TestMarket - 🔥Hot Savings Alert🔥 NineSky Dehumidifier for Home, 30oz Water Tank - Limited Stock!

🔥Hot Savings Alert🔥 NineSky Dehumidifier for Home, 30oz Water Tank - Limited Stock!

May 20, 2024 02:38 pm
🔥Hot Savings Alert🔥 NineSky Dehumidifier for Home, 30oz Water Tank - Limited Stock!
Brand Name: NineSky
Category: Dehumidifiers
Seller Name: Fantasy Mall
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 3229
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Title: Quality
Content: Love this, great purchase and great value, it does a great job and easy to use. I have issues with my home have flooded in the past year twice, I have 4 of these distribute along the house, and they are compact enough that they are not an eye sore, they have color lighting they provide some light at night, it has two mode the day and night one, they are not too noisy.
Title: Works wonders!
Content: It was the perfect size for my guest bathroom. It doesn't take up a lot of space on the counter and does not make a lot of noise. I like how you can set the color to a color you like. It also helps with getting rid of all the moisture that is stuck in the room.
Title: Good product
Content: I don’t usually do reviews but, I’m a strong believer in the dehumidifier as a necessity for a home. This item works very well for my 150sqft room in an area that usually experiences 60-90% humidity most of the year. I genuinely think that a good dehumidifier can improve your quality of life and this one does the job for a smaller room without heating the room as a consequence. I own a lot of books and having a dehumidifier is essential in preventing mold and mildew, makes the room feel cooler, and my rugs and blankets feel less damp. Over all this is a great product for the price, the water reservoir is reasonable for the size, the sound is soft enough to not become tedious, and the compact size makes it so it’s not obtrusive or overly prevalent in my space. It is important to note that the dehumidifier has an on off feature that is touch based, but the product does not automatically turn off when reservoir is removed. I am unsure if it would stop when the reservoir is full, I’m sure it would, maybe, but I haven’t gotten that far with it yet (I usually dump it out once a day, but it could run for three days before I get concerned with the capacity)
Title: Works great in our small bathroom
Content: We are renovating a house currently and found that it has some serious damp issues in all the closets and the small upstairs bathroom. We do have a large whole house dehumidifier on the main floor which helps a lot, but it doesn't quite get the bathroom or the closet areas. I researched dehumidifiers and settled on this unit for the bathroom and desiccant dehumidifiers for all the small closet spaces. I mainly chose this unit due to the great reviews and because it is aesthetically pleasing compared to other similar units. After placing it in the bathroom to see how well it worked, I was pleasantly surprised at its output. We are having to change it every 2 days -- which is about 40 oz of water pulled from the air. This is from a small 5x7 bathroom space that is used every day. I didn't expect such a small unit to be as efficient as the large models, so this was a decent amount of dehumidification given its size (in my opinion). It has seriously helped with the damp smell in the bathroom which was the biggest concern, so I'm pleased with that. I like the options of changing the LED light colors or even switching them to dark (which sometimes I do if the light from under the door keeps me up at night). I love the look of the colorful LED light cycling during the waking hours so I leave it on most of the time. The unit itself is a nice size and we actually just put built-in shelves that can accommodate it when we have guests and want it off the floor. It might be okay staying on the shelf full-time, however, I worry that it would lose efficiency due to the lack of air circulation (only a few inches behind it and a few inches above). It is so attractive that I don't mind it being out most of the time anyway. There is a slight bit of heat output from the unit, but nothing significant and the plug is a nice power supply plug that doesn't get overly hot. Lastly, the water bin is a breeze to empty and clean unlike other units I've had in the past. The lid comes completely off and you can clean it out easily in the sink. Overall, I highly recommend this dehumidifier for SMALL spaces or as an auxiliary dehumidifier. Do your research on how much you need to actually dehumidify and plan your devices accordingly. For us, a large whole house dehumidifier on the main floor with a few small units was perfect for our 2 story, 1,800 sq ft home. I wouldn't plan to use this unit in anything larger than an enclosed 5x7 space and expect results.
Title: Very nice dehumidifier!
Content: The dehumidifiers that I bought are very nice and works really well! They are doing a great job with the moisture in my home! I bought 1 large, and 2 smaller ones and every where I put them is pulling the e moisture out. My home feels more comfortable with these. Well built and I like that you can put it at a sleep mode and it still works just as good, sleep mode is quieter for the night. Quality is very good!
Title: it works but limited
Content: does not feel it make sure a difference

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  • [Advanced Home Dehumidifiers]: Our dehumidifiers use semiconductor condensing technology with quiet working characteristics to effectively remove moisture from the air, creating a comfortable home environment for you.
  • [Simple Control Panel]: This home dehumidifier has only 2 control buttons, one is the ON/OFF switch and the other is the light control, getting rid of the complicated design and a lot
  • [7 Ever-Changing Colorful Lights]: Our dehumidifiers has 3 options for LED lights: 1: When the dehumidifier is on, it has 7 ever-changing lights;2: The first time you click "Light Control", it can be steadily set on your favorite color; 3: The second time you click "Light Control", the lights will be turned off
  • [Automatic Shut-off and Overflow Prevention]: Our smart dehumidifier has an automatic shut-off function when the water is full: firstly the warning sound will sound 5 times; at the same time the red light will come on and flash, then the dehumidifier will automatically shut off. It is safe and convenient when you are not at home
  • [Space Saving and Portable Room Dehumidifier]: Our small dehumidifier measures about: 6.1(L)*6.1(W)1*9.25(H) inches, net weight about: 3.2 pounds, with built-in handle, you can easily move it anywhere you want, perfect for controlling humidity in small rooms, such as bedroom, bathroom, basement, RV, etc.
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