TestMarket - Enjoy Extra Savings Today! Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 40% Off!

Enjoy Extra Savings Today! Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 40% Off!

Jan 14, 2024 06:39 pm
Enjoy Extra Savings Today! Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 40% Off!
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Title: LIght, long lasting, great sound. Best earbuds I've come across thus far!
Content: I am very happy with these A16earbuds and so glad I found them and made this purchase! I have been using them for a few weeks now, and they blow away all the other true wireless earbud headphones I have ever used. And I’ve been through so many, since back to when they were tethered together with a wire that would hang down. I listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks, and practically live inside my earbuds all day while I’m working, so I need some hardware that I can count on and rely on. These are it! Fit: This is the best part for me. The A16 earbuds are so light, I can leave them in my ears for hours, and barely even notice them. I can keep them on throughout my 8 hour shift working my delivery contracts. I have some "other" headphones that have a bit of an icicle dangly bit that comes out of the bottom, and they never quite held steady, and would fall out of my ears all the time. I would have to switch the left and right ears, put them upside down so that the dangly bit went upward into my earlobe. This would keep them in much longer than how they were designed to be worn, but would cause discomfort after a couple hours, so I couldn’t wear them very long. The A16 stays put and doesn’t fall out at all! Even with some rigorous activity, jumping, moving, dancing around, shaking my head back and forth, running, jogging. They stay put, and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. These are the first wireless headphones like this that I havent had to concern myself with falling into the toilet when I’m reliving myself, getting lost accidentally as I’m out about in the world delivering around town, or disappearing into the trash while I’m cooking. It’s such a relief to have them stick in my ear. The little hooks fit so nicely into my lobe, its like the designers came and measured my ear personally and specially constructed them for me. I was skeptical about the fit and whether or not they would stay after so many other designs that would fall out so easily, and am gratefully pleased at discovering earbuds that truly do stay in my ears, even during exercise. I’ve never actually used the part that sticks into the earhole that comes with the buds. I usually get the bigger foam ones because that was the only way my other buds would stick in my ears. These are the first earbuds that I not only have kept on them (well, rather switched to the smaller ones of the 2 extra insets provided), but actually fit in my ear comfortably, and stay in position, so they don’t lose the sound quality like they usually would when adjusted even slightly. Its like a snug bug in a rug! Battery: The battery life is outstanding! I would get maybe 4 hours out of my other pairs. Which wasn’t long enough for how much I needed to use my earbuds So I carried multiple pairs with me at all times, taking up space in my pockets that really bugged me. The A16 made it through my entire 8 hour workday. And many multiple days when I was only using them for a couple hours a day. I still havent hit the “out of battery” message and having them power off by themselves, which is awesome. I am so excited that I’ve finally found earbuds that have a battery life that can outlast me. Then the case holds so much juice too! It has been a couple weeks, and I’ve only had to plug them in to recharge once. I love the indicators on the case too. Each bud has its own indicator, to see how much its charging. And a digital number display for the case itself, making it very clear how much charge it has left. Every time I put them back after a long wear, they only take up a small percentage of the battery life. And Wireless charging! Goes perfect with my new wireless charging station I just got recently. Use: The touch buttons on the side of the buds had a small learning curve, but once I got used to the different commands and how they are activated, I love how they feel. Quick double tap to play/pause, track back and forth, volume up and down, and assistant activation. I did find it helpful to hold them with two fingers, and touch the button from there. Sometimes I would hit the side of them and it wouldn’t register the touch because I’m hitting the wrong area. It’s everything you need for listening to whatever moves you. And way more than the other headphones I used, which only had on/off and play/pause. Pulling them out of the case connects with the Bluetooth on my phone effortlessly, and every time. I havent had an issue with the connectivity at all. Sound: The sound is really awesome on these buds. I’m a DJ, and I play deep bassy styles. I can clearly hear the lower ends much better than all my other headphones, and the highs are crisp and clear. Paired with sticking in my ears while I’m dancing and moving about, this is a winning pair! Podcasts and spoken word content is very clear as well. Its like I’m hearing it for the first time how it was intended after switching. You don’t notice how less quality something is, untill you experience something else of a higher caliber. I really noticed a difference from my other headphones after popping in these gems. Verdict: Bad ass, 10/10, Would highly recommend to anyone. Love how they fit, how long the battery lasts, and how they sound. Use them all the time. You would treat yourself to experience them!
Title: Very close to perfect
Content: I previously purchased the A12 model of these headphones. The ones I am reviewing are the upgraded A16. The A12s were pretty damn good except for one or two tings. They were very comfortable. They sounded amazing...both for music and phone calls. The only downside was that people told me they had problems hearing and or understanding me during phone calls sometimes. So I decided to just use the A12s for music while doing yard work and not use them for phone calls. So when the A16s came out and they were touted as being upgraded in all phases over the A12s...I was hesitant to give them a try. Maybe I just had a bad pair of A12s. Maybe I should give the A16s a chance. Then I saw that the A16s didn't have the over the ear loops. Which the A12s did and which is something I've always needed in earbuds. But for some reason, a little voice told me to go for it. So, obviously, I did. And am I glad I did. The A16s sound just as good(music and calls), if not even better than the A12s. The sound is clear and crisp...and the bass(my favorite part of music) is outstanding deep, and true. The volume is amazing. Every other headset or set of buds I've owned in the past, I've had to turn up almost all of the way just to get some normal level of volume. They are extremely comfortable and very lightweight. I've had them in for about 4 plus hours now and I can't even feel them. I forget I'm wearing them. As for the lack of ear loops for over the ear...I obviously don't miss them and I apparently don't need them with this new design. They stay in my ear even with my narrow ear canals. Not to say that you have to have narrow ear canals only for these to fit and stay on...they come with three different sized covers that are easily and quickly replaceable. Just in case anybody is wondering, the buds can be worn as a stereo set or individually. They are easily controlled by smooth, unobtrusive buttons, that give the buds a very sleek design look. The case they come in serves many purposes. First of all, it keeps the buds organized and safe. It also serves as a charging unit. The case itself has a battery in it. The case can either be charged via the included Type-C USB cable or using any QI wireless charger. The buds are charged by placing them in the case. This can be done either when the case is charged or if the case itself is charging by either of its means. These are features that are not available on some higher end/priced ear buds. Neither my friend's Jabras nor my daughter's JBLs have a case with Qi charging capabilities. And just like my original A12s, these new A16s and their charging case came with a charge. The case was about a 65-70% charge when I opened it. And the ear buds themselves were fully charged. That meant I was able to play with them right away. It also is an example of how well everything holds a charge. I believe I will never have to charge these during the day. I never had to with my A12s. Lastly, the case is also an on and off switch for the earbuds. Pull one or both buds out of the case and they turn on and automatically connect to your paired device. Put them back into the case and they automatically disconnect from your device and start charging. If you only put one back in the case, the other one remains powered on and connected to your device. Like most modern Bluetooth devices nowadays, the Bluetooth pairing was extremely fast, easy, and painless. The Bluetooth connection definitely stands up to the industry standard of 30ft...and then some. Staying clear the whole way. As for cost...it's hard to beat $30. Usually at that price you're basically buying a kid's toy. But for the features(many not found on way more expensive brands) that these earbuds have, you would expect to pay a lot more. Now to address the issue I was worried about the most...the issue why I stopped using the older A12s on a daily basis...the way I sound to people when I talk to them on the phone. Nobody that I've talked to reported any issues. I was happy at first, but then I thought maybe they just didn't want to say anything. So I called a few people back and asked them how the sound quality was on their end. Everybody said everything sounded great. They didn't even know that I was using earbuds. That's pretty much the best compliment you can give earbuds. So in this feature category, the A16s are definitely an upgrade(fixed issue) from the A12s. Overall...these earbuds are great. I've not owned a lot of earbuds, so I can't say they are the best ever, but they are definitely the best I've ever owned!
Title: Affordable and Great Quality!
Content: I was very surprised with how much I am enjoying these ear buds! I bought them because I'd lost my apple airpods and didn't want to buy new airpods because I was sure that they'd turn up (which they did). And now I find myself using these instead of the airpods! I have small ears and these are super comfortable! I also find that they connect to my iphone even quicker than the airpods do. The sound quality is good and the functions are very easy to control. The battery life is super long and the case charges quickly. My only small issue is that when I charge the case using my wireless charging pad, it gets pretty warm. Not sure if that's a huge issue or not. With that being said, I am super happy with these!

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  • 【LED Digital Power Display & 32hrs Playtime】You can enjoy 6-8 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and the included charging case provides an additional 3 full charges, extending the total battery life up to 24-32 hours. without worrying about running out of power. The charging case features a convenient LED display that shows the remaining battery life of both the headphones and the case. You can easily check the battery level and know when it's time to charge the case or the earbuds.
  • 【Superior Sound Quality & Wireless Charging Case】Our wireless bluetooth headphones deliver exceptional sound quality that provides a clear and immersive audio experience. with deep, rich bass and crystal-clear treble. Clear call, Whether you're making calls from a noisy cafe or a quiet office, you'll be able to communicate easily and effectively.Our wireless bluetooth earphones come with a wireless charging case. making it even more convenient to use. (package doesn't include wireless charger)
  • 【Comfortable and Secure Fit & Different Ear Tips】The bluetooth wireless headphones are compact and lightweight, a sleek design that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. making it perfect for use during sports, exercise, or travel.The wireless bluetooth earpieces are lightweight and ergonomic, and come with a variety of ear tips to ensure a fit for any ear size or shape.
  • 【IPX5 & Automatic Pairing】Our wireless bluetooth earbuds are designed to withstand sweat, with an IPX5 waterproof rating. You can use them in the light rain or during a workout without worrying about damage to the bluetooth headset.(NOT immerse into water) Perfect for outdoor activities, Our bluetooth wireless earpieces have a convenient pairing feature. Simply take the ear buds out of the charging case, they will automatically pair with each other, This saves you time and hassle.
  • 【Easy to Use&Single&Dual Mode】Our bluetooth wireless earphones are designed to be user-friendly. They feature touch controls that let you adjust volume, skip tracks, and answer calls. You can also activate voice.Our bluetooth wireless earbuds allow you to switch seamlessly between single and double ear bud mode, When you need to focus on a phone call or want to keep one ear free for safety reasons, simply use one ear bud while the other stays in the charging case.
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