TestMarket - Save Big on Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier - Limited Offer!

Save Big on Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier - Limited Offer!

Jan 14, 2024 02:47 pm
Save Big on Pro Breeze 12L/Day Dehumidifier - Limited Offer!
Brand Name: Pro Breeze
Category: Dehumidifiers
Seller Name: One Retail Group
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 2732
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Title: good compact dehumidifier
Content: it works really well and for its size it is really effective the noise is no worse than having a fan or similar but just a bit too loud for us for sleeping through, the night mode just seems to turn the lights off (which is still a very good thing) otherwise this is a really good unit, the size and weight make it easy enough to move about the house as needed and the tank is a better size than many large units plus has a lid that makes it a lot easier not to spill it everywhere carrying it to the sink when its really full oh and stupid things but there's a cutout in the lip of the tank so you can store the cable and plug neatly in there when the whole thing is packed away and not in use
Title: Fantastic dehumidifier
Content: I am so impressed by this dehumidifier. After buying (and returning) two much smaller and cheaper ones in quick succession, I decided that you get what you pay for and that I needed to invest in a proper bit of kit. I have a condensation problem, with water dripping off every surface when I have a shower. The water collecting underneath the toilet cistern had also caused a damp problem in the room directly underneath it. This is no longer a problem. The Probreeze dehumidifier significantly reduced the amount of steam and condensation, the toilet cistern was virtually dry even straight after a shower, and the steam on the windows cleared up very quickly. I have now used it in every room of the house and it has pulled off a LOT of water - 2 litres in about 10 hours in my kitchen alone. My kitchen cupboards no longer smell musty, and it can dry your washing more cheaply than a tumble dryer. It's very easy to operate and I like being able to set the desired humidity level for each room. It also automatically switches off when the water tank is full. Not using it in my bedroom, so not sure how quiet it is if you're trying to sleep. There are some minor niggles - the lead is too short, the water tank is too small, it's not easy to move around (it has castors, but you have to bend down to push it, and it's hard to move it across some surfaces) and quite heavy to lift - but I think how effective it is far outweighs any disadvantages.
Title: Has really helped with the damp in my bedroom
Content: I bought this dehumidifier because I have a leak in my bedroom ceiling which is taking forever to get repaired. It really helps to pull the excess moisture out of my bedroom in the evenings and gets rid of the chill. I have it on for 3-4 hours then switch it off when I'm ready for bed. It's quite loud so I can't leave it on all night when trying to sleep, even on the lower/ quieter setting. I've started to use it now in my spare room also where I hang my laundry during this cold wet weather. It helps to dry my lighter laundry in 5-6 hours but takes longer for jeans and other cotton items, duvet covers and towels. I need to regularly rearrange/ turn those damp items to help it along. It's not the most powerful dehumidifier if you want one solely for laundry drying. The controls are simple and I like the light sequence that changes from red, green to blue indicating at a glance the current room humidity level. You can also check the room temperature. The water tank isn't deep enough for my liking and is a bit fiddly to pull put when it's full (splashing out a bit of water in the process). Still, for the price and main purpose I bought it for, this dehumidifier is very effective.
Title: Quiet, efficient, low cost.
Content: This is a replacement for a broken dehumidifier. The unit is excellent. It is quiet, low wattage, and it is pulling 2 litres of water out of the air every day. It looks really smart, and the circular light on the front tells you at a glance what the humidity is. You can't adjust the direction of the flow of air, which is a shame when drying clothes on a clothes airer. But it's so efficient it doesn't really matter. Overall, really pleased.
Title: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant
Content: Does the job, empty it every day at present, it is a lot smaller than my old last one, not quite as noisy but still fairly noisy even on night mode. But it doesn't keep me awake, my dogs snooring does that but this is quiet enough not to disturb me. It is small enough that it doesn't look our of place in my room, it looks smart and I'm so happy with how much water it collects. Although slightly concerned that so much water is there in my house in the first place. Valuable item, I couldn't live without. Brilliant.
Title: Awesome dehudifier...but reservoir could be bigger.
Content: So...this device sucks huge amounts of water out of the atmosphere...Firstly I was a little shocked at the size of the condensate reservoir....it is 2 litres I think, and as this device generates 12l/24hrs of condensate at 80% humidity I think the reservoir is too small. There is a conduit that one can install that will drain the condensate 24/7 into a drain or container. In a very humid environment you will need to empty the tank every few hours or construct a drain system. Secondly this device is incredibly quiet. Way way more quiet than a fridge or freezer...it will happily hum away in the background condensing water, you won't hear it. The controls are good, touch sensitive and work well. The timer functon is excellent. It works as a delay or as a timer for switch-off....turn it on, press the timer four times for four hrs, and forget about it. The machine weighs 10 kgs....pick it up with two hands....carry it like a baby to the room of your choice and turn it on.... empty the tank into your watering can or iron and use the contents instead of pouring it down the drain. Great device but would have liked a larger reservoir.

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  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: This powerful Pro Breeze dehumidifier efficiently removes up to 12 litres of water per day with an ultra-efficient compressor, a 24-Hour on/off timer and an energy saving auto shut-off system. It is ideal for damp, mould, condensation and moisture in homes, garages and bathrooms. Running cost as low as 7p per hour (October 2022).
  • ULTRA-QUIET & COMPACT SIZE: With sound levels of less than 38dB, this compressor dehumidifier is a market-leader in low noise and operates extremely quietly. Work, read or sleep undisturbed as your dehumidifier works tirelessly to achieve your desired room humidity. In addition, it is extremely compact for a compressor dehumidifier and perfect for use in tight spaces.
  • AUTOMATIC HUMIDITY SENSOR: The dehumidifier automatically measures the ambient room humidity level and displays it on the digital LED display panel, allowing you to set your desired room humidity between 30-80%. Once this level has been reached, the dehumidifier will turn off to conserve energy.
  • DIGITAL LED DISPLAY & 24-HOUR TIMER: Programme the dehumidifier for bedroom to turn on or off at any time of the day or night using the 24 hour timer function. The easy-to-read screen allows you to control 3 operation modes including auto, continuous and sleep mode.
  • LARGE 2L WATER TANK: Features a large 2 litre water tank and a removable hose for continuous drainage, this dehumidifier can collect up to 12 litres per day without you needing to empty the tank. The dehumidifier is easily portable with 4 wheels included.
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