TestMarket - Limited-Time Offer: Noorio B210 Outdoor Security Camera - 2K Resolution, Color Night Vision, Alexa Compatible

Limited-Time Offer: Noorio B210 Outdoor Security Camera - 2K Resolution, Color Night Vision, Alexa Compatible

Jan 14, 2024 05:03 pm
Limited-Time Offer: Noorio B210 Outdoor Security Camera - 2K Resolution, Color Night Vision, Alexa Compatible
Brand Name: Noorio
Category: Dome Cameras
Seller Name: Woot
Rating: 4.20
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Claim a Limited-Time Discount on the Noorio B210 Outdoor Security Camera. Capture crystal-clear footage with 2K resolution and enjoy color night vision. With its wireless design and battery power, it's easy to set up in minutes. Plus, it includes a 16GB local storage and works with Alexa for added convenience. Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion and save 46.00$ on your purchase. Unlock your savings now and secure your home with the Noorio B210 Outdoor Security Camera.

Title: Easy installation and great function!
Content: I purchased this security camera to keep monitoring my front door. Love how easy it can be installed because it's magnetic no need to be mounted I just put it on my aluminum wall art infront of the door..it was super easy to program Love that it's waterproof and so impressed with the image quality and clarity and the alarm and notifications can be all controlled by the app... It has sharp night vision and motion detection... Best thing is you can always move around the house where ever you want and no monthly subscription needed... I am planning to buy one more for the backyard👌
Title: Easy set up
Content: This was a very easy setup and camera adjustment once the app is downloaded. The picture is clear and sends out notifications. The camera also works and night. We have not used voice. The battery fairly efficient and just pulls off the magnetic base to recharge. It needs WiFi to operate. No subscription needed.
Title: Great camera and easy setup, but had wifi issues outside.
Content: I loved the easy setup and the magnetic install. Really nice and clear picture. The nighttime features are great. The app is very easy to use. Only problem I had was it couldn't connect to the WiFi once setup outside. My building has thick brick walls built in 1890, but my phone was still connected to the WiFi so I couldn't figure out why the camera was no longer connected. Ended up buying a WiFi extender which solved the problem, but camera has about a ten second delay. If I bring the camera inside there is no delay.
Title: Good night vision and motion detection
Content: The media could not be loaded. As you can see it works! First the setup was easy, 10 min from box to working. One small caveat, no pun intended, the QR code to scan to set it up (with the free app) is on the device itself. NOT the bar code on the box. It's a very small QR code on the bottom in a very light gray ink so it can be missed if you don't look for it carefully. It came fully charged, but I followed the instructions exactly and charged it 24 hours to be sure it had a full charge. As of now, it still has 87% charge, after getting it Jan 22 (13 days). Thus, I'm not sure it will really have "6 months of battery" like the advertisement claims, but it definitely would last more than a month at this rate. Please note though, that I turn it OFF during the day and only on at night so that might be a factor too. The firmware is up to date so that's what it is. Sorry I can't say more about the battery life, but I don't use it except to get videos like this. The mounting is also as easy as they claim. It truly is purely magnetic, WITHOUT needing a steel mount behind it to mount. They do provide a separate mounting bracket though with its own steel backing to mount it on a nonmagnetic surface. This is not why I bought this device though, there are better ones if you want to spend the time drilling holes to mount an outdoor cam. But for the convenience of this, it can't be matched. See the picture of how I have it now. It's not screwed or glued in any way to that (steel) lawn chair. Just put the mounting base (which is a powerful magnet) near anything steel or iron and pop! Right in place and quite secure. You'll actually want to be careful putting it in place it's such a strong magnet you might pinch a finger as it binds to a steel structure. It's been mounted like this for over a week now to get the closer shots that I wanted as in the video. In that time, there's been below freezing temperatures at night, and wind gusts over 20 MPH, and a few hard rainstorms (yes, it's totally weatherproof too!). So that's real too. The little red light on it lights up when it's recording (it picked me up getting close to take that picture). That's how you know it's on. To be clear, it does NOT record all the time, in a loop in other words. It's motion based. I guess there may be a way to set it up as some kind of streaming cam, but I haven't looked into that. It rotates very easily in the base, but never loses grip so you can point it at virtually any angle, and it will still be secure. By default, the night vision comes on automatically, and full color automatically, depending on the light levels, but I think you can change it (in the app) so that the night vision is always on, or always off. I'm not sure though, as I checked now and it's not clear what the different modes there do. Anyway, it's good enough for me. A few points of clarity for those wondering some other things I was wondering: YES, it has 16 GB of storage space ON the DEVICE. For me it wasn't clear from the advertisement if the storage was somehow cloud based (I didn't understand how they were using the words "local" and "hub", they weren't used correctly in my opinion). But it is indeed local; there is NO need to buy a separate SD card. In fact, there's no way to put an SD card in it; it has no slot for one. Getting the videos off the device is easy enough. You can download them from the device onto your phone via the app (and a wireless connection between the two obviously). Then you can upload it from your phone to a cloud service of your choice and from there download onto any device with access to the same cloud service. Easy peasy. The charge port is also a USB-C connection, so I imagine it would be possible to connect a USB-C cord to the device directly and download them directly to a computer, but I don't know for certain as I haven't tried that. It's easy enough to get the videos as I wrote. You don't have to download them to your phone to view the videos you can stream them from the device to select the ones you want. DEFINTELY recommend. I gave 4 stars for the picture quality because it's not true "2K" quality in my opinion but it's pretty high definition I'd say. You can judge for yourself from the video.
Title: Started off well but then stop working right at 6 months.
Content: I would have given this 5 stars, it worked great in the beginning but now it is a 3 only because of the beginning. Originally the video was clear. I personally found the app easy to use. It connected to the Wi-Fi easily. I set up the parameters of how far out I wanted the motion detection to start, the video length Preferences allowed me to extend video time . I was able to set up an auto timer to enable a deterrent sound if someone walked up or any type of motion is detected at night and it went off automatically @6am. Please not it is not a security alarm that is super loud , it is with noise ordinance range , but it is a deterrent . I had someone pull into my drive way and immediate pull out because of the noise lolol. Everything worked great as I stated at first. The battery was great , it lastes 4 months even with the extended video preference. How ever after right at 6 months the Noorio stopped working Properly. The camera lens began malfunctioning, I could not see anything , it was super cloudy. The unit went offline and never came back up. It say it can take -27 degrees but the temperature was 38 degrees when the camera started having issue. Also , if you have no metal on the exterior of your house you are not able to use the wireless option . The base is magnetic and Most homes in my area are brick or smart side/ resign and Natural stone and have very little metal on the exterior. You will need to mount it with some type of adhesive epoxy. Or regular mount option .
Title: Great cameras!
Content: Got two of these cameras to protect the perimeter of my house and I have to say that I absolutely love them. Quality is clear and the sound and perfect. You can customize them to your liking and they are very quick when giving you a live feed to see what’s going on outside or inside. Amazing product.

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  • [Crisp 2K Security Camera] 2K resolution with color night vision delivers much sharper video than 1080P. Ideal for reading license plates and identifying people's faces.
  • [100% Wire-free] Powered by a built-in battery, connected via Wi-Fi, Noorio security camera is effortless to install without the hassle of running wires. Mount it anywhere, be it outdoor or indoor.
  • [Built-in Spotlighte] The motion-activated spotlight turns on when spots a person, scaring away unwanted guests and helping to pick every detail in color vision.
  • [No Hidden Costse] Store up to 6000 pieces of footage in 16GB local storage without a subscription. Not support external storage method.
  • [Smart Integration] Enjoy hands-free security with Alexa. See, hear and speak via Echo to communicate with people from camera end.
  • [Compatible with Solar Panels] This outdoor security camera has a built-in battery that can be powered by solar panels, ensuring this wireless camera continuous power for uninterrupted surveillance and give you peace of mind . Install once and run forever, this solar powered security camera makes you enjoy the convenience of long-term operation without the need for frequent recharging or battery replacements. (ATTENTION: Solar Panel require additional purchase, ASIN: B0BBMK3SC5)
  • [IP66 Weatherproof & Alexa Smart Integration] Constructed with high molecular polyester material and IP66 weather resistance, our outdoor security camera provides reliable protection for your family in various harsh weather conditions. With seamless integration with Alexa and a convenient two-way talk function, you can enjoy hands-free security by using Echo device to see, hear and talk to person through the camera.
  • [Reliable and Satisfying Service] At Noorio, we prioritise customer satisfaction and serve our customers wholeheartedly. We offer a 1-year warranty for returns and replacements due to quality issues, along with lifetime technical support. Our dedicated customer service team ensures a prompt response, with a turnaround time of minutes to 24 hours, guaranteeing you timely assistance.
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