TestMarket - Unlock Exclusive Savings on The Tablets of Light: The Teachings of Thoth - Limited-Time Promo!

Unlock Exclusive Savings on The Tablets of Light: The Teachings of Thoth - Limited-Time Promo!

Jun 15, 2024 07:23 pm
Unlock Exclusive Savings on The Tablets of Light: The Teachings of Thoth - Limited-Time Promo!
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Title: Five Stars
Content: This excellent book works on many levels and was just what I was waiting for. Not disappointed.
Title: Compelling and transformative giving rise to meaningful, personal insights ...
Content: Compelling and transformative giving rise to meaningful, personal insights. Chapter by chapter I am more awake, connected and listening to what is going on in my life. It has increased my self-awareness. This 2018 publication has inspired me to step up and do the inner work here and now and not just read about it. Taking the time to experience this book and all it offers continues to be a positive and worthwhile commitment to self.
Title: Great read
Content: Interesting content and easy to read
Title: Will blow your mind, quite literally! ;)
Content: I was drawn to this book because of interest in the Emerald tablets. The book is 'encoded' so that you are receiving energy and information as you read it. I certainly noticed this! There was most definitely a download going on and I trust what the book says that each individual picks up as much as is appropriate for them at that stage and no more than they can handle. The energy of this book is phenomenal and my partner could feel it when I walked into the room with the book - before I even handed it to him! It's probably too far out for most and there are only a handful of people I can share this amazing book with but I am going to do so! :)
Title: Good book
Content: It's a well explained and easy to understand i really recommend it. It gives clear examples that every one can relate to
Title: Incredible synchronicities have happened to me with direct connections to ...
Content: Incredible synchronicities have happened to me with direct connections to this sacred text, starting with the reading of the preface. And I mean things that have challenged my linear, human mind. Here's an example: Cleaning up books, finding an old book I tried to read and understand (but couldn't) 15 years ago called "Handbook to Higher Consciousness", opening it and finding a slip of paper where I'd written "Stay in the present moment" ... Moments later, reading "The Tablets" that this is the time for your awakening... you will find within the Tablets that which you left there for yourself to find...then the very words I had written on that slip of paper within the words of the text ~ presence, presence presence I just see this quote now, as I'm sharing this with you: "It is all that you have left for yourself to find at this time and it is a joyful experience to share with another." Just one example of my time-defying experience. I've been reading one (or two) chapters a day aloud, giving integration time in between. Aloud ~ gets the kundalini going!!. I try to journal about the connections I'm having to it, so I can go back and remember these experiences. Now on Chpt 11, I've relaxed into a deep connection to this living text, to Thoth, to the Tablets. Thank you to Thoth & Danielle for writing this book, and all the others who find themselves unifying within these pages! I bought the e-book, but will order the print book as this is a keeper, and a loaner!

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