TestMarket - Discover Exciting Discounts: Functional Training and Beyond for the Ultimate Superfunctional Body

Discover Exciting Discounts: Functional Training and Beyond for the Ultimate Superfunctional Body

May 16, 2024 01:07 pm
Discover Exciting Discounts: Functional Training and Beyond for the Ultimate Superfunctional Body
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Title: Get inspired with Adam
Content: If you enjoy the Bioneer on YouTube and fancy a geek out about other functional training this is a great read - very broad. His passion for the subject is motivating and his humble Britishness is charming. Knows his stuff and level of discipline is inspiring.
Title: Prepare to open your mind and potential in all aspects of physical and mental potential
Content: I read the book in two days as I just wanted to explore more and more. Using the examples of super human feats of both physical and mental. The book highlights and gives the benifits/limitations of many types of training. It goes into the detail around how the mind and body work in a deep but clear way to the relate this to how we can become stronger and more agile whilst having the stamina to see things through to the end. On seeing things through to the make sure you finish the book as about 3/4 of the way through I couldn't think of how to program all this as it's so vast and varied but Adam does a good job of pulling it all together and suggesting how to find where is best for each individual reading. If you want to be told exactly how to do things in which order and by how much you are kind of missing the point of this book. It's about exploring ones potential and finding weak spots to strengthen to be a more rounded super functional human to In turn be able to handle more of lifes challenges and ultimately be ready for anything and enjoy it more in the process.
Title: Inspirational Body and Brain Exercise Ideas
Content: Anyone familiar with The Bioneer’s excellent YouTube channel will recognise much of what is contained in this book. Plenty of solid information on a broad range of exercises that can be used to inspire and develop your own personal fitness journey. I recently started lunging into the kitchen from my bedroom for coffee number one of the day and feel this attempt to wake myself up whilst strengthening knees and improving balance must have been inspired by some part of this book or perhaps an older video. If not outright stolen. Slow, gradual changes to my routines have definitely come from Adam’s work. For me though, the value of owning the book is mainly twofold: 1. My own increased ability to find the information I want through flicking through a book rather than fast forwarding through a few online videos. 2. The inclusion of 29 typographical errors in this first edition. The deliberate misspelling of real names, missing superscripts, flipped homophones and other sneakily included errors really adds to the book (and channel’s) partial focus on brain training. A nice added bonus brain building exercise!
Title: Covers a number of topics in fitness
Content: Not a manual for working out, but rather a Collection of ideas that will bring value to everyone who wants to enhance their fitness in general.
Title: A very interesting read
Content: Adam Sinicki aka "The Bioneer" on Youtube, is a very interesting fitness/training person and this book builds upon that. "Functional Training and Beyond" challenges the boundaries in what one can regard as fitness literature, but in a good way, by pushing the readers perception of training and fitness. This is not a book in the dime a dozen category of "do this and get fit in thirty days" but a proper read to digest in small amounts, at least I needed to stop and think about what I just read quite frequently. Highly recommended.
Title: excellent read
Content: I thoroughly enjoyed Functional training, it has given me many ideas to incorporate into my training program to keep it challenging and interesting. Adams Youtube channel is also excellent. Great stuff.

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