TestMarket - Save 60% on YI Smart Security Camera 1080p - Limited Offer

Save 60% on YI Smart Security Camera 1080p - Limited Offer

Jan 14, 2024 05:15 pm
Save 60% on YI Smart Security Camera 1080p - Limited Offer
Brand Name: YI
Category: Dome Cameras
Rating: 4.20
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Shop now for the lowest prices on YI Smart Security Camera 1080p and save big! Upgrade your home security with this indoor wifi camera featuring AI human detection, night vision, and activity alerts. Monitor your home, pets, or nanny with ease. The camera supports cloud and micro SD card storage options. Works with Alexa for hands-free control. Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion! Act fast to secure your deal and save £26 on your purchase. Limited-time offer, grab yours today!

Title: Some people have problems with these, but not me!
Content: I've seen a lot of mixed reviews for these cameras, with some saying the "app" is buggy and unreliable, but I've never found that to be the case. I have several of these around the house, including a few outdoor Yi cameras too and they all work really well. I can view each one in turn on my phone - or on my Echo Show and also look back at recorded events set off by the really good motion detection. They're relatively easy to set up, though I seem to remember you have to register them in the USA, not UK on the app. There's quite a bit of customisation you can use to set up areas of the vision for motion detection and sensitivity levels, so you can fine tune them to only record what you want to record. Get it wrong and they'll record every fly, bug or bit of dust that flies past them! Video quality is perfectly acceptable, even on the 720p version (black) ones that I have, but these white 1080p versions are better. Night vision is good too, though dont work through glass as the IR LEDs just reflect back. I do have one pointing through the bay window at the front door and I found switching the IR LEDS off (in the app) worked better. You can even turn the little blue light on or off in the app. Sound quality isn't that great and is always about 2 seconds behind the video, but what do you expect from such a small and inexpensive item?! You can opt for the cloud storage of video recordings, which although expensive, does provide an extra level of security if someone manages to steal one of your cameras as the video will still be available from the cloud. Overall, I think this is a very cost effective and simple system that produces good results. Compared to multi-cam PVR type systems that cost several hundred quid and require cables running all round your house, a few of these Yi cameras in discrete locations around the house offer a good solution for under £100. Great for checking on the pets when you're not at home. Just one word of warning though - they record you too! If you're like me and occasionally get up early in the morning before anyone else and wander around in the nude, just make sure no-one else in your household has access to the recordings!! Very nearly got caught out there! Quality system, easy to use and at a good price.
Title: Excellent quality camera
Content: I wasn't expecting much for the price but I was very pleased when it arrived.. very easy to set up in minutes and the video quality is crystal clear...not some cheap webcam style video..the images are crisp and very very clear...
Title: Peace of mind - Recommended.
Content: I bought this camera to keep an eye on my home, whilst I am out. It gave me peace of mind, knowing that everything is okay. I can open up the Yi Camera App on my phone and view the live camera feed and/or view any previous alerts. I even managed to check in on my home, whilst traveling abroad to Spain. I had mobile data roaming, so it was possible to check the cameras, just as if I was in the UK. Of course, when I went into the mountain areas, where there is no mobile data reception, I could not check anything. Most UK networks include the cost of data roaming in the EU. Outside, Europe, roaming charges can be expensive, although Wi-fi may be available. Motion Detection - the best feature is the motion detection, which is very sensitive. Sometimes, I have viewed the 6 second alert footage on my phone and wondered why it has been flagged up, only to notice in distance a car or a passer by. It is very sensitive. Picture Quality - it is described as 1080p quality. The camera is okay, but I do not think if it is good enough to identify burglars. The camera has night vision, so it can record detection, but drops to black and white mode. You may consider having good lighting side by side. You will need to experiment. Also, I am not sure if it can read car number plates etc... Street lighting or car headlights can blind it. Windows PC - You can download Windows PC software to be able monitor on your PC. You can monitor multiple cameras at the same time. Wired CCTV ? - I did consider a Wired CCTV Camera system. Such as those by HikVision, who are a world leader in CCTV systems. Whilst their products are tried and tested and used by professionals, but they don't have the cloud back up (unless you use a third party company). The subscription rates of those were more expensive, then rates for wireless cameras. The Wired CCTV system records locally to a recorder on your premises. However, a burglar can steal the recorder. The wired CCTV systems are robust, but they lack the flexibility and nimbleness of wireless systems. Nest / Hive / Ring - they have been advertising a lot. However, their subscription models are expensive. With Yi Camera, I have the option of stopping the subscription and it also backs up to memory card. This product is not bullet proof. If a burglar is in your home, they can turn off the camera (just by turning off the switch). Although, you would have been sent the 6 second alert on your phone (if in time). This product has no battery back up, but many other wireless cameras dont have this feature either. So if there is a power cut, it has no power to keep recording. In addition, you need to have power back-up for your Wi-Fi router. You may be in an area, where Wi-fi stops working or is unreliable, so there is no back-up to switch to mobile data. As you can see, there are multiple lines of failure. If I had lots of money, I would fit a wired 4k Camera system from HikVision. Trial - it mentions there is a one month trial, but you have to pay a subscription, before you can get it. 32GB - I ordered this card, but if you are only doing motion detection, then you can use a smaller capacity card. UPDATE: You may be better off with a 64GB, if your camera is facing the street, you will get lot of alters if the trees blow in the wind or a bird flies by. Subscription - they have a subscription of 7 day x 5 camera recording for 60 euros per year. Motion detection only. They have continuous detection, but that is more expensive. Continuous recording is far more expensive. Power- it gets power from a USB socket on the wall. EzVIZ - I also bought a wireless camera from this brand (because it is made by HikVision). An industry leader in CCTV. However, the EZViz is their range of wireless products. Having had both brands side by side. The YI Camera is far more superior. EzViz apps is n't so great. I like the fitting system of EzViz (it has a magnetic base). I read some of the negative reviews for the Yi Camera, however, I have not experienced any issues. Set up was very easy and reliable. UPDATE 2020: YiCamera, help me find that my new neighbours, had turned the property into what I suspected a pop-up brothel, everyone was coming night. I suspected criminal activity. It help me find out what was going on at night, but video quality is n't good enough to identify people, if they are walking fast, wearing hoodies. If a car headlights are pointing into the camera at night, it is going to capture a white blur. However, it did help me figure out what was going on, as I could hear cars turning up, people talking on the street at night at 1am, 2a, 3am 4am and disturbing my sleep, but the camera helped me put a picture, to what I was hearing in bed. I am paying for cloud, but I have no idea, how to save from it. Reviewing footage: That is a chore. As I had suspected criminal activity on my street. I had a memory card reader, and transfered the files to the PC for reviewing. Each file is 60seconds long. It does take time, but I found out the quickest way it to use VLC and the playlist editor and speed through it as it has a skip 10 seconds feature. SO you can review files and delete unwanted files. Complying with regulations: You need to see the ICO web site, as there are guidance on how to deal with CCTV footage. I put signage up. You also need to decide how long to keep the data. YI will delete things after 7 days (depending on subscription and memory card). Phone Data: If your camera is going to face the street, then make sure you have adequate data for your phone. If the camera is facing the phone, then you wont get much alerts. Wishlist: I have written to Yi for a feature request. One camera faces my living room, so very little activity. If there was an altert, I wanted to be notified right away as a matter of urgency!!!. However, if I have another camera facing the street and garden. I don't want to see an alert about a bird flying. So I don't want my phone to ping. So I might get 30 or 40 alerts, I would review them when if I get time.... Please leave a 'Helpful' note, so I know my efforts have helped others.
Title: Brill budget camera
Content: Initially had the neos smart cams which served their purpose but saw these on sale and snapped a few up. Picture quality is a step up and the software is really nice. I ended up with a 3rd party firmware that allowed me more control over the settings and connected to home assistant via rtsp. Just incase people can't find the suitable firmware it's the allwinner yi hack on GitHub. Amazing camera though for £9

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  • FULL HD RESOLUTION WITH NON-INVASIVE NIGHT VISION:Real-time live-streaming and videos in 1080P / 20fps - 110° wide-angle lenses with 4x digital zoom – infrared LEDs that are not visible in the dark for non-invasive night vision – The status light can be deactivated via the YI Home app (ideal for undisrupted sleep).
  • SMART ACTIVITY DETECTION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - HUMAN DETECTION: Detects people in motion up to 20 fps - SOUND DETECTION: Detects sounds between 50 and 90+ dB (adjustable) – PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS & VIDEOS OF THE DETECTED ACTIVITY: Push notifications on your smartphone (adjustable frequency and sensitivity levels) – OPTIONAL: CREATE ACTIVITY ZONES: Possibility to only get alerted when activity is detected within the set area.
  • POCKET-SIZED, ELEGANT, AND VERSATILE DESIGN: Small form factor camera (8cm x 12cm x 3cm, 120g) with a compact and adjustable support. Removable lens - SCHEDULABLE ON / OFF: The camera’s operating time can be scheduled for each day of the week - ADVANCED PRIVACY & SECURITY: Data Transmission via EU-based server with end-to-end encryption. Optional PIN code to securely access the camera livestream and settings.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO: Talk and listen thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker. Supports both Intercom (only one party can talk at a time) and Hands-free (both parties can talk simultaneously) modes – TIME-LAPSE – Compress up to 6 hours of footage into a short 5-30 second clip. – WORKS WITH ALEXA ECHO SHOW: See the camera’s live-feed directly from your Echo Show screen with a simple voice command.
  • SECURE STORAGE ON YI CLOUD - Loop recording of all the videos of the detected activity via YI CLOUD (with end-to-end encryption to fully protect the user’s privacy). Subscription plans for longer storage and recording options are also available - LOCAL STORAGE ON MICRO SD CARD: Supported Micro SD cards.
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