TestMarket - Exclusive Deal: Veise Fingerprint Door Lock Set - Save 38%!

Exclusive Deal: Veise Fingerprint Door Lock Set - Save 38%!

May 20, 2024 01:08 pm
Exclusive Deal: Veise Fingerprint Door Lock Set - Save 38%!
Brand Name: Veise
Category: Deadbolts
Seller Name: Phenixnn
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 1602
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Grab Your Exclusive Savings on the Veise Fingerprint Door Lock Set before it's gone! This Keyless Entry Door Lock features Front Door Handle Sets, an Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with Lever Handle, 2 Keys, Auto Lock, and Easy Install in Matte Black. Don't miss out on this limited offer - Get Your Discount Today and Save 90$!

Title: High quality and great looking keypad door lock
Content: The installation of my new door handle and deadbolt were very easy, and took me no longer than 45 minutes to install and program codes and fingerprints. Mine was a replacement, and not a new installation, so I did not need to drill any holes, or chisel any cutouts for any of the plates. The fit was pretty good, although the square hole cover plate for the inside door handle didn’t quite cover the hole cutout on the inside. It doesn’t look bad, and is something I may try to go back and fix by taking the handle back off and patching the outer edge of the hole with something. I will attach a picture to show exactly what it looks like from the inside. Door handle and deadbolt lock are very high quality, sturdy, attractive, and seem to be made to last! The satin nickel finish is gorgeous, and has a clear coating that should help it hold up well to the outdoor elements. The lock is very easy to program, and to set up all your keypad codes and fingerprints. The lock functions perfectly, and unlocks the door flawlessly every time the code is entered or when your fingerprint is scanned. The auto lock feature is very nice, and automatically locks the door at a set time interval from the time you unlock the deadbolt from the inside. The lock mechanism operates very quietly, but you can definitely hear when the door unlocks or locks, which is reassuring when you leave your house or come back inside after being away. So far I am not really sure how good the battery life is for the door lock. It takes four AA batteries, and I used high quality long life batteries, so I am hoping I don’t need to change them too often, but I’m sure the life of the batteries depends a lot on how often the door is locked and unlocked. Overall the purchase of this lockset has been a very good experience for me. I love the appearance, build quality, and functionality of this unit. The price was very good too, and I received $30 off through Amazon on my purchase!
Title: Great Lock Set, Easy Installation and Programming
Content: I purchased the keypad door lock to replace one that was broken. Certainly, I was a bit concerned that this one would fit in the same location without me having to drill new holes or modify the door in any way. Having performed a lot of woodwork, this would not have been a problem for me, but I just would rather not need to do that. I know that most of the measurements are “standard” and this made me a bit more comfortable. When I received the lock and handle system, I carefully read through the instructions just to be sure I didn’t miss something. The only thing I had to do was increase the depth of the hole in the door jamb for the deadbolt. Not a big issue and about a 2-minute job with a 1-inch paddle drill. I certainly appreciated that the lower bolt on the door handle is adjustable (this was not mentioned in the write-up, but is often standard on better quality lock sets). This eliminated my having to drill a new lower handle hole. Other than the door jamb, I did not have to drill anything else. The strike plate had square corners and the one I replaced had round corners. No big deal, as a couple minutes with a Dremel tool took care of that. I found this lock set to be of very high quality and simple to install. The instructions on the deadbolt installation were very clear and easy to follow. The key on installation was to look at the pictures carefully so as to route the wires through the door correctly. A neat feature is the manner in which the deadbolt automatically determines if the door is right-handed or left-handed. That was a nice surprise and worked like a charm. If you are careful and follow the directions, you will have no issues with this. As an engineer, I thought this was a nice design feature with the electronics and made the installation fool proof. The only things I felt should have been included in the package and were not were the long screws for the secondary strike plate (the heavy one behind the visible one in the door frame for the deadbolt). I did not have an issue however, as I just used the ones from the old installation. If this was a new installation, I would have had to run to the hardware store to get these two long screws. Not really a big deal and easily done, but I was just surprised. The whole job went together effortlessly and is a nice-looking installation. High quality, nice looking, and easily to install. The programming of fingerprints, codes, etc. was easy and accomplished in a few short minutes. I certainly would not hesitate to purchase this lock set. As you can see in the photo, all I have to do is wait until spring when it warms up a bit and repaint the door!
Title: Nice design but questionable build quality
Content: The media could not be loaded. I really liked this product and it was easy to install. However, less than a year later I found myself locked out of my house and unable to open my door because the internals of the handle part of this set came undone. Attached to this review is a video depicting what was going on inside my door. The "spinning bar" somehow came loose! If I tighten down the screws extremely tight the door will work again. However, I've lost all faith in the handle and feel as though I can't trust it any longer. I've already replaced it. I do want to compliment the pin pad portion of this set. I'm keeping that part installed because it's still functioning fine and dependable. My only complaint with that piece is that it didn't seem to give us any sort of warning that the batteries were getting low. Randomly one day we just started up hear this low volume high pitched squeal coming from the lock and took that as a sign the batteries needed to be replaced. Other than that I like the lock portion and will continue to use it. Update on Feb 3, 2024: I need to take a moment to praise the maker of this door handle set. Even though I had bought this handle set almost a full year before leaving my review, within 24 hours of writing my review the company reached out to me apologizing for my experience and offering a refund or replacement. You never see companies doing that. So, kudos to this company for having such great customer service and integrity. I raised my star rating from 3 to 4 stars after this interaction. This experience makes me comfortable buying from them again.

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  • Keyless Entry Deadbolt with Handle Set: Veise smart door lock has 3 ways to unlock, 20 fingerprints + 20 passcodes + 2 keys (No App or Wi-Fi required). Fingerprint door lock identifies your fingerprint in 0.3 s and unlocks your door in 1 s. Your Finger is the key.
  • Auto Lock & One Touch Lock: The electronic keypad deadbolt can set to be locked automatically in 10-99s after the door closed. It can be also locked from outside by pressing and holding any key for 2 s.
  • Keypad Door Lock with Handle: The door lock with high-quality deadbolt is tested ANSI Grade 3 and BHMA. The matte black handleset adds classy and unique style to your home.
  • One-time Password & Anti-Peeking Password: One-time password assigned to temporary visitors, which is automatically deleted after use. Moreover, the Anti-peeking password protect your password from being peeped and secure to your home.
  • Easy Installation & Quality Guarantee: The door lock can be easily installed in minutes with just a screwdriver. Quality Assurance: Veise offers at least 1-year warranty and lifetime online phone support from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM PST and 24/7 after-sales email service.
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