TestMarket - Exclusive Promotion: LE Camping Lantern - Limited Time Discounts up to 36% Off!

Exclusive Promotion: LE Camping Lantern - Limited Time Discounts up to 36% Off!

Apr 06, 2024 08:53 pm
Exclusive Promotion: LE Camping Lantern - Limited Time Discounts up to 36% Off!
Brand Name: Lighting EVER
Category: Electric Lanterns
Seller Name: Lepro UK
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 41754
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Selling Out Fast! Shop Now for the Lowest Prices on the 1000 Lumen Camping Lights Battery Powered. Dimmable Warm White and Daylight Modes perfect for Power Cuts, Emergency Lighting, Hiking, Fishing, Tents, and more! Claim Yours Now and Save Big with a discount of 36.00£ and a total saving of 8.5£. Don't Miss Out on this Limited-Time Promo - Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Title: Excellent lantern. Powerful and flexible lighting.
Content: An excellent lantern for around the house, in the garden or great outdoors camping. This one is powered by three D cell batteries, not included. You can use any D cell rechargeable or ready charged disposables. The lantern is fairly light although it seems quite robust and well made. It is very bright at 1000 lumens, and it does seem to achieve this. There are four settings selected by repeated presses of the button on the side. Bright white, Warm white ( a light amber, useful for in a tent or small room as its more comfortable) All LEDs on (bright white plus the warm white, and flashing for a possible warning signal. The bright white and warm white settings are dimmable. Unlike one reviewer has stated, you do NOT have to cycle through the settings to turn it off. Once it has been on a setting for a few seconds, one press of the button turns it off. The hanging handle is solid enough and there is a small folding hook so that it can be hung from the base as well. The opaque shade can be removed with a quick twist to allow uninterrupted light from the clear dome which protects the multiple LEDs. It can be fiddly to remove and refit the battery cover on the base, not too much of a concern though. The LEDs last the lifetime of the lamp. I have never had one go as they last for thousands of hours, well beyond average or heavy use. Battery life, like all LED products, is very good running for hours on a fresh set. This of course depends on the quality of your batteries. All in , an excellent buy. Useful for power cuts, evenings in the garden, great camping light in or out of the tent (no fire risk) Fishing or just for the shed. This battery one is a great price as the latest one has built in rechargeables but at greater cost.
Title: Excellent lantern for power cuts / blackouts
Content: Excellent brightness (not dazzling,) with a good 360 degree beam, dimmable, sturdy, certainly not lightweight - but not too heavy either. It has a nice solid feel that won't be knocked over easily. I'm very pleased with this lantern as it very clearly lights up each medium sized room that I've tried it in extremely well in the dark. I plan to only use it during a blackout as I calculated that it would be expensive to frequently replace even the cheapest of batteries - and not very environmental, although disposable batteries can still be recycled in most supermarkets. Having batteries stored in a safe battery case (most batteries have a shelf life of 10 years,) is a guaranteed way of having light during blackouts or an emergency. I also bought a few rechargeable lanterns of a similar style (they're much more lightweight by the way,) incase of blackouts, but mainly so I can use the rechargeable versions each evening to save on electricity bills. ( I use a solar panel attached to power banks, then use the stored energy in the power banks to recharge the rechargable lantern versions.) The problem I find with the rechargeable lantern versions though is they usually need recharging every 3-5 hours - which is fine if there's one or two backup lanterns to use whilst the other is recharging, electricity available, or enough power stored in a power bank to recharge them - but what if there isn't? That's why I bought this battery powered version and spare D batteries, (it can't be used with rechargable batteries unfortunately,) as a guaranteed way of having light during a power cut if the other recharargeable lanterns run out of power first. I find it difuses more light in the room with the lampshade detached. I like it placed on top of a sturdy and tall cabinet as an uplighter, (it's softer on my eyes being placed above my eye level and the light is not glaring down on me either as it would be if it's hung on the ceiling with the hook on the bottom,) and it still lights up the entire room very clearly and beautifully sitting securely on top of my cabinet with the lampshade detached as an uplighter - even on the soft warm setting. The button is easy to press and it's very simple to use. I would definitely recommend this lantern.
Content: The lamp has three options, Bright for moving in the Dark, Amber for internal lighting and power reduction for quick search. Well thought out.
Title: Blinded all my friends
Content: "Oh my life". Is what my friends exclaimed as they shielded their retinas from my new lantern. I can only explain this as an incredibly bright light. Most people claim their lamps are XX Lumens, but this must be close to it's actual claim. Even my "tactical" torch struggles to light an area up as well. The lamp can be operated in a few modes - Burning eyes, Soft light, warm glow and epilepsy mode. The diffuser can also be removed on top to cast the light in a wider pattern, but you probably want to keep the top on. The handle is magnetic so doesn't hang lose and keep clanking into the lantern, and can be used to hang upright, or use another small inset hook on the base to hang upside down. it's nice and weighty, but not too heavy to hang from a standard tent roof (The bottom clip is designed for this very purpose) Oddly one evening the battery compartment got warm when it was in it's box. Re-seating the batteries stopped this from happening again but it was a little concerning. The battery compartment can also be a bit fiddly -especially in the dark, and you will want to make sure it's really tightened properly to ensure it remains rain proof. I have also used this in the rain with no obvious side effects. This was definitely worth the money and left my friends envious of their rubbish choices in lanterns. I have used it several times now, but with it being LED I can't comment on battery life as it will just suddenly die. It takes 3 D batteries. My only complaint is that the power button blinks green every few seconds. Fantastic for finding it in a dark tent, not so much for trying to sleep. Bring some electricians tape and mask it over!
Title: Great for camping or emergency lighting
Content: I was looking for a replacement to my 10+ yr old camping/emergency lights and was impressed by the size and design. According to the many reviews the light output was great, the size right sized and etc., we all know the typical write up, I decided to try them so I ordered 4, two for the house and two for camping, they arrived quickly, were very well packed as expected. I liked the feel of the light, nice solid feeling weight even without the batteries. The controls are very easy to figure out and was anxious to try them out do when it got dark, I loaded the batteries and then tried one indoors and outside. One light inside in the living room area, approx. 15 X 25 ft was completely illuminated the light no matter which setting I used. the light so good then even the half bath off the living room was illuminated enough to use. The back yard was like daytime almost and even when i moved to the parking area, I live in a townhouse, the light was able to illuminate the area very well, approx. 20 parking stalls. I like the soft light setting, more of a relaxing light rather than the very bright white light. I whole heartedly recommend these lights, they are simple to use, they can hang upside down or set on a flat surface, produce a good clear light and they did not get hot to the touch, ( i only had them on for a couple of hours).
Title: Good quality lamps
Content: Good price for this product. Takes a lot of batteries 6 total. Large D the light is good and strong. Product looks of good quality. Bought to have when power goes out or in the back yard when we have fires.

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  • 【Ultra Bright Camping Light】 1000 lumen brightness along with 360° beam angle, this camping lantern can easily light up a dark room during power cuts or an entire tent when camping.
  • 【12-240 Hours Long Battery Life】Brightness adjustable, LE camping lights can last 12 hours on full brightness and 240 hours on lowest. Perfect for long-time use like power outage or outdoor camping.
  • 【Dimmable & 4 Light Modes】LE camping tent light has 4 modes to choose: daylight (700lm), warm white (300lm), mixed light (1000lm) and flashing (1000lm). Short press the button to select modes and long press to adjust the brightness.
  • 【Battery Powered, Convenient to Use】Powered by 3pcs D batteries (not included), this camping lantern is available anytime, not need to wait for a few hours’ charging time.
  • 【Water Resistant】Good for outdoor activities in light rain or snowy day. IPX4 waterproof rating means this battery lantern is protected against splashing water from all angle.
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