TestMarket - 🔥 Last Chance! The Young Pope (IMPORT) (No English version) - 28% Off!

🔥 Last Chance! The Young Pope (IMPORT) (No English version) - 28% Off!

Jun 15, 2024 06:36 pm
🔥 Last Chance! The Young Pope (IMPORT) (No English version) - 28% Off!
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Title: Amazing
Content: I've seen this before and I liked it. And I did enjoy revisiting the series and seeing it all again. For one, it's visually stunning - a true masterpiece of cinematography. If you're so inclined you can see this as a sumptuous costume drama set (though not filmed) within the walls of the Vatican. There's much pomp and pageantry and the robes and vestments of this pope can rival those of any queen or empress in movie history. And it doesn't hurt to put Jude Law inside them. But it would be unfair to merely see Law as an "extraordinarily handsome man" (to quote the film). He is also a solid and very versatile actor who does the rather excellent script full justice, both in the long monologues and opposite his co-stars. And while Diane Keaton is the biggest name among the supporting cast and I really like her as the nun who brought up this new pope, it is the Italian actors, first and formost the excellent Silvio Orlando, who help make this the intense drama it is. Anybody expecting an inspirational religious drama will likely be disappointed. What you get here is much political intrigue. But also existentialism. And mysticism. And subversive humour. And sex. And a voyeur's view of this fictional young pope whom the world does not get to see while the viewer is allowed to get close up and personal and follow him into his private chambers and see him in full undress. The concept of the series is novel. It was certainly not what I expected from the title. At first I didn't know what to make of it, but I decided to just go with it. And while I can't pretend I understand everything, even after repeated viewing, I will say that I enjoyed it tremendousy. Most of all, perhaps, because it doesn't preach. It's left up to the audience to make up their mind how they see this pope. You can see him as a true saint or you can see him as - quite the opposite. Your choice. Brilliant. No, this is not going to appeal to everybody. But if you like Jude Law you're likely find much to like here. If you don't - give it a go anyway. Who knows, you might like this because it's unlike anything he's done so far. The DVDs are fine. There are subtitles for those who may want or need them. No extra features.
Title: Young Pope
Content: A new modern young Pope ( Jude Law ) ruffles feathers within the Vatican . Jude Law is the perfect casting for the role of Pope .
Title: Disappointing
Content: Thought it would be good with law in it. But not so.
Title: Five Stars
Content: Not perfect, but mesmerising nonetheless - a bit like religion, really. :) Vague spoilers may follow. Any TV series set in the Vatican has for its backdrop one of the greatest theatre sets in the world. Combine that with a pope that's both conservative and a bit of a clotheshorse, and we are served a non-stop visual feast. This is never one-note, however. Thw writing isn't perfect and some things are a little too pat. Even so, this is a composition for television of the highest quality. But the meat of the series is not in the writing - though first class - but the actors. Jude Law delivers a quite remarkable performance as a pope who some consider a saint, others a devil, some childish and others profound. Given that he's in more than half the scenes, the slightest misstep in portraying a slowly unfolding enigma full of contradictions could be jarring, but in this role I think he gives his best performance ever. And the cast! Some have criticised the writing here, saying that more than a few characters are stereotypes, but they obviously haven't met enough people or priests. In common with the theme of the young pope's desire to create an air of mystery around the Roman Church, and with the sometimes contradictory and unfathomable aspects of the lead character, no-one is quite exactly who they appear to be at first glance. In my opinion, Diane Keaton *appears* to be the weakest of the supporting cast, probably because her character in the film is actually fairly limited, but even if that weren't true, it's not a criticism of her work here. The other characters are just much more delicious and the actors make the best of it. Silvio Orlando plays the apparently machiavellian Cardinal Secretary of State to perfection. James Cromwell is Cardinal Spencer, the man who should have been pope and one with apparently unbridled and unprincipled ambition. Toni Bertorelli as Cardinal Caltanissetta, another apparently devious and ambitious man who is apparently on the verge of dying, is a revelation. And great praise should go to whoever cast Javier Cámara as Mgr Bernardo Gutierrez - not only is the man a terrific actor, but he looks like someone out of a portrait by Van Dyck or Domenichino, with a dash of El Greco added. And the many others in the multinational cast, sometimes appearing only for a fleeting scene or two, are uniformly excellent. Very highly recommended.
Title: Sorrentino's at his best
Content: Funny, ironic, impressive. Highly recommended from the Italian Oscar winner top director
Title: Oh dear...
Content: What on earth was this about?? Very slick and funny opening credits - the beautiful, talented Jude Law as a young(-ish) pope with sunglasses and rock music, smoking and fantasising about a speech recommending libertarianism - and I had hopes of something clever: was he a devil out to ruin the church? was he a good man out to reform the church? Then he started doing miracles... was he Jesus come to earth to chastise the cardinals etc for being greedy, corrupt child abusers? SPOILER ALERT: Nope. Just a mixed-up middle-aged man who has to learn to control himself and become a nice, well-behaved pope like all the other modern popes. NOTE: a woman missionary demanding sexual favours from her female helpers gets the "God, strike her dead" treatment, but the male child-abusing priests just get sent off to Canada... What a waste of Jude Law (and the other excellent actors).

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