TestMarket - Today Only! Act Fast - Boean Bluetooth Headphones - Save 52% Off!

Today Only! Act Fast - Boean Bluetooth Headphones - Save 52% Off!

Jan 14, 2024 08:05 pm
Today Only! Act Fast - Boean Bluetooth Headphones - Save 52% Off!
Brand Name: Boean
Category: Earbud Headphones
Seller Name: Xinhai Tech
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 6655
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Title: Great value headphones and excellent customer service
Content: I bought these headphones for the gym. The sound quality and battery life are great. These are perfect for the gym, stay on and pair easily. After a few months, they stopped holding charge and I contacted the company and they promptly worked with me to troubleshoot. When that didn't work, they expedited shipping a replacement. Very happy with these!
Title: Reliable, good range, good sound
Content: I was looking for headphones specifically for working out. I purchased this model back in 2019, and finally broke. Tried several completely wireless headphones from Samsung, Skull Candy, JLab, Jabra, in the $50-$80 price range. They either didn't stay put in the ears, or the sounded bad, had poor range, the touch control was frustrating... I finally decided to buy these cheap headphones again, and they are just such a great product! The sound quality is awesome, the buttons are so much easier and more reliable to use than the touch control, and the range is amazing. I might buy a couple of pairs more just in case they get discontinued...
Title: Best bang for your buck
Content: I hate earbuds, just to start. I ride a Peloton bike+ daily and needed a good set of earbuds (instead of headphones) to wear while working out. For the price, I thought I would try these out. I do like they clip over my ears so I don't have to worry about them falling out while riding. Plus it was very easy pairing them with my bike which I liked. However, they do not cancel out noise as well as I would like. Also, even though they are very clear in sound, they are not very loud and I sometimes catch myself straining to hear what the trainer is saying. But for $20, you can't go wrong with these. They do what they advertise.
Content: As the title of this review implies, these buds have actual physical buttons! That you can push! To turn them on, change a track, raise the volume (one button) or lower the volume (a different button). Anyone who has ever purchased buds knows the frustration of the connection process. Do you take them out of the case first? Should you connect/pair one, then the other? Keep them in the case, then remove once they're connected? Once the connection issues are resolved, and the buds are properly linked, then what? Are the included earpiece adapters the proper size? Are they comfortable? If not, does the manufacturer provide multiple options, or only the most "common" size? Okay. They're linked, they're reasonably comfortable, now it's time for that first sound test. You have a song you want to hear, or a song that you've used in the past to prove their merit, and presto! They either impress or disappoint. There's never any good enough. It's one or the other. Then, once they have passed muster or failed miserably, comes the movement check. Can you stand up? Sit down? Move around? Without them falling out? When you need to push them in or adjust them in any way do you accidentally change a track? Pause? Disconnect? The learning curve with new buds from a different manufacturer is typically steep and frequently frustrating. Bottom line: Did you get a good deal or not?! Here's the deal with these. Yes. They link. They sound terrific. They're light. They're waterproof. They have actual buttons!!!! You can push one and turn them on. There's a pleasant (in tone and volume) voice prompt to let you know what's going on. The buttons are appreciably out of the way (volumes are on top of the ear stem), so you can adjust the fit WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE, and the sound, yes, including the bass, is attention-getting. Oh. And they cost less than $20! Are you kidding me?? Will they last forever? Probably not. Are they good for phone calls? Don't know. Haven't tried that yet. Am I happy? Yes. So much so that I've purchased backups, in case the price goes up and as an inexpensive but totally no-way-embarrassing gift. Oh. That's another thing. These buds come with a carrying case! And a caribiner to carrry them with. Neither of these are noteworthy (especially the caribiner, which is ridiculously undersized), but they'll work unless/until you find something better. Bottom line: Happy. P.S. these buds come with multiple sizes of ear piece adapters, something else buds in this price category typically don't do. Another win! Did I mention that they sound great?!!
Title: Great for the value
Content: Bought this as a gift for my mom (57) and she really loved it. She is able to easily navigate through it. Good quality, great functionality, reasonable cost.
Title: Bad Bass and Plays Static From Left Ear
Content: I didn't really think it was possible for modern bluetooth headsets to still have the issue of playing the electrical sounds of the chip on the device through the speaker as interference but here we are. It's some of the worst I've ever heard. Extremely audible buzzing but only in the left ear for about 20 seconds and then it gets even worse by starting to do very tiny beeps just audible enough to annoy you to death. And that will last a few minutes until it starts to sleep. And the worst part about all of that is that it's not like that buzzing goes away when you're listening to something. If you're just listening to a podcast or something at reasonable volume you'll be forced to listen to static in your left ear. I can't say if this is how all of them are or if this one is particularly bad somehow, but either way it sucks. The actual audio quality is so so, it's not bad but they cranked the bass and not in a good way. All it really does is make the middle of my head feel like its vibrating while the rest of the music is pushed further way. Never really had this issue with any other pair of headphones so they must've gone pretty far with it. It's not the worst ever and can be nice if the song is mixed well enough, but eh. Overall not particularly satisfied but I don't feel like it's worth returning them. I wish it was just easier to find a decent pair of bluetooth headphones in this range. Though I will say the multipoint pairing works well which is difficult to find sometimes. It switches seamlessly from my PC to my phone without doing anything.

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  • [Stable Bluetooth V5.3 Connection] Adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology and superior acoustic component, ensures faster and more stable connection. Boean wireless headphones up to 30ft Bluetooth range in the open space and 10ft in the obstacles space.
  • [Up to 16 Hours of Playtime] Equipped with improved polymer lithium battery, bluetooth headphones delivers 16 hours of superior audio performance / talk time, which gives you excellent experience of long endurance.
  • [Ergonomic Design for Sports] Ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure fit that doesn’t protrude from your ears especially for Sports, Workout, Gym. Equipped with 4 pairs of ear caps to ensure your running headphones fit comfortably and noise cancelling in ear. Just move as you want.
  • [Stereo Sound Quality] Powered by 11mm dynamic driver and in-ear acoustic structure, wireless headphones present a powerful and wide sound range, which makes the treble full of dynamics and the bass powerful.
  • [IPX7 Waterproof] Rain, sweat, and water splashes all happen, so be ready with waterproof earbuds, which are rated at IPX7 to withstand liquids during strenuous exercise and all-weather conditions.
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