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🔥 Flash Deal in Progress! Grab Your Autonomous Discount Now for Only 6.50£

Jun 15, 2024 09:46 pm
🔥 Flash Deal in Progress! Grab Your Autonomous Discount Now for Only 6.50£
Category: Cyberpunk
Seller Name: smeikalbooks
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 3979
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Title: Gripping, maybe important
Content: This story of people and freedom has a fairly conventional techno-thriller in which the freedom fighters are a bit more compromised that you might expect and the villains much more so. It also continues old speculation about what it means to be a person - asks hard questions very lightly.
Title: Enthralling plot, clever science, great characters and a vivid world; would definitely recommend.
Content: ___OVERVIEW___ In a world of mature and advanced biotechnology humans regularly use drugs to prolong youth, upgrade themselves, change appearance and increase their functionality or productivity for work. It isn't a world of equals; everything has a price, some can't afford medicine, and many humans begin life as 'indentured' slaves - traded like property as they work their way to earn a 'franchise' which gives them freedom. Judith 'Jack' Chen is a new variety of robin-hood, reverse engineering big-pharma's wonder drugs to sell bootlegged copies to poor regions and hospitals. Once a prodigy of biotechnology her experience of the world drives her to become a black/grey market rebel reminiscent of our 1970s anarchists. Usually working under the radar she suddenly finds herself amidst the front-line when a drug she bootlegs turns out to have illegal properties and sideffects which were covered up by the corporation which made it. ___REVIEW___ For me this book was excellent. I was drawn in by storytelling which by nature of the plot had a fast moving quality and intensity which was totally unforced. The world and circumstances around the characters is vivid and believable; so much it could be a slightly 'over-exposed' scary prophecy of things to come... The characters - their hurts, motivations, frustrations, desires, contradictions - are authentic and their situations definitely relatable to present day. The science itself, well it walks the line of clearly being boundless fantasy but with streaks of realism which make it feel possible. The book opens up many questions on the ethics of freedom and identity, also the relation of consumer-corporate and corporate-government; the ambiguity of these interactions is explored - one person may see another as unwittingly supporting a corrupt regime, others may see that same regime as good for the world. Overall outstanding book - 5 star by a margin; it makes a lot of other literature look very small and plain in comparison. Would recommend for any lover of sci-fi, science or fantasy.
Title: Unconvincing and badly needs a rewrite
Content: The glowing endorsements led me to believe that this book might be something memorable, and indeed, all the ingredients are in place for a top notch story. It boasts an interesting cast of characters, a promising evil pharma conspiracy, sentient AI robots and a dystopian society where both people and bots are indentured in a highly unequal society. I settled down for what I hoped would be a good read. I was sorely disappointed. Instead of ramping up the chase and giving the cast something thrillingly intelligent to do, the self absorbed characters fail to live up to their potential and argue, navel gaze about the past, failed relationships, broken dreams and the misery of servitude while the plot plods towards a resolution. The author skates uncertainly over the science and the action and there is no feel that we are in a future society. Newitz clearly hasn't set foot in a high tech biochemistry lab or worked with real scientists and her vision reads like an assembly from a tv shows and other fiction. Perhaps this is why she dwells on weirdly unconvincing sexual liaisons, skipping the 'get to know you part' and launching straight into the intimacy. It's toe curling, especially that between the pursuing military agent and his indentured bot. I'm sure there was supposed to be some great insight but I failed to spot it.
Title: Jack the Giant killer
Content: Jack takes on a mega drug company winning and losing friends including robots in the process... always pursued by an agent from the patents corporation and his robot lover. Believable and entertaining.
Title: genre therapy
Content: somebody on amazon gave this a bad review and said they should stick to reading Neal Asher - and i knew I would love Annalee Newitz novel, because it's smart, emotionally literate scifi. As opposed to the sort of SF based on rehashed 'manly men in space' themes. the plot is as muscular and action-packed as any airport thriller; characters live on subs, military bases, and outlaw science research centers. There are shades of Vernor Vinge's Deepness In The Sky, as the characters fight around a work-enhancing drug. given all this, what's not to like (if youre a libertarian puppy lover)? Well, unlike deep future fantasy, this book acknowledges that our current worldview is flawed, and shows us where our bad judgement could lead us: mass enslavement and overly powerful corporate entities. Add in some brutal policing and gender-fludity, and you can see why some people dont want this book to represent SF. tough; the future of the genre is more books that are relevant, and less books about tin men in space
Title: Good Sci Fi - credible, engaging a good read.
Content: Credible characters and plot possibly even an accurate vision of what a future could be laced with very human subplots.

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