TestMarket - Your Exclusive Discount Awaits! BEBIRD R1 Ear Wax Removal Kits - Visible Earwax Cleaner, Canal Scope with Ear HD Camera

Your Exclusive Discount Awaits! BEBIRD R1 Ear Wax Removal Kits - Visible Earwax Cleaner, Canal Scope with Ear HD Camera

Jan 15, 2024 08:34 am
Your Exclusive Discount Awaits! BEBIRD R1 Ear Wax Removal Kits - Visible Earwax Cleaner, Canal Scope with Ear HD Camera
Brand Name: BEBIRD
Category: Earwax Removal
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Rating: 4.30
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Title: Easy set up, easy to use! Elderly approved
Content: Got this for my 71 year old mom who's been having trouble hearing out of 1 ear. I scanned the QR code in the instructions. It gives clear directions to use. Mom cleared a GIANT ear wax chunk. Cleared up the hearing issue. Totally worth the price. Camera is super clear!
Title: Excellent
Content: This is definitely the best way to get that junk out of your ears. Comes with extra tips so perfect for a whole family. Connecting it to ur phone can be a little bit confusing.
Title: Gift for husband
Content: My husband has been saying he wanted one these. So he used it right away. It’s cool, seems to work well so far. Good quality
Title: Coolest thing I've ever bought
Content: I was able to safely get all the wax out of my ear and I'm very impressed with the camera quality. I highly recommend this item
Title: Fixed 6 months of persistant inner ear blockage.
Content: Oh boy. This thing is worth every penny. i want to buy all of my friends one just o they have it when they need one as well. I hesitated before buying this thinking I wouldn't benefit from seeing in there. I also thought these things were too expensive for some reason... oh, wow was I misled. Please, If you have any inner ear discomfort, and pressure, any itching or swelling, just buy one. This one works exactly as intended. That said, if you are into the specifics of the product, it tends to overheat when used more than 5-10 minutes. It's battery life isn't much more than that anyway so not much of an issue over all. The battery also takes only 15 minutes or so to charge to a useful level again. It's a bit difficult to connect each time you use it but it isn't difficult by any means. The battery life was upsetting when I felt like I was getting somewhere with removing the issue. (I should explain that I had a hair growing into my eardrum that seemed to pierce it over a long time of growth.) Although having to wait was impatiently displeasing, it also served as a moment to pause as these procedures can be draining. I noticed that each time I returned, I was slightly more agile and capable in working with the device's particular orientations. Of which, by the way, might require a NASA certified piloting program to operate effectively. In short, the device is just as good as it needs to be and I am happy with my purchase. One additional thought of interest and warning. my particular situation required me to... alter... the device to allow for more... grabbing... capabilities. I do not encourage or condone altering the device for any particular purpose but if you are looking for a solution that includes the ability to 'pull' anything out of your ear, this one is not it. The scooping mechanism is sufficient for removing debris and build up I would imagine though.
Title: Works wonders BUT I wish it came with ear drops too
Content: The product is a masterpiece. Never have I seen something as handy, easy to use and efficient as this. HOWEVER you should be very mindful while using it as in you could damage the inside of your delicate ears. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure you have ear drops by your side because it is also needed to unclog the earwax. At least that was my experience.

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  • 1296P HD Ear Camera: Our visible ear cleaner features a high-definition ear camera with a camera module of only 3.5MM, almost the standards of a professional otoscope. It's amazing when you clearly see all the situations inside the ear.
  • 6 LED Chips Ear Light: We have carefully selected six led chips for the ear light, ensuring sufficient brightness while maintaining power consumption and temperature control, effectively illuminating the deep hole of the ear canal.
  • 2 Silicone Ear Spoons: The device is equipped with a detachable food-grade silicone ear spoon on the front to ensure safety and hygiene during earwax removal. Additionally, an extra silicone ear spoon is provided in the kit to prevent the cross-contamination of earwax when multiple people use the device.
  • Easy WiFi Connection: We've broken through the connectivity barriers between iOS and Android. With a simple WiFi connection, whether you're using an iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a tablet, you can easily connect to our device via our BEBIRD Application.
  • Smart Visual Ear Cleaner: BEBIRD patented R1 ear cleaner boasts an HD ear cam paired with an ear light. Through a high-speed WiFi connection, it transmits real-time 3 MEGAPIXEL stream to the Bebird application, making visual ear cleaning the new standard for ear care. Say No to 'Clean Ear By Feeling' about traditional metal ear spoons, cleaning problematic qtips, and burning ear candles. Furthermore, it supports photo and video recording, allowing you to send them to ear DR. for better ear care.
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