TestMarket - Exclusive Promo: UltraGlass UNBREAK 9H Glass for iPhone 15 Screen Protector - Time-Limited Discounts!

Exclusive Promo: UltraGlass UNBREAK 9H Glass for iPhone 15 Screen Protector - Time-Limited Discounts!

Jan 15, 2024 11:40 am
Exclusive Promo: UltraGlass UNBREAK 9H Glass for iPhone 15 Screen Protector - Time-Limited Discounts!
Brand Name: UltraGlass
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Snag Your Discount Today! Shop and Save Now on the Military Grade Shatterproof Screen Protector for iPhone 15. Limited-Time Promo: Up to % Off. Claim Yours Now and Enjoy Extra Savings Today! Don't Miss Out on this Time-Sensitive Deal! Old Price: 30.99$. New Price: 24.97$. Discount: 19.00$. Discount percent: %. Saving: 6.02$.

Title: Best Protector, EASIEST Install!! FINALLY, somebody did this RIGHT.
Content: First, to be clear: I'm not getting anything from UltraGlass here. In fact, this is officially my very *first* Amazon review! But I had to write in. Like everyone, I've used many different screen protectors on phones down through the years. And I can honestly say: the UltraGlass iPhone 15 Series protector is the best I've ever purchased - BY FAR. The product and the installation kit solve the problems that all other screen protectors have. First and foremost, the installation: We all know just what a HUGE pain it is to put a screen protector on a phone. Of course you have to clean the phone thoroughly, sure - and UltraGlass provides great stuff for doing this. They give you a wet wipe, dry wipe, and dust tape, all good quality and sufficiently large for a big phone like the 15 Pro Max. But the REAL issue has always been: getting the protector perfectly aligned with the phone, AND the adhesive shield pulled off, AND laying it down exactly right on the phone without catching dust or lint or bubbles or being even slightly misaligned. It's almost impossible to do it right. The UltraGlass kit has SOLVED THIS!! The protector comes mounted in a large rubber gasket that fits exactly over the phone. So after you clean the phone, you slip on the gasket, and dust and junk is sealed OUT. The gasket also aligns the protector PERFECTLY, no guessing or squinting (if your eyes are old like mine). This alone is a wonder. And THEN, you can just pull a tab that extends from the gasket, and the seal comes OUT, and the glass goes ON - all by itself! It's almost magical. Completely effortless, and PERFECT installation. I did need to squeegee out a few bubbles - but UltraGlass includes a VERY nice wiper for doing this - it's strong, wide, and covered with soft cloth. It was a piece of cake - in fact, kinda fun! Second, the quality: The big downside of putting a screen protector on your phone has always been that it degrades the quality of image a little, AND it never feels as smooth and responsive as the phone's naked screen does. So it's a compromise. But this is NOT TRUE with the UltraGlass! This screen protector looks and feels EXACTLY like the glass on the phone - in fact, it's truly invisible. The edges are beveled, and blend perfectly with the existing screen. You'd never be able to tell it's on there - it feels just as slick, smooth and responsive as the naked screen does, and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR. The image is fantastic, worthy of the incredible screen that Apple put on the iPhone 15. I've NEVER seen a screen protector that looks as good, works as well, or is easier to install (perfectly!) than this one. I'll never buy a different brand. I bought one for my wife's phone, and I'm going to get two for my parents' phones as well. The fact that they have a LIFETIME warranty (hint, you have to register for it) and excellent and responsive customer service is an even better bonus. NOW: UltraGlass, will you PLEASE make a screen protector for my iPad Pro? I've been looking for the right one for ages, and now you've spoiled me! I want UltraGlass protectors on all my touchscreen devices!
Title: Clean phone and a clean install! This is the one!
Content: I don't know why I included a picture because this screen protector is INVISIBLE!! Edge to edge and ZERO Bubbles.. I've always had phones with a bubble. I finally upgraded to the new 15 pro max and wanted a screen protector worthy of this beautiful display. I bought my usual brand and it had big gaps, wanted to go on crooked and had bubbles. I had a SE 2022 before and i guess a much larger screen was harder to line up and install evenly. SO I found this gem...and I was impressed from the start! Great packaging/unboxing experience; the QR code takes you right to a video for install, written directions and a way to setup your warranty. Perfect! It included a wet wiper to clean, a great microfiber to dry/dust, then a sticker to grab any residual dust, PLUS the install frame method is made to use electrostatic energy to get rid of any dust that could have somehow lingered!! THIS IS THE CLEANEST PHONE screen I've ever had. Then the install is like when a magician pulls the tablecloth away and the dishes are left in place. Just rip the tab, wait and watch the screen "sink" into your phone..When I removed the frame, I thought the protector came off.. NOPE..just so invisible on my phone..edge to edge..perfectly placed and felt buttery smooth. I challenge you in person to find the edge of this thing. WOW!! Support emailed me to make sure I was happy with my product and had any questions etc..SUPER experience. The squeegie included is very nice and even has some felt or microfiber on the "blade". I didn't need it, but I'll save it should i ever need to use the 2nd one. I have a feeling I won't. I do vinyl decals, so maybe I'll use it for that!! Bonuses already! Get this brand! You are done searching and comparing. Go find something else cool.. magsafe stuff is cool. You found your screen protector if you are reading this! Enjoy! Thanks y'all for a nice price on a superior product! Always appreciated
Title: Amazing product, outstanding customer service!!
Content: This UltraGlass screen protector is amazing. Fits my iPhone 15 pro perfectly! Extremely durable as l have dropped my phone many times & it still looks perfect!! No problems putting my Case-Mate case on w screen protector in place. The first protector was attached to an installation frame. Good install instructions and went on my husbands phone perfectly. Very easy! The second screen (there are 2 in the box) had to be attached to the frame before install. I had a little bit of trouble with getting screen attached to frame. I managed to get it on but there were a few small bubbles under the glass. I tried to remove them according to instructions but couldn’t do it. They were really small so l was just going to live w it. Make sure you go online to register the lifetime warranty!! I was completing the registration & mentioned the air bubbles. I got an email back w an apology & they wanted my address to send me a brand new one!! Sure enough a few days later l got a brand new two-pack in the mail!! That’s what I call outstanding customer service!! Since the bubbles are small l decided not to switch it out & will save it in case they get worse or screen protector breaks. This product was a bit expensive but worth every penny!! Highly recommended!!
Title: Best screen protector I've ever installed
Content: Just had to share my excitement about the UltraGlass screen protector – it's a total game-changer! This screen protector covers my phone from edge to edge and recently saved the day when it took a tumble – the screen stayed flawless. The 9H+ hardness is like armor against scratches and everyday chaos in my bag. It's been holding up amazingly well, still crystal clear after a good while. Installation was a breeze, and it looks sleek and professional – no bubbles or hassle. Honestly, I can't find a single downside. This screen protector is the real deal. If you want to keep your iPhone 15 Pro Max looking brand new, this is the way to go. Cheers to UltraGlass for making such a killer product!
Title: Excelente opción de los mejores que conozco.
Content: Instalación excelente, de los mejores que conozco. Únicamente creo que hay opciones con mejor respuesta táctil… la verdad.
Title: I love this!
Content: Aplicación fue muy sencilla, lamentablemente durante la primera que puse se metió justo una partícula, estaba preocupado pues decía en varias reviews que se perdía sensibilidad, pero a comparación de mi mica anterior esta se siente más responsiva.

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  • 🥇【Unbreakable TOP 9H+ Glass, As your iPhone's 2nd Screen】Boasting unparalleled shatterproofness and durability, it's designed specifically for the iPhone screen [What makes its excellent performance] Top 9H+ Tempered Glass material is the core, which is widely used in aerospace and military for its ①Shatterproof ②Scratch & Wear Resistant ③Durability is 7-8 times superior to others. Thus, 9H+ Glass creates a 2nd tough screen for your iPhone!
  • 🥇【Industry NO.1 Military Grade Shatterproof】 Authorized by International Military Standard with 12 rigorous engineering tests of 220lbs impact, 8ft drops, 10000+ scratch tests, its strength, toughness and durability perform NO.1 among all glass.
  • 💎【Invisible Protection, 1:1 Covers the iPhone's Screen】Simulating iPhone's screen design, UltraGlass envelops the screen's every curve with a reinforced 1:1 3D curved black edge, getting the most vulnerable screen edge fully covered. Also, it is visually invisible as it blends seamlessly with the screen!
  • 🥇【Revolutionary Auto- Dusting & Adhesive - So Easy Installation】Includes everything you need with innovative automatic positioning, dust removal, and absorption technology, making the installation is just effortlessly easy in seconds. Anyone can be an expert in applying this Screen Protector iPhone without Air Bubbles or Imperfections. Plus, our specialists are always online for you. Say goodbye to the annoying flaws.
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