TestMarket - 🎉 Snag Your Discount! EZVIZ Colour Screen Wireless Video Doorbell - Limited-Time Offer!

🎉 Snag Your Discount! EZVIZ Colour Screen Wireless Video Doorbell - Limited-Time Offer!

Apr 07, 2024 04:25 am
🎉 Snag Your Discount! EZVIZ Colour Screen Wireless Video Doorbell - Limited-Time Offer!
Brand Name: EZVIZ
Category: Door Viewers
Seller Name: Ezviz Direct
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 4617
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Title: Ideal for my flat
Content: East to INSTALL I had an existing spyhole in my door, I made the hole a little bigger using and the fitting was done. Setup was very easy, (have your broadband info to hand and ability to scan the QR code on a phone or tablet connected to the same 2.4ghz network. FEATURES are good. Sensitivity is adjustable. I asked my neighbour if he wanted me to adjust it so it didn't pick up anyone coming to his door as I'm at the end of a corridor and so my camera took in his door. He was fine with it but the option exists. I like being able to turn device sound amd light on and off separately from the notification. PLAYBACK works well. I use a 256gb card so no subscription but that said the trial subscription was good, a 2.99 month fee keeps footage for 7 days and allows some extra features. As you can subscribe/unsubscribe monthly if you want to, I will probably utilise that when I go away for any extended period. Simply for additional peace of mind. NIGHT VISION seems decent enough. Admittedly I can only use it when no one approaches my door as my building has motion sensitive lighting but if you press the viewer button at any point it starts recording so this is how I tested it. CHARGING I personally find the charge lasts a good long time but like I said, I live at the end of a corridor with only one neighbour sharing viewing angle, so this means It doesn't get activated by passers by which I'm sure helps a great deal. In a busy week with approx 14 activations per day my battery went down only 11%. I top up the charge every month using a portable power bank propped on top of the unit for a while. Saves me disconnecting it all. APP needs a bit of work. I found it fairly intuitive for the most part but I am fairly tech savvy and used to design and test software. Some elements take a number of key presses/menus and you can feel like you're going down a rabbit hole and some features I struggled to find. One example; I wanted to turn notifications off for all but a key press. I eventually found the area in the app to do this (account, settings, system permission settings, notification, notification categories. You can also get there via your phone settings, notification settings) but the notification options within the categories aren't clear. They say default (see screenshot) tone 3 or phone call. So I have no idea which options relate to the motion or the Bell press or what the others mean. So couldn't select and reduce the amount of notifications I get. There also doesn't seem to be any way to set a separate ringtone for notifications related to this camera. Whereas other companies seem to have this as a standard feature. So its difficult to determine if my phone is ringing for a call or the doorbell. Maybe there is a way but I haven't found it yet and haven't looked thoroughly through the help and support available on their website or live chat. OVERALL I am impressed enough with this camera (model DP2C) to want to add more ezviz products, including security cameras, to my set up. I've been asked for reviews of it by a number of people who have seen it installed, including delivery people, family members and friends and have demonstrated and recommended it each time (hey, maybe I should be on commission here! 😉) I personally think it's ideal for apartments in particular because often there are restrictions in the lease on what can be put up on or around your apartment entrance. Spyholes for the most part are always allowed and as this only requires a slightly bigger hole in the door to fit, it's a great solution. Obviously though if your flat is in a high traffic area you may need to recharge it more often. I chose, bought and paid for this camera myself and have not been paid to review it.
Title: Very nice door bell
Content: The media could not be loaded. Very good door bell,easy installation,screen view good quality.
Title: Brilliant
Content: What can I say? Brilliant product and great value
Title: Great little device for the value, Iv added some less known pointers.
Content: Great little device for the value, Couple of pointers, (keep in mind this is purchased in the Uk) Comments of the device being SD Card Specific, I purchased a Sandisk 128gb card, ( SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC memory card+SD adapter. Up to 120MB/S Read Speed, Class 10, U1, A1 approved ) This card does work, However.. did not recognise this at first. Best practice at the beginning is to turn the screen on, link it to your wireless with mobile app, this was actually pretty easy to do and finish doing the basic install between App and Device setting up account and passwords etc. then go to your device settings ( Little tiny arrow in a circle bottom left of the "camera thumbnail" at time of writing this review ) Go down to "Device information" and here it will prompt to update your device firmware. Once this had finished I then turned the device off and installed the SD card. When booting the device back up, via the mobile app in settings it recognised the sd card and required it to be formatted giving the option to do so. I would like Ezviz (HIkVision) to add some more features/details into the SD card menu, capacity usage being one of them. Another detail is that this device does actually send "PIR Alerts" via the internet. sounds silly but it wasnt actually clear if it would or if this is a paid feature. i have opted out of all "cloud" and "subscription" items and with it connected to wifi/internet i have travelled to another country and still received "PIR Alerts" and been able to view. (note that my broadband is "static" if your connection resets its routers ip it may affect it) Motion Detect PIR is slow, in many cases its detecting 3-4 seconds after someone has come into range. but i do have my device on a medium power setting, for the value it liveable. On that point Iv had the device 2/half weeks and found it at 34% battery with a fair amount of usage (PIR detects) so I would say it could possibly last a month before requiring charge. With some playing around i found you can charge the device whilst on, not recommended by manufacture, and nice to know that when the battery begins to fail you can just plug the device to the mains via usb continuously. Considering upgrading to the newer Touch screen version as the "hole" required is that same sound be an easy swap.
Title: Brilliant!
Content: I cannot rate this high enough. I didn't read the instructions so didn't realise I could fit it myself. Quick and easy to install if replacing an existing peephole viewer. The picture quality is great and incorporated doorbell feature so helpful.
Title: Why do people laugh when it's so bad?
Content: The media could not be loaded. I called customer service and no one responded. The bell and alarm do not work and the factory reset does not work either? No one buys from this company and I want to advise that no one buys from them.

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  • 【100% Wire-Free, Battery-Powered】Equipped with a built-in 4,600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the video doorbell ditches any complex wiring. The extended standby time reaches up to 90 days with its smart power-saving functionality. You can save your videos on a Micro SD Card (up to 256G), or, if you prefer, subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay with a free trial.
  • 【Instant Notification & Two-Way Talk】When the visitor presses the doorbell button, you hear a pleasant ringtone thanks to the doorbell’s built-in chime, and receive a real-time video call on your phone. This way, you’ll know how to respond even before you get the door. (Please note that this Cam only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi. So do not select 5G Hz Wi-Fi during network configuration.)
  • 【Smart PIR Detection】Do you get worried about your home while you’re away? The peephole camera ensures you get mobile alerts about any front-door visitors right away, thanks to its PIR motion detection feature. Whether you live in an apartment with a narrow hallway, or a house with a large front yard, you can always customize your alert trigger conditions by selecting one of three levels of detection sensitivity.
  • 【1080P Video & 5M Night Vision】The doorbell captures all front-door activities in FHD resolution, and allows real-time video viewing from both the EZVIZ App and the indoor color screen. The large, 4.3-inch screen is especially useful for the elderly and children, helping them to see who’s outside more easily and clearly. With its 155° ultra-wide-angle lens, it renders sharp night vision of objects up to 5 meters away. It is also smart enough to automatically shift between day and night modes.
  • 【Sturdy Design & Privacy Protection】Thoughtfully designed, the video doorbell camera fits seamlessly onto your door with easy installation. The exterior camera features an anti-prying design so it’s fully tamperproof, protecting your family’s privacy. Protecting your data and privacy is our highest priority. Data transmission between the device and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.
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