TestMarket - INTASTING Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

INTASTING Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

Jan 12, 2024 05:49 pm
INTASTING Gooseneck Electric Kettle.
Brand Name: intasting
Category: Electric Kettles
Seller Name: WETASTING
Rating: 4.50
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Title: High quality well made and functional ketle
Content: The kettle is fast to boil and the spout is very well designed allowing for precise pour control. The settings are straightforward and easy to use and the kettle is well made.
Title: Very pleased
Content: I bought this to replace a Chefman that did not have temperature presets or a temperature hold, and I wasn’t ready to invest in the similar pot for $135. The gooseneck style makes pouring smooth and safe — no splashing. The kettle comes with virtually no instructions, so you have to sort of poke around to figure out the controls, but they are easy enough. We love the dial for controlling water temperature to our specifications, and the temperature hold is proving useful. I bought the blue kettle, and it looks amazing with my blue cabinets. The copper knobs look upscale. The only thing I don’t love is that the handle is fake wood. It feels fine to the touch, and looks fine until you’re right up on the pot. We love it, and the Chefman is being demoted to the guest room.
Title: Functional and stylish at a great price point
Content: I think that this is a great kettle. Lots of great stuff with this little guy. What you want to know: Possible Cons? It is small and it doesn't hold a ton of water, if you have a troop... and they all want a water heated.... something... anymore than 2 mugs you're going to be refilling and reboiling. But because it is small it does heat up water pretty fast, so there's a bit of give and take on that one. And I will agree with some of the other reviews that the branding on both the kettle AND the base is unnecessary and cheapens it a bit ascetically. That and the copper paint quality is a little on the cheap side too.. show stopper? No, but if Intasting gave a clean base with a less cheap looking knob it would be hard to have stuff to critic as far as the looks go. That's really it when it comes to the negatives on this for me. So what works and why do I like it? Temp control works like it should (maybe not to the true degree but its consistent), it heats up quickly, the hold temp setting is a great feature if your like me a walk away from the kettle because you got distracted by your dog again, and it looks fantastic! The green, wood grain, and copper really work together in a very non pretentious kind of way. I will say that the gooseneck is taking me a second to get used to, and sometimes when I just want to make some tea and don't need the precision for a pour-over its a bit annoying.. but it does force me to slow down and actually take part in the process which I am learning to enjoy. When it comes down to it, the Pros far out weigh the Cons... I think that this is a great alternative to something like Fellow's Stag gooseneck kettle and at less than half the price. Its nothing but win wins over here. Highly Recommend.
Title: I love the look of it and it's easy to use.
Content: The gooseneck is great for precise control, but it's also slow so you can't be impatient with it. There aren't very informative instructions but it's pretty intuitive so that's not really necessary for most people. The lid doesn't seal, so tipping too far will cause it to leak out. The lid also has a vent, so I'd recommend turning the vent to be near the handle to prevent much spilling if you tip too far. Make sure not to get the connector at the bottom wet, and if you do, dry it VERY well before using again or you might break it - that goes for any electric kettle. The gooseneck is so thin I worry it might break off so I've been very careful with it, but it feels sturdy enough. It can be cleaned with a straw brush when descaling. The opening at the top is just big enough to get a medium sized hand in to clean it. The bottom of it on the inside is not flat; the center is raised, so if your hand is too big to fit inside, not all reach sponges will work. Overall though, I'm happy with it and its easy of use and precise temperature controls. I also like that I can make it keep hot for a while so I don't need to pour right away to get the right temperature.
Title: Great For Tea or Pourover
Content: Love this kettle. It’s sleek & beautiful, but still has every feature I need. Being able to adjust the temperature was really important to me for different types of tea, and this kettle made it so easy. I love that it came with easy, natural descaling instructions as well. The gooseneck spout is perfect for pour overs. Really love this thing, use it every day multiple times a day!
Title: Worth the money
Content: I haven't had this little kettle for very long, but it works great! It's quick, pretty accurate on temperature, and it pours beautifully. It's just what's needed for my tea. I will say that you can't wash the outside in water because the heating implement is built into the pot. The platform doesn't get hot like a hot plate. It just kind of plugs into the kettle and then the base of it heats the water. That wasn't clear in the description. Definitely don't fill it above the max. But the inside can be cleaned with vinegar and water according to the instructions. I haven't had to clean mine of course, using only filtered water in it. It's quick, easy to use, and efficient. And I really like that the temperature can be adjusted in 1 degree increments. Provided it lasts a long time, I would say it's worth the price for sure.

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  • ±1℉ Temperature Accuracy - The intelligent base's built-in temperature control program. The program will adjust the heating power when the water temp approaches the desired temp according the temp probe detects the temp change.
  • 0.65mm Gooseneck Spout - Due to the water flow speed directly affecting the flavor and taste of pour-over coffee, we designed a unique fine gooseneck spout. It is easier and more friendly to control the water flow speed during make pour-over coffee.
  • Temp Hold Function - The kettle will automatically switch to "HOLD" mode when the water reaches the right temperature, keeping it there until we're ready to pour over the coffee. The maximum holding time is 2 hours.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Inner - Every surface that your water contacts is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. 100% BPA-free. Provide you with pure and healthy water.
  • Brew Stopwatch - With the built-in exact stopwatch, you can check the brew time on the screen at any time to adjust the rhythm of pour over coffee. After counting down for three seconds, the stopwatch will begin to run at zero.
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