TestMarket - Seize the Opportunity - Get Your Exclusive Savings on Devoko Electric Standing Desk 140 x 60cm

Seize the Opportunity - Get Your Exclusive Savings on Devoko Electric Standing Desk 140 x 60cm

Jun 15, 2024 08:45 am
Seize the Opportunity - Get Your Exclusive Savings on Devoko Electric Standing Desk 140 x 60cm
Brand Name: Devoko
Category: Desks
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Seize the opportunity to upgrade your home office with the Devoko Electric Standing Desk 140 x 60cm in Rustic Brown. This height adjustable desk includes a monitor stand and memory smart panel for added convenience. Save 15.00£ off the original price of 149.99£, now only 127.49£. Enjoy extra savings today and snag this exclusive deal before it's gone! Limited stock available.

Title: Beautiful bit of kit
Content: I have a matching dark wood desk that I was looking to complement with a small standing desk. I went for the 120cm one to create an L shape. The two desks look absolutely gorgeous together, and function well in the space. I spend 6-8hr a day in virtual stakeholder meetings, so this is a game-changer. For those of you who haven't used a standing desk before, it's worth noting that I personally find it easier to "visibly be a leader" because my body language is stronger standing than sitting. The build was super easy: took me just less than an hour solo (although I had prepared the room in advance, and am used to DIY). The desk feels sturdy both at lower and higher levels. The cup holder is a great addition, as it's secure when changing desk height - and when gesticulating..! The shelf on the back is big enough for my laptop + my (ancient) 28" monitor. The preset heights work really well, and the cable holes on the back are great. It's a veneer top, which looks beautiful. My other desk has has a lot of use since 2020, and still looks good as new (99% sure it's the same surface).
Title: Very pleased
Content: I was a bit concerned by the fact that the table to is made from 3 pieces, but they go together well with no noticeable gaps. The lift mechanism is smooth and works well. Assembly is straight-forward, just take your time studying the instructions! The finished desk looks smart and seems sturdy. Good value!
Title: Great value for money a few niggles
Content: First impressions review after assembling, will update if there are further niggles. Overall pretty happy so far as a work desk. Worth noting that it in fact came with 2xshelf (with all attachments) - which wasn't in the pictures. Pros: Sturdy Up to the task - Handles a widescreen monitor on monitor arm, another monitor and two laptops fine (see pic) Controls responsive and easy to use Every single screw/fitting came with at least one spare, so nice touch Packaging was very good Cons: Assembly is a bit fiddly - especially the last part with the wood screws attaching the desk portion - they could be stronger as a few don't seem to grip well A couple of the bolt holes were misaligned, just about got them in but not all the way (see pic) No cable tray - but I've used the brackets for the shelf (optional) upside down to make a makeshift one.
Title: Brilliant, no complaints what so ever.
Content: Genuinely no complaints what so ever, noise is about what you would expect, it's not super silent, but at this price point there's no surprise. This cost me £139, I wasn't expecting it to be silent or feel premium. However, it does actually feel pretty high end. The action of the motor is fairly smooth and not jerky at all. The heights are really good. One oddity, by no means a complaint, but the desk comes with a monitor shelf that goes on the back. Not something I intend to use, sadly for me it will go to waste, but for some a welcome surprise.
Title: Great Price-premium construction
Content: Got this as part of Spring Deals so around 80gbp. For that price less concern if it was a dud. Really pleasantly surprised on receipt. Well packed, great care on each item, good instructions and went together quickly. (There is one area, when fixing the table top to the base frame, the "Front" of the desk becomes the back), I did feel that companies that take such care over packing and protecting the product also have a good attitude to quality, it's the attention to detail that counts. Note also that the table top is a construct of 3 smaller panels which are then screwed by plates together to for the top, so there are 3 joints on the able to at 1/3 intervals along the width- It doesn't really seem noticeable, but it does have an impact on the ability of the centre to support weight- so no dancing or climbing on the table- but laptops & normal monitors- no problem. The rising dimensions of the table are exactly as stated, the risk/drop motor is a little leisurely, but relatively quiet and it progresses in a stately manner, no judders, hesitation. A small 5 button control panel sits on the RHS, controlling the operation- your preferred heights can be programmed (1 up/1 down) and when selected the motor drives tot he saved setting and stops. I am really surprised about the quality of this- it's extremely good at this price, the case and thought of the construction and the build quality of the components are commendable.
Title: Solid and good looking...
Content: it took me about two and a half hours to build and I found the instructions difficult to read (I'm 62). My wife and I spent a chunk of that time looking for a part that isn't needed and wasn't included. Once finished, the desk looks great. The motor is a bit noisy and the 'auto stop on collision' didn't stop me trapping my finger quite painfully between the desk and my wall mounted monitor, thanks to Her Nibs pressing a button 'to see what it did'. Now that the desk is finished, I'm very pleased with the result. The seam will be hidden by a huge mouse mat I have, that fills the desktop. The (flimsy) cable tidies work, and its cool being able to set the desk height to exactly what I need. I don't have any complaints about this desk, the fake wood looks nice, the motor works, but we still can't find the 'missing' piece...

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  • 【Perfect for the office or gaming setup】Alternating between standing and sitting with a sit stand desk allows you to keep your brain sharp and be more productive. An electric standing desk promotes better spinal flexibility and prevents back pain after prolonged sitting. This adjustable standing desk is suitable for working, studying, drawing, gaming, reading, and more.
  • 【Height Adjustable Desk】The height of this sit to stand desk can be easily adjusted between 72 cm and 117 cm. With a modern electric desk height adjustable mechanism, you can set two common heights, whether sitting or standing, all at the push of a button!
  • 【Sturdy Construction】Devoko electric standing desks are made of high-quality metal frames and T-shaped legs for added stability. Its motors have been tested more than 20,000 times to ensure durability, supporting up to a 70kg load. This ensures a reliable standing office desk environment.
  • 【2 Memory Heights】The Smart Control Panel on this rising desk allows for 2 programmed heights that adjust quickly and silently. Whether you prefer a stand up desk height or a sitting height, or even different settings for other family members, you can preset them with ease.
  • 【Quality Service】Our Devoko standing desk, comes with detailed installation instructions and tools. It's typically set up in under an hour. We offer a 5-year warranty on the motor. If you have questions, reach out any time, and expect a reply within 24 hours.
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