TestMarket - Hurry! Special Discounts on REOLINK 4K PTZ Security Camera System with 16X Optical Zoom

Hurry! Special Discounts on REOLINK 4K PTZ Security Camera System with 16X Optical Zoom

Jan 15, 2024 09:57 am
Hurry! Special Discounts on REOLINK 4K PTZ Security Camera System with 16X Optical Zoom
Brand Name: REOLINK
Category: Dome Cameras
Seller Name: ReolinkDirect
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 122
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Go, Go, Secure Your Deal on the REOLINK 4K PTZ Security Camera System! Limited-Time Specials Available. Enjoy Extra Savings Today with a 15% Discount, now priced at $279.99. Experience 360 Degree View, Auto Tracking of Human/Vehicle/Pet, and Two-Way Talk. Enhance your outdoor surveillance with 260ft IR Night Vision. Don't Miss Out on this Exclusive Promotion. Snag Your Discount Today and Save a whopping $50! Shop Now for the Lowest Prices and Unlock Your Savings Now!

Title: Great camera and a perfect addition to my setup
Content: I waited a long time and kept coming back to this camera over and over again because it is fairly pricey but it is a true PTZ with 16x optical zoom. Yes I can read the time on the clock… It was priced reasonably so could the quality really be as good as what I’ve been reading online? YES I’m glad I waited as I don’t think I would’ve appreciated it as much if I got in it sooner the quality is amazing for both a picture and the build quality for the camera and I’m very glad I made the purchase It is great addition to my set up for my house as I have not only for view of my backyard, but I can scan and look at the lake as well as details on my dock. If you have a need for a PTZ camera in your set up, I would not hesitate to purchase this camera. Just make sure that you have a sturdy mounting location as this camera needs a very sturdy mount. It has some weight to it and it does move (which is why you bought it). Would I buy this camera again? Absolutely without hesitation. Don’t let the cost concern you as you do get which pay for and it is a true full functioning PTZ camera that works great with the Reolink system. Take your time with not only the installation, but the set up and configuration of the camera so you can get the most out of it. The other thing to note is all of my cameras are hardwired as it gives me greater control and ease of management, so that I can do POE all of my cameras. I have my dock connected with a Ubiquiti PTP bridge. Currently, I have about 15 cameras on my set up that had full coverage of my property and couldn’t be happier. I just wish the cost of hard drives for the NVR were a little less expensive, but we can’t have everything. Take your time and do your install and setup right the first time.
Title: Fantastic
Content: Fantastic camera. Great picture quality. Fast tracking and reliable return to saved points. Web interface is better than older cameras, and of course the App is great. I don't use it to its potential but happy to have the eye on the sky when needed. Only room for improvement is auto focus when zooming sometimes misses the mark and manual focus is slow.
Title: Money well spent
Content: The bad: 1. Heavy duty ( Was a little surprised how much they weighed compared to the duo 2 poe model. ) which might present an issue for some to install solo & up high 2. Pricey 3. Would like an extension bar to position camera further out. 4. 1M (3ft) ethernet cable 5. Would like extra screw(s) and weatherproof cap(s). 6. Audio can be affected by weather The good: 1. Picture quality* [ when you have the focus set correctly, so possible user error can occur ] is Superb 2. Audio: Excellent but would like something to prevent wind and the element(s) from impacting quality 3. Feels quite durable, nice "heft" to it 4. Pan, Tilt, & Zoom [ Zoom is the major selling point ] Summary: This Camera: Zoom (main feature), pan, tilt Duo 2 POE: F.O.V. ( Field of view ), Color Night Vision
Title: Return product practice work in different way than what Amazon said
Content: This particular camera model shows blurry pink vision.night time vision is horrible as well.i purchased 2 camera of this model .I requested for return which accepted and I sent both camera back.after almost a week I got refunded back for only one camera and another one I have to wait 30 days according to customer support team.refunded only for 1 and other one have to wait 30 days after seller received both camera back.look like either seller or Amazon holding of your money for 30 days and you can not use your own money to purchase something else. Look like Amazon started different kind of return practice. Beware of future amazon transactions as Amazon customer service said they can not do anything on this and I have to wait 30 days to get my money back.
Title: High quality camera
Content: I have a lot of Reolink cameras, and this works as advertised. Zoom is amazing, and the picture quality is really good.
Title: Lags behind other camera's in Blue Iris UPDATE: its fixed
Content: UPDATE 05/13/2023: After submitting a support ticket with Reolink, they promptly sent me a new firmware the next day that has fixed the lag problem completely and the camera responds to my presets a lot faster(acts like it normally should). The auto focus still has some issues where I have to manually zoom in/out for it to auto focus, but I dont have to do this as much as before. I'm getting the full 25fps/1keyframe constantly at 8mp, 60hz antiflicker, 8192 bitrate, constant frame rate with zero video lag. Super happy now with the camera and the picture quality is great. For those interested in what firmware was sent to me it was this version: IPC_523SD10.2109_23050424.RLC-823A-16X.IMX415.8MP.PTZ.REOLINK.pak I've had two different PTZ's(Huisun and Sunba 405-D20X) and by far the Reolink has the best quality and support. After looking at all the same style of cameras(they all seem to be very similar looking) I chose Reolink over the others as I wanted: 25fps(most others have 20fps) better tech support, forums and community support Frequent firmware updates 2yr warranty instead of 1yr(the 2yr was upgraded to 2.5 once you register your camera with them) The Reolink costs a bit more but so far its been worth it. I do wish that Reolink would put out a more detailed manual especially if you want to customize your presets calls. The other thing to note is the FOV is only 54.2 zoomed out. This is fine for me as it still allows me to cover a two car driveway and I have other cameras that overlap my property. I'll update this review if I come across further issues. Hoping this camera lasts a few years. Original review: I really want to like this camera but it has an issue with Blue Iris security software. First issue is after about an hour, it lags behind the video of my other camera's by about 3 seconds and continually gets worse. After a full day, the lag can be 10 or more seconds. I read on other websites that Reolink provided some owners a special firmware that addresses the issue. The second issue is that after panning in any direction the auto focus doesnt want to work all the time. In order to get to work you have to zoom in or out before it finally auto focuses. When it does auto focus, it takes about 3 seconds before the picture becomes focused. I submitted a support ticket asking for a fix. Hopefully they get back to me soon. I'll update my review if I get it working.

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  • Clearly See Distant Details in 4K Ultra HD with 16X Optical Zoom: The varifocal lens allows you to 16X zoom in on distant objects without compromising the 8MP resolution. See the face or license plate clearly even if they are far away.
  • Cover Every Corner with 360° Pan, 90° Tilt, and Auto Tracking: This PTZ camera sweeps off blind spots with 360° full coverage. Pan-tilt speeds are adjustable (pan: 1.4°-281°/s; tilt: 1.4°-56°/s). Also, it'll automatically follow the target to keep it in the frame.
  • See Your Property with Long-Distance Night Vision & Remote Access: The camera's infrared night vision allows you to see up to 260ft even at night. You can view the camera live and play back videos anytime anywhere via Reolink App/Client.
  • Receive More Accurate Alerts and Take Quick Responses: The camera can distinguish people, vehicles, and pets from other objects to reduce unwanted alerts. With two-way audio, you can hear and talk in real-time to deter intruders when you receive alerts.
  • Convenient One-Cable Setup with Power over Ethernet: Plug the RLC-823A 16X into an IEEE802.3at PoE NVR/switch/injector to enjoy stable transmission of power, data, and 4K UHD videos via one Ethernet cable. By connecting it to the Reolink NVR, you will get massive storage for 24/7 recording. (The PoE NVR/switch/injector is not included. The Ethernet cable and a DC power adapter are included.)
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