TestMarket - Time-Limited Discounts - MacBook Pro Docking Station with 180W Power Adapter - Save 50%!

Time-Limited Discounts - MacBook Pro Docking Station with 180W Power Adapter - Save 50%!

Jan 14, 2024 06:00 pm
Time-Limited Discounts - MacBook Pro Docking Station with 180W Power Adapter - Save 50%!
Brand Name: iVANKY
Category: Docking Stations
Seller Name: NEVE NA
Rating: 4.30
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Avail Your Offer - Upgrade Your MacBook Pro Experience with the iVANKY VCD03 12-in-2 Dual 4K@60Hz Monitor USB C Docking Station. Seize the Opportunity to get this exclusive deal now! Enjoy 50% off the original price of $239.99, now available for just $119.99. Don't miss out on this limited-time discount and save $120 on your purchase. Act fast and unlock your savings today!

Title: This is the absolute best solution for supporting dual 4K monitors for MacBook Pro 2020-Intel
Content: This is DAY 1, so we will see about longevity. That said, I've tried and returned just about every one of the "portabe, fits in your pocket, supports dual monitors" dongle/dock options available on Amazon (at the time of this review). None of them work. At least, not for the Intel-based MacBook Pro 2020. I did NOT want to spend this much money when it seemed there were good options for a little as 1/3 the cost of this. ANYWAY, on to the review: PROS: Works RIGHT out of the box. I plugged in 2 brand new LG 4K monitors @60hz, an very old USB-A external hard drive, external USB-A webcam, and a USB-A Jabra external hands-free speaker/mic. It took me less than 2 minutes to set up (which was just plugging stuff in). I'm connecting my external keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth to the Mac so to not waste ports on those. The unit is SOLID (heavy) and feels quality-built. It also has its own power plug (this could be considered a con, too, I guess). Since it has its own power, my MacBook Pro runs much much cooler than with the other docs I tested that don't have native power. My MacBook fan used to be running quite a bit with the others as it ran hot/warm as did the docks. So, I feel like this unit puts WAY less stress on the MacBook Pro. CONS: It is heavy! And, the power transformer it comes with is the same size and also heavy. Now, there are many reviews who'd already mentioned that so it was not a surprise. It is NOT the thing you toss in a side pocket of your computer bag and forget about it. Now, the size is definitely still "travel-able." Like I said, the combo of the unit and transformer easily outweighs my MacBook Pro. Considering the ONLY con I can really find so far is the weight and, arguably, the need for its own power plug, this is hands down the best dock I've tested...and will absolutely keep. Plus, I considered this: on the road, I don't have the possibility of dual monitors anyway. If I'm in a hotel or boardroom, I'm connecting to one external screen and that's it. So, for the road, I'm keeping at least one of these little VAVA dongles that each give me a single external HDMI port plus extra USB-A & C ports, SD card slot, etc. They're cheap and do the trick plus don't need a power plug so I can use them with the MacBook Pro totally mobile. I was using 2 of these devices (one on either side of the MacBook Pro) to do what this Ivanky unit is doing. I will now use the Ivanky on my home/office desk and the VAVA when traveling. I hope this helps those of you wanting to make sure you're getting the bang for the buck on this unit. I will update this review if I run into any problems so, if you don't see any updates, you can assume all is still well. 4/12: Just a quick positive add: I also love the fact that this dock allows me to restart my MacBook and bring everything back on line without having to open the MacBook and log in again. This was an issue that I ran into with all the other dock options I tested.
Title: A good dock, high quality, worth somewhat higher price
Content: I got this dock after struggling with several other dock solutions. My main problem was consistent performance. They usually worked fine until they decided not to. I definitely recommend this for a MacBook-based workstation. This is the best dock I've tried for under $200, and it even beats out the more expensive ones I've tried. This dock works great. It has never failed, glitched, refused to connect, or really done anything other docks have done. It just works. It allows my 2016 MacBook to drive my 2 2560x1440 monitors at 75fps with no issues. It charges the MacBook quickly and steadily while also being able to easily charge another power-hungry device (I usually plug in my external battery bank to the 18W USB-C port, and sometimes my iPhone if I want a quick charge). There is a rather large power adapter that comes with this dock, but I was easily able to hide that beneath my desk with all the ones from other devices. It's a shame the product images on Amazon don't show this adapter because it could be a problem if you're not expecting such a large additional device. The Dock itself is a good size and has plenty of accessible ports. The one complaint I have about the ports is the lack of USB 2.0. Albeit, that's ONLY because macOS doesn't recognize 3rd party keyboards through 3.0 when at the login screen (that's the one after bootup, not the lock screen). It can however recognize keyboards connected through 2.0. IDK why... I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the iVANKY's products I've purchased. I expected them to be low quality since they do fall on the cheaper side of their respective categories, but all of their products are made of good quality materials, do their job well, and have an attention to detail that I appreciate. My only other slight issue would be the full-coverage rubber pad on the bottom. Unfortunately, because the weight of this relatively light device is spread out evenly across the entire bottom, there isn't much grip on my plastic-coated desk. It occasionally slides around when plugging/unplugging cables. I think the design would work better with 4 small rubber feet to focus the pressure in a smaller surface area. Again, a small complaint... It doesn't impact my opinion on this device as a whole.
Title: Great for MacBook Pro - and workaround for dual displays.
Content: This is a great docking station for my MacBook Pro. It was easy to set up with various accessories. The ethernet port delivers a great high-speed direct connection. While you cannot plug two separate displays into this station, you can still have two external displays going. I have one display plugged into the docking station, which plugs into the left side of my MacBook and then directly plug the other display into the right hand side (using a HDMI to USB-C cable). Since the docking station offers ample ports, this does not interfere with my right hand USB-C port. This set up enables me to use 3 displays - the built in display on my MacBook, and two external displays. None have to mirror the other (unless you want them to). Highly recommend this docking station!
Title: Excelente relación calidad-precio
Content: El producto cumple todo lo que dice. Su empaque es de calidad y viene bien protegido. El producto tiene un diseño premium, de buen peso, los cables de conexión tanto de electricidad como de los de usb-c son de extrema calidad y de uso rudo. Con este hub, el doble conector USB proporciona energía al Macbook, así como 4 puertos USB 3.0A, 2 en la parte trasera y 2 en la parte delantera, tarjetas Micro SD y SD, salida de audio de 3,5 mm, un puerto USB C y el puerto USB-C PD es un cargador, puerto ethernet en la parte trasera.

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  • 【M1/M2 CHIP NOTE】Due to inherent limitations in the 2020 M1/2022 M2 chip, MacBook models featuring these chips are not capable of supporting dual displays
  • 【Dual 4K@60Hz Displays】Only 15'' MacBook Pro (/2019/ 2018/ 2017), 16'' MacBook Pro (2019), MacBook Pro with M1/M2 Pro/Max chips (2021/2023) and Macbook 2020 Intel series support dual 4K@60Hz. Other models can support dual 4K@60+30Hz
  • 【Full Speed Charging】This dock features a 150W power adapter, enabling it to efficiently charge laptops up to 96W and PD USB-C devices up to 18W
  • 【5Gbps Data Transfer】Equipped with 4*USB 3.0 ports, which can support up to 5Gbps data transfer and allow you connect enough external equipment. The SD/TF card slot can support up to 104Mb/s and the RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port can keep 1000Mb/s Ethernet smoothly and stably
  • 【Product Guarantee】You can get an iVANKY FusionDock 1 MacBook Docking Station(12-in-2, Dual 4K@60Hz displays ) with a 12-month worry-free warranty and responsive customer service. If you meet any problems with the dock, we will be glad to replace you with a new one for free
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