TestMarket - 🔥 Limited Time Offer! Electric Scooter with 6% Off - Save 14£! 🛴

🔥 Limited Time Offer! Electric Scooter with 6% Off - Save 14£! 🛴

Apr 07, 2024 04:36 am
🔥 Limited Time Offer! Electric Scooter with 6% Off - Save 14£! 🛴
Brand Name: iScooter
Category: Electric Scooters
Seller Name: LiXueDianZi
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 394
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Discover Exciting Discounts on iScooter i9 Electric Scooter for adults with 30km Range, Double Braking System, and APP control. Grab this Limited-Time Specials deal now and get an exclusive 6% discount. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save 14£ on the original price of 239.99£. Hurry, claim yours now before it's gone!

Title: Great price for a E-Scooter
Content: This scooter is probably one of the best budget-friendly e scooters out there. It'll get you from A to B however, if it is on hills, maybe slower but with a rough speed of 6-8mph depending on the hill, it'll get things done. The sturdiness of the scooter is very reliable, at first i thought when i went onto a rocky pathway I felt that the scooter wheels was going to break however it was able to manage it. Highly recommend this product!
Title: Illegal to use but great fun
Content: DISCLAIMER... Except on private land, with the land owner's permission, there is no where this product can be used legally. If you use it in public you risk being stopped by the police, fined, getting points on your licence and having the scooter impounded. OK, you know where you stand, legally. This thing is more fun than anything has a right to be, just spend a little time on slow speed, getting used to the handling first. I'm 6ft and 95kg. This thing zips me along, on the level, at 15mph. It won't go faster downhill, because it's limited, but it does struggle with inclines, a bit like me lol. Ride is more than a little harsh over uneven surfaces. You'll notice jolts from uneven pavements and run the risk of losing fillings on cobbles. This has rear suspension, bent knees are more effective though. There are plenty of other down-sides. It's not waterproof, anything more than a light shower could be a problem. I've no idea how easy or difficult it is to change brakes but they are very effective from new and the fittings look to be well manufactured, using Allen key fittings. Welds look surprising professional. Securing this is another issue. The wheel spaces are too narrow to get anything robust through and securing it anywhere else might be best achieved with a close fitting U-lock around the frame, coupled with a chain to secure it, via the U-lock, to an immovable object. Ultimately, at under £250 (Amazon offer), this is a lot of fun as long as you accept the risks. It seems well made and robust (in the dry) to last. UPDATE After a year of use, this has coped very well. Well made, it only shows signs of day-to-day wear and tear. Tyres are hardly worn and brakes are as effective as the day it was delivered. I've ridden this in most weather conditions and the lack of waterproof rating hasn't been a problem. Best advice I can give us to wear a fade mask when riding, to filter out a bit of traffic pollution and so the police can't readily identify you unless they actually catch you riding. Probably the best spur-of-the-moment purchase I've made on Amazon.
Title: Scooter
Content: This Scooter is fantastic, well designed Value for money I would recommend this
Title: EXCELLENT SCOOTER for 5weeks lol front tyre broke
Content: Excellent delivery time ,excellent customer service at the beginning until there was a fault the front motor wheel stopped turning to the right after 4-5weeks just would not turn right lol -FIONA sent new tyre but sent a air filled one (wrong tyre) i closed my bank account about week after i bought this due to opening a account elsewhere as didnt like my old bank,anyway long story short -seller wanted me to send it to Germany for repairs so we came to an agreement-i find repair locally they refund £75 to buy new motor wheel -its now May and amazon just helped me get my £75 as seller point blank refused to refund to gift card and didnt seem ro understand ny problem ,they kept saying see a professional for your account problem???😆my Amazon account is fine , as i had no other option due to closed bank account,trying to get my refund done correctly via bank transfer or gift card was like pulling teeth🙄 its a good basic scooter-it cannot handle hills it struggles alot on just short hills, top speed 18mph Tops no faster- -App MINIROBOT is brilliant to keep track of it, great app- fiona was very nice and accommodating at the beginning once i needed repair it went downhill from there, disregarded the terrible fiasco i had trying to get help lets talk about the scooter - super easy to assemble toolkit is inside your scooter bag and comes with tools needed to fix handlebars in place- Knuckle to put upright is sturdy and a push up clip in style to secure your bar in place- it will struggle on hills but its a basic scooter so you expect that- smooth riding experience with shock absorbers in the rear underneath helping alot- no noise while driving no rattling etc a smooth comfortable ride- i put clear vinyl wrap over my control panel to keep the rain out, brakes were amazing but after 8 weeks started to loosen ,i tightened them which helped a great deal- do not charge it as soon as you get home ,wait an hour to allow batteries to cool down they use 18650 lithium batteries same as my vape batteries,so i no how to handle batteries due to vaping the same ones ,another thing to bear in mind is after average 6weeks your brakes may feel looser thats just them been broken in but theres two little notches -one on the brake lever one on rear wheel make sure there both as tight as they'll go to ensure safe braking-check them regularly as they do loosen themselves, I dont use cruise control i use sport mode at all times cruise control is ok for longer journeys- its a fantastic wee basic scooter for £284 i would definitely recommend this one over the i9 standard one ,but if you run into major problems be prepared for a lengthy frustrating help support, had amazon not stepped in i was getting the same response from fiona on a daily- The rear mudguard needs upgraded the mudguard on this is terribly flimsy and one knock can mangle it, always be aware of the mudguards fragile frame, i knowledged myself on how to tighten brakes and do small repairs with my first scooter years ago so came in useful when i ran into brakes not responding,knowledge yourself if buying a scooter as you will at some point need a repair that can easily be done yourself, i have managed to fix get my front wheel repaired by a neighbour,or it was rendered useless- overall i rate this scooter for price paid 8/10 - if it handled hills better snd mudguard was more durable id give it a 10/10 ,customer service was my biggest gripe im just glad Amazon helped and i don't need to worry anymore about contacted the company - Amazon are amazing customer service
Title: No issues so far! Great scooter. Fast delivery. My Son is very happy
Content: Great looking scooter, good speed and brakes. Battery life is pretty good. Fast delivery & arrived ready to go. My son has had it for 2 weeks so far, no issues to report. He’s very happy with his purchase.
Title: Great purchase
Content: I wasn't expecting it to be so heavy, but it is an extremely great Scooter. It has lights and a very good brake. Sturdy, well made and well worth the money.

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  • 【Outstanding Battery & Powerful Motor】 Our solid tires electric scooter with 350W motor and 36V 7.5AH battery, capable of covering a maximum distance of 30km on a single charge.Equipped with advanced intelligent battery management system: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, abnormal temperature.
  • 【3 Sport Modes】 IScooter new upgrade i9 electric scooter adults has 3-speed modes to meet different needs. Pedestrian mode is limited to about 6 km/h, up to 15 km/h in second gear and 25 km /h in third gear. And can also adjust the cruise control, which allows you to reach a set speed without having to constantly twist the accelerator.
  • 【Smart KCQ Scooter APP】 Download the free KCQ APP (iPhone and Android) to control the e electric scooter at any time by connecting to Bluetooth. Including the outstanding feature of locking/unlocking the scooter at the touch of a button, start mode (zero startup or non-zero startup), power off, light on/off, gear position, cruise control, mileage, battery level detection and vehicle self-test, etc.
  • 【Dual Brake Safe System】 Adult electric scooter adopts machine drum brakes and electric brakes to provide higher safety and more stable braking. And the electric scooters for adults are equipped with headlights and taillights, and the brakes will be accompanied by flashing taillights, which will make short-distance way safer, worthy of your trust.
  • 【Light & Small Folding Design】 One-step folding operation in 3 seconds, weighs only 26 pounds, light and small. You can move across cities, campuses, and offices with ease.It can be put into the trunk of the car when driving, providing convenience for you and your family's travel and happiness.
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