TestMarket - Limited-Time Discounts - 1000W Small Space Heaters for Indoor Use - PTC Ceramic Personal Heater

Limited-Time Discounts - 1000W Small Space Heaters for Indoor Use - PTC Ceramic Personal Heater

Jan 14, 2024 03:22 pm
Limited-Time Discounts - 1000W Small Space Heaters for Indoor Use - PTC Ceramic Personal Heater
Brand Name: Pereysi
Category: Electric Space Heaters
Seller Name: Pereysi
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 113
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Claim Yours Now! Discover Exciting Discounts on our 1000W small space heaters for indoor use. This PTC ceramic personal heater is perfect for keeping you warm and cozy. With overheating protection, it ensures your safety. May Sell Out Soon, so don't miss your chance to grab it at the New Price of 18.68$. Enjoy a discount of 15.00$. Save big on your purchase and save 3.31$. Shop now and stay warm!

Title: small, works well, great price
Content: I originally bought the big brother of this one - 1,500 watts, digital. But as I and others wrote, when the temperature setting is hit with that one, it goes into fan mode, and blows cold air. Not good. This one, when it hits the temp setting, it turns off. No fan. I like the idea of a digital control and thermostat. But not having the fan blowing is more important than digital control. Also, we use it mainly in a 1/2 bathroom that's like 30sf, and the 750/1,000 watts is PLENTY of heat for that small room. I think it would work for a room up to 100sf, maybe more. The size is great also for a small space. We'll see how long it lasts, but after a few weeks...we are very happy with it.
Title: Great heater
Content: I love this heater! It’s so small and it gets the job done as well as my larger space heaters. I highly recommend. There is noise but it’s not a big deal for me because I find it soothing. But for some people it might be a tad loud.
Title: Excellent little heater!
Content: I usually forget to write reviews but I wanted to make sure to leave one for this product. It is small but mighty! It has been perfect for under my desk in my cold office! I recommend this little heater.
Title: Warms me up!
Content: I bought this as a desk top heater....I work in a chilly room. It works well! Nice size.
Title: Best portable heater
Content: Love this portable heater, perfect size for my office for placing it on top of my desk . Heats very well and am very happy that it has the shut off safety when tipped over. Light weight but very good quality, easy to move around. Over all Quality is great!
Title: Small and powerful
Content: There are two aspects that keep this very apt heater from 5 stars. The main one is the thermostat, for me a total bust. While the thermostat dial, like others I have had, will be positioned in accordance with ambient temperature, it has yet to do its main function: turn off the heater when a warmer temperature it reached. I'm sure at SOME point it will turn off, but its sensitivity is way off. As a result I have to reach under my desk and manually control it. The other lesser concern is the amount of noise it makes, surely a result of having a powerful fan. Since I use it in a contained space, a weaker fan would actually be better. One doesn't usually buy a small heater to heat larger spaces, but alas, this one is absolutely capable of heating larger spaces, like the more common small box fans that are about double its size and have a higher wattage. The typical 3-power setting small electric heaters are 600/900/1500 watts. This one is 700/1000. I never used 1500 on other heaters, as I've always used them in combination with central heating, or for the bathroom when coming out of the shower. This one for me would easily replace those larger and pricier ones, though when on sale, a popular large national retailer --also with online ordering-- (can we use names of other brands?) regularly puts a slightly more capable small heater on sale a bit cheaper than this one. And having had theirs, its thermostat worked as expected!

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  • 【Advanced Personal Heater】: The unit is a compact, ceramic-element space heater. Great for middle, small personal spaces such as in an office (under your feet while you work), or a bedroom. Different settings give varied amounts of heat and give users much more control over their personal comfort.
  • 【Thermostat Control】: An easy-to-use adjustable thermostat is built into the small heater. The thermostat keeps it comfortably warm and saves you money on heating bills in the winter. Lightweight and easy to use. Gives an adequate amount of heat as a small unit used in a normal size bedroom.
  • 【3 Operating Modes】: There are three modes, Natural wind, Low heating 700W, and High heating 1000W. You can regulate the temperature easily. With strong heat output, you can feel the warmth immediately. Low wattage space heaters are more economical than high-wattage ones and don't overload circuits.
  • 【Advanced Safety】: Overheat protection and an enhanced tip-over switch ensures this space heater shut off instantly in any unsafe situation. Safety fall-over feature is a must. Automatically turns the unit off if overturned or lifted.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】: Has an attractive look, and is easy to carry with a built-in handle. The little heater is a compact size for travel and is very cute. Small but powerful, noise is not intrusive. No need to worry about the fan sound keeping you awake. Great for home, office, bedroom, and under desk use. Dimensions: 5.51” x 3.94” x 7.59”.
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