TestMarket - Go! Shop Now for the Lowest Prices - Bluefair Breast Pump - Exclusive Promotion!

Go! Shop Now for the Lowest Prices - Bluefair Breast Pump - Exclusive Promotion!

Jan 14, 2024 04:17 pm
Go! Shop Now for the Lowest Prices - Bluefair Breast Pump - Exclusive Promotion!
Brand Name: bluefair
Category: Electric
Seller Name: Woot
Rating: 4.80
Total Rating Count: 174
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Get the exclusive Bluefair Breast Pump at an unbeatable price! With 3 modes and a hands-free design, this wearable breast pump is perfect for breastfeeding moms. Save big with a discount of $65.00 and a savings of $130. Don't miss your chance to score this limited-time offer. Shop now and enjoy extra savings today!

Content: This is a very nice wearable breast pump. It’s comfortable, and easy to clean the parts. The parts are dishwasher safe, however we always hand wash them by soaking them in warm soapy water and scrubbing with a sponge. I like that the flanges fit both on the inside and outside of the funnel, like it has a lip that goes around it as well as inside and it kinda snaps onto it. Which creates a good seal. They’re very lightweight. Have a powerful suction, and the motor is very quiet. I’m surprised how quiet they are. It’s easy to switch between suction modes and strength as well. They fit into my bras pretty good. One thing that was cool that came with these was a flange sizing guide, it’s like a card that lets you measure and see what size you need. Unfortunately it looks like I need a bigger size, 27mm and I cannot find that size flange just by itself from this store. I can get a 27mm size but I’d have to buy the whole collector cup and all of the parts to get it which I don’t need. It would be nice if they offered different sized flanges alone especially since they include a sizing guide and everyone needs a different size, it can really make a difference with production. Overall though this is a very good pump and very handy to have!
Title: Like it
Content: I just recieved and used my pump for the 1st time. It is AMAZING!! I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I have 3 other pumps I've been using since baby was born 5 months ago and nothing was working for us. To many parts. Having to be plugged in all the time. Strapped down. Having to use wires and different bras. This pump is a game changer. The suction is strong. The battery is lasting awhile. The charger matches my phone so even easier! I recommend this pump to every momma now.
Title: mom cozy dupe
Content: I usually don’t do reviews BUT This is the best pump I’ve tried so far. I just had my newborn I’ve had engorged breast so painful. This has settings to massage and suction different modes and speeds based off of your preference. The box came looking a little sketchy but it’s definitely worth what I paid. Manual pumping takes too long but with this pump you can literally handle your daily activities while pumping for your baby.also parts are easy to clean and easy to put back together. Def invest in this.
Title: I recommend recommending
Content: This is so much better than any other breast pump I’ve used. It is convenient, easy to use and affordable. I charged them once and used them for a couple weeks before needing to recharge. They fit easily in a nursing bra which made for a great hands free option. Also, I didn’t get sore from using them like I have with other pumps. Over all, great product for the price! Just make sure you read the instructions and LEAN FORWARD while pumping! Otherwise you’ll end up crying over spilled milk.
Title: Good products worth recommending
Content: I appreciate that I am able to pump and still move around freely. I simply tuck this into my nursing bra and it stays in without falling out. Pump was very easy to set up and does not have too many parts to clean. I am able to pump in the same room as my baby when she is sleeping without waking her. It is comfortable and does not cause any pain. I appreciate that the controls are easy to use and read. I use this as a second pump, but it would also work well as my main one
Title: Breast Pump
Content: This tool was used by me during a variety of everyday tasks, ranging from working at my computer to doing chores around the house. The design that did not require me to use my hands was extremely liberating, as it enabled me to multitask effectively without sacrificing the quality of the pumping experience. The 24mm size was just right for me in terms of comfort and meeting all of my requirements. It is my opinion that the user-friendly interface of this breast pump is what sets it apart from others. Real-time information on the pumping session was shown on the intelligent display. This information included the mode and volume that were chosen. For my comfort and milk flow, the three modes and twelve levels gave me a personalized experience that was matched to my preferences. This exceptional degree of control is a characteristic that stands out, since it guarantees that the pump will adjust to the specific requirements of each unique user. Because of the novel Anytime Pause option, I feel obligated to bring it to your attention. Because of this function, I am able to interrupt the pumping session whenever it is most convenient for me, which facilitates flexibility in my hectic schedule. In light of the unpredictability that comes with parenthood, this is a clever touch that fits in well.

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  • 👶3 Modes & 12 Levels Breast Pump-The wearable breast pump electric has 3 modes. The mouth structure design mimics the baby's natural sucking method, and the Electric Portable Breast Pump offers up to 12 levels to optimize milk production in a shorter time, providing moms with more choices and comfort to do breast pumping.
  • 👶Anytime Pause Function hands-free breast pump - The memory function helps auto shut off every 30 minutes, without overpumping. Also, you can pause at any moment, making breast-pumping easier.
  • 👶Breast Pump Hands Free-The Electric breast pump frees your hands,allowing you to enjoy every moment with family or friends. Made of plastic and soft food-grade silicone, they are easy to install or remove for cleaning.
  • 👶Smaller & Quieter-Our portable breast pump extractor is small and lightweight, designed with an LCD screen. Reduced motor noise was lower than 40dB when using, without the mom worrying about disturbing the baby's sleeping.
  • 👶Breast Pump Set-Our breast pump kit included 1×Packing Box,2×Breast Pump,2×Type-C Cable,1×Manual,6×Breastmilk Storage Bag and 2×Bra Adjustment Buckle. The adjustable buckle of the bra makes it easy to put it in a breast pump hands free. We provide great after-sale service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about breast pumps.Thank you!
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