TestMarket - Discover Exciting Discounts: Ear Wax Removal Kit with Camera and Light - Limited Time Offer!

Discover Exciting Discounts: Ear Wax Removal Kit with Camera and Light - Limited Time Offer!

Jan 14, 2024 11:15 pm
Discover Exciting Discounts: Ear Wax Removal Kit with Camera and Light - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: AIFINI
Category: Earwax Removal
Seller Name: AIFI Camera
Rating: 4.40
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Title: Very useful!
Content: It took some practice to get used to controlling it to see what I needed to but it is super useful to see everything in your ear and get them super clean. Great image on the phone. Nice and clear. Not for use on little kids! Would be nice to have an attachment to be able to use it on kids though to confirm if they have an ear infection or if it’s something else bothering them in the middle of the night.
Title: Amazing little gadget, easy to use.
Content: I seldom write reviews unless I think a product is worthy of praise, or should be avoided. I read the reviews for the myriad of Chinese ear cleaner cameras, across the usual too-cheap-to-be-real to the exact same product at multiples of price. People have trouble with the hardware—the little silicon tips sliding off in their ear canal, the terrible chinglish software which won’t connect, or then wants you to approve connections that seem suspicious, and the electronic unreliability. This product seemed not to have any of those issues, so I decided to give it a try. I am a geezer who only has one functioning ear due to a birth defect, and has struggled with hearing life-long, with multiple infections and troubles with the good ear, culminating with age-related hearing loss in the past decade. I am also a physician with a research background who understands the anatomy and physiology of the ear, as well as the mechanics of dealing with physical problems, although not an ear doctor. Over the past few months I thought my hearing was getting worse, despite a hearing aid. So I decided to get a better look, and find a way to fix it before going to an otologist and spending silly sums for a new hearing device. This little gadget performed well for me. It charged up easily and quickly, and pairing it with the app across Wi-Fi went quickly and smoothly. It did not ask for extraneous permissions on iOS, and actually worked beautifully on a 12.9” iPad, giving clear imaging that surprised me. NOTE: it will require access to your camera/photos and Wi-Fi, because it connects by Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, and is a camera device. But it should not ask for other permissions. I discovered a huge tangled chunk of cerumin—that yellow wax our ear canals produce for protection, along with a couple of tiny beard hairs and dead skin cells defiantly blocking my eardrum. It actually resembled a fetal alien from a Ridley Scott Sci-Fi! The device along was not enough to dislodge and remove it, but fortunately, I had also ordered Debrox, the ear drops that help to soften and remove such an obstruction. And also the cleanright kit to use warm water and peroxide to soften the brick of ear gunk and flush it out. Success! I used the debrox to soften it, with several applications, and tried again with the little otoscope. Wouldn’t budge, and was becoming painful, with a little bit of blood seeping from the tenderest inner part of the canal. So I decided to soften it further and try flushing it out with the cleanright kit, warm water with diluted peroxide. After three bottles full, and more applications of debrox (another gentle peroxide agent to loosen and dissolve the dried chunk), it began to come out, in tiny bits of wax floating in the sink before me! Without all the pain. A couple more rounds of this procedure got 95% of it out, and my hearing was back to (geezerly) normal! Enough to sing along joyfully to Stevie Nicks! I could see my eardrum finally with the tiny camera. So, folks, be gentle on your ears, they are tiny delicate exquisite living instruments. But use the best non-doctor technology to keep them functioning well. Carbamide peroxide ear drops. Gentle ear flushing with diluted H2O2 in warm water, and this little gadget to observe the results. If your ear was impacted as much as mine was, this device alone will not fix it without traumatizing your ear canal, and possibly the delicate and sensitive drum. But if you want to save yourself a trip to the doctor, endless waiting in agony, and feel happy to have solved the problem yourself, give my approach a try. What would be a nice addition to this system: the ability to record or take photos within the app with a tap on the screen, to see over time the progress. Taking screenshots while one’s hands are delicately probing the ear is just not workable.
Title: Useful and easy
Content: An app is required in order to get the image on your phone, and this app is the only problem spot for the product. The app works well, but occasionally will fail to realize that the device and the phone are paired, and the app will therefore not stream the image. Aside from this, everything works perfectly. Picture quality is far better than I was expecting, too. The tool itself is narrow enough to easily fit into the ear with no discomfort. Do be careful, though, as you can easily cause permanent damage if you go too deep. I find this device to be a great way of checking inside my ears and deciding if I need to see a doctor about a blockage or if it's just a bit of wax that I can remove myself. One thing to keep in mind when reading reviews is that the company offers a $25 Amazon gift card for 5 star reviews. They also ask that you don't mention the gift card in order to be eligible. The product is good, but this kind of business practice just rubs me the wrong way.
Title: 3D hearing
Content: Don’t hesitate! Writing this 56min after delivery. This thing was easy, gentle and effective. Couldn’t lay down on my right side without losing hearing due to the amount of wax. And the discomfort/loss of sound sleep finally made me order in the middle of the night two days prior. After figuring out my angle of attack I got a pea sized blockage out in one swipe. Now I have 3D hearing! Definitely be slow and careful, the eardrum is remarkably closer than I thought it was. It was awesome seeing it unobstructed afterwards though!!! Don’t be like me and forget to start recording video/taking photos with the app. The powerful light gets a little warm but it’s not uncomfortable and the camera is crystal clear. I regret some purchases but this is not one of them.

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  • [1080P HD Camera] The earwax removal kit provides a 1080P HD camera and bright LED lights to illuminate the dark environment of the ear canal, helping you see a clearer picture in real time for a precise inspection and effective wax removal. Get used to how the otoscope feels in the ear canal the first time you use it, and move it gently and slowly.
  • [ All-In-One Ear Spoon Design] Given the problem of falling ear scoops in the market, we have optimized and improved the ear camera and wax remover by firmly fixing the camera and the ear scoop as one. Simplified installation steps and enhanced security avoid the risk of dropping the ear scoop into your ear. Do not use the product while charging.
  • [ 3 Kinds of Curved Soft Spoons ] The earwax cleaner camera has five highly flexible interchangeable silicone ear spoons. The clean earwax wifi visible wax removal spoon is made of soft silicone material and fits and cleans the ear comfortably. Please note that before each use, please tighten the silicone sleeve on the ear spoon to avoid scratching the ear canal.
  • [ Support Android & iOS Devices] Scan the QR code to download the "Suear" app. Press and hold the ear wax cleaner on/off button for 1~2 seconds to turn it on, connect the wifi "Suear -xxxx" and start using it. It is normal for the prompt "Network unavailable" to appear when connecting because it does not support networking.
  • [ Ear Wax Camera Kit ] Otoscope with light X 1, Type-C charging cable X 1, Silicone ear spoons X 6, Manual X 1, 8 pcs ear wax removal tool kit X 1.
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