TestMarket - Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers - Limited-Time Promo

Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers - Limited-Time Promo

Jan 14, 2024 03:00 pm
Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers - Limited-Time Promo
Brand Name: Browill
Category: Dry Erase & Wet Erase Markers
Seller Name: Lelender
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 21689
Saving $1.5
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Your Savings Await! Get the Browill Magnetic Dry Erase Markers now and secure your deal! Limited-Time Specials - Don't Miss Out. These fine tip low odor whiteboard markers are perfect for kids. Grab yours before it's gone! Unlock Savings - Extra 15% Off. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits! Check Out the Deals and grab this exclusive promo. Selling out fast - Act Now!

Title: Great colors that look great on the whiteboard
Content: I used this product with my new whiteboard with metal backing and they look great. Magnets are strong and markers stay on the board with no issues. Colors are also phenomenal and thickens of the marker really allows me to write a lot, when needed, without crowding my board. I had no issues with removing marker marks with attached sponges on each marker cover. Also, I had this product for a year now and all of they still work perfectly and they look really neat on my board
Title: Good color depth, erases perfectly
Content: These are good pens. They write well. All colors are easily visible. They erase properly.
Title: Great marker with room for improvement
Content: I really love the markers themselves. These are fine tip; very fine compared to the fine tip Expo markers, and the colors are great. I really didn't like the fine tip Expo markers because the tips were not small enough for writing clearly on my small refrigerator calendar, and I could only use probably four of the colors because the others were way too light even to read. These markers, however, write very fine and every single color is bright and bold! They erase nicely without leaving any stains or residue. My only complaint is with the quality of the marker itself. Inside the regular cap with the eraser on it, there is a smaller clear cap that I assume is supposed to be glued in. The first time I opened the purple marker, the outside cap with the eraser came off, but the inside one did not, so I had to remove that cap as well. It is a minor inconvenience; I can and will glue it back in myself, but I figured it was worth mentioning. The second issue I had is with the magnets. I assume those are also glued in, however after just a couple of days, one of them already came out, meaning the magnet stayed stuck to the fridge when I pulled the marker off. Again, only a minor inconvenience that I can easily fix myself. Even with the insignificant quality issues I experienced, I will definitely purchase these again and probably will never purchase any other brand again. They are totally worth it.
Title: Great markers!
Content: I love this set of markers! The fine tip is exactly what I was looking for and i love the little erasers on the tops. My only complaint is that a couple of colors are a little too faint to read. I would have gotten less of a variety of colors if I knew that. Otherwise they’re awesome.
Title: Writes beautifully!
Content: Nice markers with vibrant colors. They write nice and thin. Super pretty colors
Title: Loved at first, but disappointed after 1 month
Content: When I first purchased these markers, I was hesitant because other people mentioned how difficult it was to open the tops & how the magnets were very weak & wouldn't stay on their refrigerators. I have arthritis in my arms and I have to admit that at first it was a bit difficult to remove the lids as they were tight. However, after a few times of pulling the lids on & off, it got much easier. With regard to the magnets, they were a little weaker than other brands I've used, but they were also smaller, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I just moved them from to the side of my refrigerator instead, so they didn't get knocked off when I opened the door. One of the things I loved about these markers was the thickness, or should I say 'thinness' of the tips & the writing. I keep a monthly calendar of events for my household, including holidays, birthdays & doctor appointments. I was able to write so much more in each box of my calendar & include little details that I couldn't do before. What I didn't like is that it is unfortunately very hard to tell the difference in color between the red & the pink, and the purple is so dark it almost looks like the black. In addition, I after purchasing these markers on May 24th, I received them on May 26th, and by July 4th weekend, 3 colors had started to dry out! I went to make my July calendar and noticed that pink, light green & dark green were totally unusable. And these were not prominant colors I use on my calendar! I should also mention that I store the markers with the tips pointing down, so the color can run into the tips and made sure to put each top on completely when closing, specifically to avoid this problem. If these markers would have lasted longer, I would have rated them 5 stars, as they were everything I needed. Even the slight flaws of the difficult caps & small magnets could have been overlooked. Unfortunately, with 3 of the markers not being able to be used after only 1 month, in addition to the cap issue & magnet problem, have to give my rating 2 stars. The only reason I haven't given 1 star is because I will still use the other colors. However, should this change at some point, I will update my review.

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  • EASY TO STORE WITH MAGNET: With the magnet, it is easy to storage, which is able to stick to the fridge & magnetic whiteboard
  • CAN BE USED IN MULTI PLACES: Dry and residue-free wiping of whiteboards, can be used on any melamine, painted steel, porcelain or glass dry erase surface
  • EQUIPPED WITH ERASER: With the erase, there is no need for a separate eraser for erasing small mistakes
  • VIVID COLOR TO ATTACH ATTENTION: Vivid color highly visible even in long-distance, perfect for settings like class lectures and office meetings
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