TestMarket - Unlock Savings on 68oz 7900 Cubic Feet Dehumidifiers

Unlock Savings on 68oz 7900 Cubic Feet Dehumidifiers

Jan 14, 2024 04:12 pm
Unlock Savings on 68oz 7900 Cubic Feet Dehumidifiers
Brand Name: DDVIVAL
Category: Dehumidifiers
Seller Name: DE humidifier-US
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Exclusive Savings for You! Get the 68oz 7900 Cubic Feet Dehumidifiers for Home Bathroom Room Basements at a Price Drop of 47.00$. Save Big on Your Purchase and enjoy a Limited Offer. Hurry, Limited Stock Available!

Title: no one wants dank noodles, perfect size and performance for humid pantry room
Content: Not a whole more to say beyond what the product page says. Kudos to them for including so much info; it is part of the reason why I chose it. I will describe what I am using it for and maybe that will help you make a decision. Try this if you have a small space you want to reduce humidity in. Very easy operation. Small dehumidifier that slowly pulls water from air and drops into container. Sometimes it is filling up quicker than other times. Depends on humidity. I bought this primarily for use in a small room that I keep my extended pantry. It doesnt get a lot of air flow, and it always feels a tad dank. I worry about humidity affecting noodles, pasta, rice, etc. I do not want danky noodles, so I have been purchasing those knock off damp rid containers. They work, they are only good for one time use. Even grabbing them at $ store has been adding up. I'm all like, I wish I could just have a tiny dehumidifier in this room. We have a huge one for the basement, but that would be overkill for the space I want this in. Then I took to searching on Amazon, and saw that there are indeed mini dehumidfiers on the martket. Who knew?! I chose this, took a chance. It works, yay! It's neat, and it works. Small, quiet, and it is fun to see the water droplets forming. Again, sometimes it appears to barely pull anything, other times it is building up. Definitely depends on the humidity level. quiet enough to have sitting next to me on side table and it does not make any distracting sound. So low that I only notice it when I actually turn it off. Very very quiet. Before I used it in the small room I bought it for, I tried it in my large living room next to me on the couch. It is definitely quiet. And although the room is huge (400 sq with a couple of doorways leading to hallways), I could see the drip drip drip of water collection. I wouldnt say that I felt any different. Didnt expect to. BUT, and this may be my imagination.. but when I turned it off, a few minutes later I noticed how extra hot the room felt. I wasnt looking for a difference. I was just done with having it "on" as I planned to bring it to the intended room shortly. SO yeh, it made a little difference on a hot humid day just by having it on next to me. It feels like it gets a little warm to the touch after awhile. I will continue to monitor that. I am hoping I can use this for several hours a day when needed. Has built in option for various light colors. Weird, but ok. I guess if I want to sit in my pantry room and.. stare at it, cool. lol. Anyway, it wasnt a deciding factor for me, but I like it. I guess if I had this in a room I hand out in, it could be a fun feature. I consider it a bonus feature. Can also have lights off. Easy to use direct from box. Just plug in, and press power button. So easy. 5 stars- I dont rate on price, but I thought it was a good price to see if it worked for my needs. It does, so I am all around happy at this time. Been using it about a week. So far so good. Will update if need be.
Title: Very quiet, works very well
Content: This is a great dehumidifier and I am very satisfied with it. I use it in the Bathroom and very pleased with its result. It's small enough and fits comfortably in my bathroom. Delivery was super fast. It was easy to set up and easy to use. It's very simple to empty the tank. This humidifier is efficient for taking moisture out of the air.
Title: Does the job in small spaces
Content: Unit works well in my grow room, it is small and easy to set up and drain. don't expect this unit to drop humidity much in a big room, this is for small spaces. Good quality, and the color change lights are a cool extra.
Title: Stopped working after about 10 months.
Content: Purchased two units earlier this year. Works well when it's working. One unit stopped working altogether and no longer pulls moisture from the air. The other unit makes a loud noise like the fan is going bad. Two year warranty but I can't find any info to submit a warranty claim. ***12/13/23 update***** Company reached out promptly after the review and delivered 2 new units. Can't speak on the new units but customer service is top notch. No hassle, they stand behind their products. I would def buy from them again.
Title: Great Product. Silent but deadly
Content: . As someone who values a comfortable and healthy living environment, this unit has exceeded all expectations From the moment I set it up, I was impressed with its modern and unobtrusive design. It seamlessly fits into any room without being an eyesore. The intuitive controls are a dream to use, allowing me to effortlessly customize humidity levels to my preference. This feature is particularly handy during changing seasons when moisture levels tend to fluctuate. One of the standout features is its exceptional efficiency. This dehumidifier works tirelessly to maintain an optimal humidity level, effectively preventing mold growth and dampness. Not only has it safeguarded my living space, but it has also contributed to improved indoor air quality. I've noticed a significant reduction in musty odors and an overall fresher atmosphere. The sizable water tank is another boon. I appreciate the infrequent need for emptying, thanks to its generous capacity. This convenience saves me time and effort, making the maintenance process a breeze. What truly sets this dehumidifier apart, however, is its whisper-quiet operation. Even when running on its highest setting, it remains impressively silent, allowing me to continue my daily activities without disturbance. This is a game-changer compared to other noisy models I've encountered.
Title: Good Dehumidifier
Content: Really good dehumidifier. I bought 1 for the RV And it worked so well I bought 2 more and I ordered an additional one for my friends RV Very easy monitoring of water collected and very easy to use. Automatic turn off when the unit gets full is a great feature. Very Satisfied with this product….. thank you

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  • 【Dehumidifier With Drain Hose】DDVIVAL Upgraded dehumidifier adopts Peltier technology and double cooling semiconductors to condense moist water molecules into water droplets, can effectively collect up to 42oz (1250ml) of water daily in a humid environment of 86°F and 80% RH. Powerful dehumidification -reduce humidity and keep it below 45%.
  • 【Dehumidifier with 4.9ft Drain Hose】The dehumidifier offers 2 ways of draining and comes with a removable 68oz (2000ml) water tank (Anti-scaling) that you can pull out water tank to empty or drain continuously through the 59" drain hose. Note: Dehumidification is not as effective ​when the temperature is below 59°F (15°C) or the humidity is below 35%. Recommended Environment: Temperature > 59°F, Humidity > 40%.
  • 【Auto Turn Off & Memory Function】The small Dehumidifiers is equipped with auto turn off and memory function to prevent full-water overflow, Protect equipment and furniture from damage. When the water tank is full, the red indicator light is always on to remind you to empty the water tank. If you remove the water tank and put it back again, the memory function recognizes the original setting and continues to work.
  • 【Safe-Energy Conservation & Ultra Quiet】Dehumidifiers for Bathroom has a built-in power supply to ensure the safe operation of the dehumidifier and low energy consumption (no more than 1 kilowatt a day). The dehumidifier for bedroom without a compressor, can creates 35dB whisper sleep environment.(A little noise when starting up, then the noise decreases and works steadily)
  • 【Portable & Space Saving】This home dehumidifier comes with a handle design and sizes: 7.9 x 5.4 x 13.9 in, ready for you to place anywhere: bedroom, basement, closet, RV. Dehumidifiers improve the air quality in your home and create a comfortable and healthy environment for you.
  • 【Professional Customer Service】DDVIVAL dehumidifiers offer 90 days free exchange and refund service and TWO-YEAR warranty. If you encounter any problems, please contact us directly first. We provide lifetime customer service and tech support. 24 hours a day to service you at any time.
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