TestMarket - 🐾 Limited-Time Offer: Vsezund Shock Collar for Dogs - Save 19%! 🐶

🐾 Limited-Time Offer: Vsezund Shock Collar for Dogs - Save 19%! 🐶

May 20, 2024 06:20 am
🐾 Limited-Time Offer: Vsezund Shock Collar for Dogs - Save 19%! 🐶
Brand Name: Vsezund
Category: Electronic Training Collars
Seller Name: PeaceBoiled
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 9827
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🔥 Hurry! Unlock Your Savings Now - Get the Vsezund Shock Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs with Remote Control, Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep, Security Lock, and Waterproof at an exclusive discounted price of 29.99$ (was 36.99$)! Save 19% and enjoy an additional 7$ off. Limited stock available, act now!

Title: The locking switch is the best part. I’m not nervous I will shock my dog unintentionally.
Content: I recently purchased a training collar for my dog and I am extremely pleased with its performance. This collar has exceeded my expectations in terms of effectiveness and convenience, making it an excellent choice for any dog owner looking to improve their pet's behavior. One of the standout features of this training collar is its versatility. It offers multiple training modes, including beep, vibration, and static shock, allowing me to tailor the training experience to my dog's specific needs. The beep mode serves as a gentle reminder, the vibration mode gets my dog's attention without being too harsh, and the static shock mode is incredibly effective for immediate behavior correction when necessary. Moreover, the collar comes with different levels of intensity for each mode, ensuring that I can find the perfect setting for my dog's responsiveness and comfort. The adjustable levels grant me peace of mind knowing that I can gradually increase the intensity if needed, while always prioritizing my pet's well-being. The remote control is another highlight of this training collar. It has a long-range capability, allowing me to interact with my dog from a distance. This is especially useful during outdoor activities, such as hikes or trips to the park, where my dog may get distracted and need a gentle reminder from me. The remote control's ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and features intuitive buttons, making it easy to operate – even in stressful situations. One of my favorite aspects of this collar is its durability. It is made from high-quality materials that have proven to withstand wear and tear, ensuring its longevity. The collar is also water-resistant, which is perfect for my adventurous dog who loves to splash around in puddles and streams. In terms of comfort, the training collar is designed with the dog's well-being in mind. It features a soft and adjustable strap that fits securely around my dog's neck without causing any discomfort or irritation. The collar's lightweight nature ensures that my dog can wear it for extended periods without feeling burdened or restricted. Overall, this training collar has proven to be an excellent investment for me and my dog. Its versatility, effectiveness, and durability make it a standout option in the market. I highly recommend it to any dog owner who is in need of an efficient training tool that promotes positive behavior without compromising their pet's well-being.
Title: Left outside for 3 months and still works!!
Content: This product is well worth the money. I have two collars and two remotes and they are easily interchangeable via the wireless connectivity and different channel settings. Also extremely durable and waterproof. I lost one of the remotes outside for 3 months of winter and it still works and was still half way charged! Great for training you dog and has helped out tremendously.
Title: Great product but has some issues
Content: I bought this collar in May 2023 after getting a stubborn and intelligent as can be puppy. I have zero experience with the collars but did a ton of research and asking my more knowledgable friends. This collar is user friendly. It took just a few minutes to understand how everything worked. The distance it goes is great. We live on many acres and our dog loves to run. I used the beep button to work on recall and she understood almost immediately. If she hears the beep, she knows she must find mom or dad right that second. We use the vibrate mode the most. It’s enough to catch her attention and redirect behavior without feeling cruel. The shock is only used when her prey drive kicks in and she’s being a nuisance to other animals. We’ve had to use the highest level when we first got it (I mentioned stubborn) but rarely do anymore. It stays around 10 most days. The battery life is amazing. Our dog wears her collar all day and then we take it off for sleeping. We charge the collar and remote maybe once a week. Now for my issues with it. We have lost a prong a few times and luckily found it. This last time we were unable to find it so I had to order more. I’m thankful there’s replacements but losing them sucks nonetheless. The replacement prongs must have a bit more buzz to them because the shock level now stays at 5. Her reaction to the 10 was like when it was 18. So be wary of that if you buy replacements. It could be a common, well known thing but this is our first time with a shock collar. The second issue is longevity of the collar itself. I noticed our collar wasn’t on my dog and the beep couldn’t be heard. I went outside and pressed the beep and heard it. The collar was laying in the yard. One of the metal rivets(?) that connect the fabric to the box(?) had snapped. Our dog loves water and the collar has been exposed to the hose a bit over the summer. It could totally be our fault but just be aware. All of that to say I’m ordering this exact thing again and also ordering just the collar again so we have 2 sets.
Title: Great customer service!
Content: We had an issue with the collar several months after I bought it. I emailed the seller and they sent me a brand new collar( no remote) and then my dog chewed the prongs off so I emailed them again and they are sending me new prongs. Great customer service! The collar is awesome and works very well. I’ve had it now about a year and have only had to charge the remote twice and the collar stays charged about a week. Will definitely buy again if needed.
Title: Good bang for your buck
Content: We rescued a small dog and he was really needing training. My boyfriend is a dog trainer and we tried everything in the book that did not envolve an e collar, but nothing was working. I caved and bought this collar after reading through the reviews. I tested the “shock” or stimulator on my arm and it did not hurt. We never put it over the level 4 since my dog is small and it does the trick. We have only had to use the “shock” option 2 times but always use the beeping or vibrate option. It has turned his behavior around tremendously! I have charged the collar once since buying it and it wasn’t even half way through the battery when I put it on the charger. I think this is well worth the price!
Title: Game changer
Content: Our Rhodesian Ridgeback had recently started taking off into the bush to chase kangaroos and wouldn’t come back for up to 15 minutes. We trained him in our backyard to return for treats using the beep function. When back out in the bush, if he didn’t respond to the beep, we upped it to the vibrate. He has always stopped immediately and returned. We have never needed to consider the shock function. This collar has given us back the confidence required to walk our dog. Please remember only to praise and reward using the collar.

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  • 3 Safe and Humane Training Modes: Beep, Vibration(1-8 levels) and Static(0-18 levels). The remote also come with a safety lock, efficiently prevent your dog from unnecessary punishment due to misoperation.
  • Support 3 Channels Maximum Control, for those who have multiple dogs, and need to train two or three dogs through one remote. Up to 2600 ft remote control range, which makes sure you can enjoy the training time with your dog in open space.
  • Rechargeable and long lasting battery life, the receiver will last for 11-15 days after fully charged, and the remote will last for a month. Fully charged in 1-2 hours, and you can also monitor the battery statue on remote display anytime.
  • Adjustable dog training collar, suitable for All Sizes of Dogs: the leash is 28 inches long , and it can be cut off as needed. Perfect for all size dogs (8 lbs~120 lbs), even puppies fit perfectly.
  • The dog collar is IP67 rated waterproof, ideal for training in any weather and place. Perfect for dogs who enjoy playing in water or outside. Note: the remote is only splash-proof. Do not immerse it into water.
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