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Exclusive Promo: TopSoon Heavy Duty Thickened Plastic Decorative Dust Shield
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE MATERIAL:The plastic dust cover is made of 100% polyethylene, and the environmentally friendly PE material ensures the safety of the product from the source, making it safe to use
  • UPGRADED PROTECTION IS MORE ROBUST :A regular dust cover is easy to tear. This new dust cover has been thickened and upgraded, with strong willpower, not easy to tear, and strong toughness. It can be pulled under continuous cracking, with longer battery life and better protection against dust and dirt
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE EASY TO CUT:The ideal size for plastic dust covers is 9 feet x 12 feetx1mil, cut according to different purposes, with the most suitable thickness, sufficient accuracy, and durability, making them perfect for use during house relocation, construction, and wall painting processes
  • BETTER DUSTPROOF AND WATERPROOF: Our dustproof sheets have a wide range of uses and can prevent paint spills, splashes, and drips during the decoration process of houses. It can also provide better protection for your furniture from the influence of particles in the air. Our dustproof sheets can serve as protective layers for furniture and valuable decorations, making them your best choice
  • SUGGEST USE :The plastic dustproof cloth used for decoration is more reliable, sturdy, and versatile when used for painting houses or moving furniture covers. This means that the density of the product has been upgraded, and high-density dustproof sheets can also solve your worries about waterproofing and moisture-proof