TestMarket - Exclusive Promo: REOLINK 2K Indoor Security Camera with 360 Degree Pet Detection - Up to 13% Off!

Exclusive Promo: REOLINK 2K Indoor Security Camera with 360 Degree Pet Detection - Up to 13% Off!

Jan 14, 2024 04:57 pm
Exclusive Promo: REOLINK 2K Indoor Security Camera with 360 Degree Pet Detection - Up to 13% Off!
Brand Name: REOLINK
Category: Dome Cameras
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Seize the Opportunity to save big on the REOLINK 2K Indoor Security Camera. Shop now and save $13, with a discount of up to %! This wireless camera is perfect for baby and pet monitoring, featuring 2-way audio, night vision, and local storage. Don't miss out on your exclusive discount. Claim yours now!

Title: I was impressed
Content: This thing was relatively easy to set up and it works great. Just download the app to get started. The picture quality is good and the motion detection seems to work well. The PTZ feature is really nice, too. This is a lot more than I thought I could get for the money. I will probably get more of these.
Title: Amazing Product
Content: If someone were to ask me to rank all of my Amazon purchases through out the years, this camera probably ranks top. No, I don’t work for the company and I am not associated with the company, nor did I receive any free promotional offer. We have bought 2 of these cameras in January, 2023. We did our homework before purchasing these. We looked at all of the Costco brands, and cameras at other on-line websites and read lots of reviews. Our requirements are simple: 1) Easy set up, 2) not too expensive, 3) quality product that will last hopefully. This camera delivered all of the above flawlessly after almost a year. We were looking for something to monitor 93 year old mom from remote, she lives in Hawaii and I am in CA. She lives with my brother but he has a full time job. I am able to monitor her and talk to her via camera the minute she gets up in the morning. We have one set up in the bedroom and one in front of her TV. Took all of us 10 min to load the APP on our cell phone and plug in the camera. It’s just an amazing camera that way exceeds our expectations in every way. Waited a year to write this review to see if we will run into issues but none whatsoever. Our sincere appreciation to Reolink for making this amazing product.
Title: Ease or difficulty of setup ...
Content: ... depends a lot on what you have to start with. I ran Digi-Watcher for twenty years on a WinMe Dell Dimension with a Microsoft LifeCam that, for most of its life, served no other purpose. Loved it, because it did a common thing uncommonly well: motion-sense, e-mail notification with pix, stored video and sound, etc. It was exceedingly flexible and exceedingly reliable. I could easily disconnect it from the network when I didn't care to be live-streamed. My old Dimension finally kicked the bucket, leaving me with a gap in my indoor home/office surveillance coverage. Enter the Reolink E1. I found it much less flexible and only marginally more capable than my old system, but I finally made it work in a way that suits my needs. I was wary of downloading an app to my phone just to set up another device. I would have preferred to use a browser, but the E1, unlike higher-end Reolink cameras, doesn't support that. Reolink provided a lightweight APK file that asked for only limited permissions, which I found encouraging. I also discovered later that I would use the phone app much more often than I would have expected during my comings and goings. Thanks to the commenter here who advised using an ethernet cable connection to perform the initial setup of the E1. I've got several WiFi networks available to me at this location, and l use them to isolate certain devices and applications from one another. Nevertheless, my E1 couldn't find any of them at first. I needed to connect a cable from the E1 to the desired network and to get my phone on that network at the same time. Afterwards, the E1 was able to connect to WiFi without the wire and to be controlled, of course, irrespective of which network the phone was on. The E1 makes a fuss if a network's password contains any non-alpha-numeric characters. I wasn't about to change that password for one device. Somehow after multiple tries, I got the E1 to accept it. Entering that long password also took multiple tries due to mistyping. There was almost no way to confirm what I had typed before hitting Enter, so I could never be sure of the cause of a failed connection: mistyping, weak signal or something else. (The use of the ethernet cable simplified those possibilities.) To send e-mail notifications when it detects motion, the E1 uses a single e-mail address to send a message to itself! This means that it wants to know your e-mail password! I ended up setting up a new single-purpose e-mail address for the E1. It recommends Gmail or Yahoo(!) (My Thunderbird client receives and categorizes incoming e-mails for multiple accounts all-at-once.) I was accustomed to taking my old camera off the network when I didn't need it, but that's not the easiest option with the E1. It can be finicky about finding the WiFi network later. Now I might just use the PTZ function of the phone app to point it toward a wall that receives no direct sunlight when I am home (and make sure its microphone is off.) This arrangement does not provide the same level of isolation as I am used to, but in casual use it beats fiddling with the network router or disabling a WiFi network extender (for now.) Even so, it sometimes produces dozens of spurious notifications/day due to the sun moving in and out of the clouds. I am reluctant to decrease E1's motion sensitivity any further than I already have. Ultimately, the easiest solution seems to be to place something decorative and opaque (like a hat or a sock or an inverted flower pot) over it when monitoring is not needed. The cover is unambiguous, and it obviates the need to use the app's PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom, though the E1 does not zoom) feature to reposition the camera constantly. It does still seem to “phone home” once per night at 2:00AM if nothing else has been going on. So, in the end, I spent many hours setting up my first E1 for the most basic functionality and then configuring it and the network to suit my work habits. If it remains stable, convenient and secure, it will be a good tool. If I decide to add additional Reolink cameras, I'll probably devise a way to connect and disconnect them to and from the network as a group (probably using a network extender with a unique WiFi SSID.)
Title: Easy to set up
Content: This camera is easy to set up and work. So far I’ve had no issues. I got for my living room and I like how I can control it from my phone if I see movement. I thought it followed movement but it doesn’t at least not that I’ve figured out how to do that. Other than that camera works great and is clear image
Title: Great Little Camera
Content: I got a couple of these after some weird things started happening around my property. I live in a stone house, so I didn't want to be bothered with trying to secure an outdoor camera to anything. These sit on window-sills and aim right through the glass to watch the outside perimeter. This obviously partially affects the night vision feature because of the glass refraction, but it gets the job done enough that I can have a general view of who is right outside my door (which is all I wanted). You'll have much better results with the night vision if you only have them aimed indoors (which is what this particular model is used for). Otherwise, during the daytime, they work great. The date and time are right across the bottom of the frame at all times, and you can easily download and email them to the police if you need to. I love the SD card backup too because you're not strictly limited to using the ReoLink app (which I'm not a huge fan of because it sometimes crashes if you have large amounts of time where the motion sensor is set off). My biggest complaint is just that the app needs to be a little better about crashing, but it makes sense why it does it. Overall, good for the money.
Title: Excelente producto
Content: Muy practico

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  • 2K 40ft Night Vision: With 2K 3MP resolution, Reolink E1 wifi camera indoor delivers much clearer videos than 1080p cameras. Infrared LED lights let you see every move of your baby and pet clearly even in darkness
  • 355° Pan & 50° Tilt for All-Round Protection: See every corner of your room with easy pan and tilt control on the Reolink App & Client. You can mark the corners you care about to check them quickly
  • Motion/Human/Pet Detection & Alerts: The indoor security camera can smartly analyze the shape of people and pets to accurately detect their motion and send you real-time motion-triggered alerts
  • Secure Local Storage, No Monthly Fee: Video recordings can be stored on the microSD card (max. 256GB) and Reolink NVR, and you can play them back anytime anywhere via free Reolink App/Client. (microSD card and NVR are not included)
  • Remote Multi-User & Multi-Cam Live View: Reolink E1 pet camera supports max. 4 users to access the camera simultaneously, and the free Reolink App can display up to 9 cameras at the same time
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