including a proper manual, usb-c lead and a box containing a felt bag with 10 different cleaning tools. To save reading the manual, which I had to! there are 2 buttons, front and rear of the handle. The rear one is power, long press for on and off and short press to change power between 3 settings. The front button starts and stops the blowing. Turbo is very stong and only works as long as you are pressing the front button. The other 2 are locked on and off each time you press the button, which is a neat idea. It’s a good size to hold, a bit angular in shape, but that helps you in turbo mode. I’m quite impressed and will using it on my cameras and keyboards and inside of computers.
Title: Klein, kompakt und richtig viel Power
Content: The media could not be loaded. Am Anfang hatte ich meine Zweifel ob das kleiner Gerät überhaupt genug Power hat. Allerdings wurde ich eines besseren belehrt. Es hat eine unheimliche Power und ist im Haushalt nicht mehr wegzudenken. Es hat Stufen die mittels Knopfdruck umzustellen gehen. Man kann damit alles mögliche im Haushalt reinigen, angefangen von Elektrogeräten die schwer zugänglich sind, Heizungen, Sockelleisten oder das Auto im Innenbereich. Es macht wirklich Spaß und das Akku hält wirklich lange. Man kann es problemlos über einen USB aufladen. Mit dabei sind auch verschiedene Reinigungsbürsten in unterschiedlichen Größen. Ich bin wirklich zufrieden mit dem Gerät und kann es wirklich weiterempfehlen.

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  • ✅SUPER WIND POWER —— This air blower pc cleaner boasts a motor with a maximum speed of 150000 RPM, 180g of air pressure, and a peak wind speed exceeding 52m/s (super typhoon ≥51.0m/s), ensuring powerful performance. Electric air duster effortlessly clears dirt from keyboards or any electronic devices' crevices, making it convenient for home, office, or car use. Compressed air cleaner dries a car in four minutes during car washing, saving time and effort, for an enjoyable cleaning experience.
  • ✅REUSABLE & ENERGY-SAVING —— Compared with compressed air cans, air blaster can be recharged and reused, saving money; they are easy to operate, eliminating the problem of pressing or controlling difficulties; during the cleaning process, no liquid or ice will be formed to avoid liquid damage. With three adjustable airflow settings, suitable wind power can be selected according to the scene's needs, turbo jet fan is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
  • ✅LONG-LASTING BATTERY & FAST CHARGING SPEED —— air duster built-in 3CC high-capacity battery, providing ample and long-lasting power. The battery is equipped with temperature protection, current protection, and short-circuit protection, ensuring that even with prolonged use, the pc cleaner's speed will not slow down or decrease. Electric air duster supports 10W fast charging, requiring only 2.5 hours to fully charge, saving time.
  • ✅MULTI-SCENE USAGE & EASY TO USE —— The electric duster is perfect for cleaning computer keyboards, laptops, cameras, car seats, and blinds. Air blaster can even be used for inflating products like air mattresses, life rafts, and is suitable for picnics, starting fires, cleaning floors, and removing pet hair. For yard cleaning, leaves and spider webs vanish instantly, saving time and effort. Turbojet fan is also Ideal for car washing and water blowing.—suitable for many unexpected uses.
  • ✅MINI & COOL DESIGN —— The turbo jet fan is the same size as a phone, lightweight, and easy to carry, making the electric duster ideal for outdoor camping and clearing leaves in the yard. Made from ABS high-hardness and high-temperature resistant materials, air blaster features anti-slip grooves and strong sealing, ensuring a comfortable grip. With its sleek design, pc cleaner is easy to store and looks cool. Placing the air blower on the home also makes for a nice decoration piece.
  • ✅SUPER AFTERSALES —— Our utmost pursuit is to satisfy consumers. This air Lego duster comes with a 30-day full refund or replacement, 12-month warranty, and lifetime after-sales service support. Email our customer service, and we'll address any questions/concerns you have. With a Type-C charging interface, it supports multiple charging methods like car and mobile power charging.
  • ✅ 1. Please use a 5V2A power adapter. 2. It is recommended not to exceed 12 hours of charging time to prevent overcharging and battery damage. 3. Please do not place the product near sources of fire or flammable materials.
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