TestMarket - Time-Sensitive Deal: UPULTRA Security Camera 2packs 1080P Wireless WiFi Outdoor Home IP Camera E27 360 Degree Panoramic

Time-Sensitive Deal: UPULTRA Security Camera 2packs 1080P Wireless WiFi Outdoor Home IP Camera E27 360 Degree Panoramic

Jan 15, 2024 01:05 am
Time-Sensitive Deal: UPULTRA Security Camera 2packs 1080P Wireless WiFi Outdoor Home IP Camera E27 360 Degree Panoramic
Brand Name: UPULTRA
Category: Dome Cameras
Seller Name: Up-upultra
Rating: 3.50
Total Rating Count: 3101
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Title: Purchased a set of 2
Content: As far as the delivery time, it was fast. The setup is easy. I set up the 2 cameras and they were both working ok for a while. After a couple of weeks only one keeps working. I have spent several hours in a course of a couple of days trying to get the 2nd camera to work and it would not connect. After trying for a while, I contacted the seller and they gave me a replacement camera, talk about great customer care!!!
Title: Won’t buy again
Content: The majority of reviewers in YouTube seem to be positive and they absolutely love this product, a light bulb fixture surveillance camera, unfortunately I am not one of those people that is definitely not happy with this product. There are a lot of reasons why I won’t be buying this product again and I really don’t know why so many people love product with all the problems I am having with this surveillance camera. I live in a very windy state out west and evidently this surveillance camera was not designed to be used where they live is windy. I am sure that a lot of people except the surveillance camera to shake quite a bit in very windy weather but the surveillance camera seems to get confused in heavy wind with the wind blowing the camera moves left and right and left and right very rapidly like it is possessed by something evil, moving back and forth very rapidly in all directions and when it gets that way when I need to control the in which I want the surveillance camera where I want it to go it won’t let me have control where I want to look like the surveillance camera has a mind of its own and I am fighting with the surveillance camera to allow me to have control of it to see where it want to see not where it wants to look. Even on a light breee of a day the surveillance camera goes crazy wanting to watch the leaves in the trees blow back and forth and a shopping bag blowing in the wind it’s got to watch the shopping bag blowing in the wind. When I take the dogs out the camera would rather look at the door frame of my front door than ti watch where me and the dogs are going. This surveillance camera ha no problems informing me that it loves to watch the moths and flying bug that are attracted to the light from the surveillance camera and surveillance camera seems to love all the attention that it gets from the moths and bug’s attracted to it’s light to the point it doesn’t go where it want it to go. The online cloud that stores videos and records alerts is worthless and definitely not worth $120 a year when the only alerts that I see recorded is of no importantance to me that mostly records the leaves blowing in the trees and bugs and moths attacked to the light of the surveillance camera and unimportant things that I don’t need recruitings of and the camera very rarely records vehicles and people going up and down the street. Lastly if I lose internet connection the surveillance camera is difficult to get reconnected back on the network ad this surveillance camera is more of a frustration to me than a help to me.
Title: Good image
Content: Value for money, good images, can use memory cards up to 32G. The only downside is that it takes a bit to start up everytime there is a power loss
Title: I would not recommend
Content: I am disappointed. They want you to buy their service. Even if you have the SD Card..(I got 2 SD cards with 1024 GB and still you cannot view the videos. I stood infront of the camera for about 20 seconds and all it caught to view was my shoulder. It is a nice idea, but it is an ABJECT FAILURE as a security device. Except for the feature of screwing into a socket all it can do is be a possible visual deterrent. Not a practical useful deterrent. If you want to get real visuals and be able to view from my SD card (which cost more than the 2 useless cameras). Attached is the notifications from the app on my phone. You cannot put it near a plant. Every breeze that blows it says it a person going by. There WAS a dim motion detector light which lasted for a week. Now that doesn't work. One time I came and saw the camera swinging from left to right for no reason (via remote phone). I panicked.... I thought someone was trying to break in. I was able to turn off and on the camera remotely. Still cannot see what actually occurred. This in my view IS AN UNACCEPTABLE PRODUCT FOR EVEN SECURITY OF A RATS HOUSE. It is a awful product. Good idea, but awful product. If I had tried to set up right away it could have been returned. I have bought 3 other cameras and THIS TIME I TOOK THE TIME TO READ THE REVIEWS.
Title: They work great. Encountered problems connecting.
Content: Delivery was great on Friday - but weekend activities left us with a Monday installation. The instructions were so small it took a magnifying glass to read them in a 3.75x3.75 page where instructions took up one quarter of the page. It was easy to set up the camera - through five of the ten page instruction. Updated 5/30/22: I originally wrote of the problems I had with a lack of Customer Service. The actual problem was due to these cameras connecting only to 2.4GHz and our router have that plus 5GHz. The cameras talk to an app which talks to our WiFi router who talks to the internet. If one of those has a quirky personality, it may take two - or three - places to ask. After getting them to talk to each other, we are happy with what these cameras do. Be aware the app will explain each time you use it that you simply cannot function without at least $8.33/month cloud storage. The pictures are sharp, color true, and quite helpful. I’m glad we have them.
Title: So sad
Content: "After purchasing and installing this video security camera, I have been thoroughly disappointed with its performance. The video quality is subpar, even during daylight hours, and at night, the infrared night vision produces grainy and unclear footage. Additionally, the camera's motion detection feature is unreliable and often fails to capture important events, leading to a lack of confidence in its ability to monitor my property effectively. The accompanying mobile app is also clunky and difficult to use, making it a frustrating experience to view or manage recordings remotely. Overall, I regret purchasing this video security camera and would not recommend it to others seeking reliable home surveillance."

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  • Wireless & Easy Installation: This security camera can be installed using a normal E27 bulb base(110V~240V), NO MORE EXTRA INSTALLATION STEPS. then you just need to connect the light bulb camera to the router, open the app to setup the camera within minutes.
  • Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts: this PTZ dome surveillance camera adopts a highly sensitive motion sensor, Once the camera detects the movement of the object after connecting it to the Internet, it will record the moving picture and notify you through the APP.
  • HD 1080P & Pan Tilt: This Pan Tilt WiFi security camera can provide you with a clear vision (Full HD 1080P resolution) at any time,You can use the APP to control the camera viewing angle to achieve 360 viewing without blind spots.
  • Two-Way Audio & High Quality Service: Built-in microphone and speaker, the bulb security camera can have a conversation between you and your visitor, If you have any question, please contact us. We provide lifetime technical support and services.
  • Remote Viewing & Night Vision: Our home security camera can control the viewing angle through APP,you can access remotely view anywhere and any time through your iPhone/Android phone/Ipad,Even in complete darkness, you can view clear images.
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