TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: SUNUV UV LED Nail Lamp - 50% Off!

Limited Time Offer: SUNUV UV LED Nail Lamp - 50% Off!

May 20, 2024 09:53 am
Limited Time Offer: SUNUV UV LED Nail Lamp - 50% Off!
Brand Name: SUNUV
Category: Curing Lamps
Seller Name: SUNUV
Rating: 4.50
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Title: Great little lamp -- going on over a year!
Content: This is a tentatively positive review -- I come back and edit purchase reviews if they either don't last or are lasting exceptionally well, even after years of having the item. (EDIT: see bottom of post for happy update! :) ) I bought this and received it yesterday, after a really annoying transaction with a local nail salon where they did sloppy work and skipped a step so my gels were peeling off within two days. Thought to myself "I have steady hands, how hard can this be?" Last night I used the Gelish pH coat, foundation coat, Gelish polish and top coat with the SunUV 24W LED lamp. Here's the breakdown. This cute little thing was super easy to use. Not being sure my first time and not wanting to mess it up, I cured each coat under the lamp for close to 2 minutes just to be sure...next time I'll try just 60 seconds and then maybe 30 to see. You can definitely feel the warmth of the tiny bulbs: it's not HOT, just warm so that you know it's working. I don't think there's anything "UV" about it, I think it's all LED, but I didn't stare at it anyway. I did my thumbs separately because despite the curve of the lamp, I wasn't sure if it would get all of my thumbnail along with the four fingers due to the way my thumb naturally points down (edit: after 10 months having it now, I can say just put your whole hand in, it does all fingers and thumb equally at the same time). One thing that was odd about the lamp was that it felt ever so slightly like my nails were burning -- but only after the top coat! Not a single other layer felt like that! And I had four opportunities to feel it...two sets of four fingers, two separate thumbs...felt a tiny bit weird for just a couple of seconds and then the sensation quit. I don't know what that means, I don't know that I really care, it wasn't super painful and didn't seem to hurt my skin at all. If all my nails fall off in a couple of months I'll be back here to complain. (edit: comment from Lawrence below was correct -- if you get the burning sensation take your hand out immediately for a second, blow on it, and stick it back in. It's just an initial reaction and won't continue after that) It's only been one day but my nails do look fabulous and seem to be rock solid like after a salon visit, so I'm extremely pleased. To anyone grousing about stickyness -- are you making sure you thoroughly wipe your finished nails down with alcohol? That's THE final step, you're not done till you do that and it WILL be tacky if you don't. EDIT: going on 5 days now, still no chips despite some pretty harsh housework. EDIT 5/15/17 (3 months in): I love my little lamp! I'm so impressed with it. No bulbs have burnt out so far, all the timed and automatic features are still working great, and the effectiveness hasn't diminished. Even if it kicked the bucket tomorrow, I'd re-buy for the great price. I've gotten months of fun out of it already with great looking, salon-hard nails. It's so worth it for a little "me" time, without having to get out of my house to the salon. I put a towel down on my bed and the lamp over it, and watch a movie while I do my nails. Probably one of the best things I've ever bought off Amazon so far. I do NOT need to do it for the auto-90-seconds, I just do about 30 seconds per coat. EDIT 12/4/17 (10 months!): I can't believe this thing is still working! No bulbs out, still curing beautifully. I take back what I said about just 30 seconds per coat though...I do believe that for maximum staying power, 90 seconds is best, 60 seconds minimum. I noticed that my nails were peeling after just four days when I only did 30 seconds per coat. EDIT 5/9/18 (over the year mark!): Definitely one of my best Amazon purchases. Still working its little heart out on a bi-weekly basis. I have such weak, oily nails I do sometimes get a little peeling around the 1-week mark, but it was like that for me at salons too. Easy enough to just soak the chipped nail off and paint a new one on. This is the ONLY way I can grow nails. EDIT 8/21/19 -- Y'all, I don't know how this thing's still going for the price I paid for it, but I'm astounded. Love my lamp, love my nails!
Title: Love
Content: Great lamp for at home use. So far used it 2x. Works great!! Portable, easy to use, easy to store away and lightweight. 1st time doing my own gel polish. Saving money is a huge plus. Nail salons are charging way too much these days.
Title: So easy to use
Content: East to use, very compact! I am so glad I made this small investment for my nails! Works great!
Title: Stopped working in less than a month
Content: Okay, so, at first I was super discouraged with this product as it stopped working out of nowhere after owning for only a month. . However the company was very helpful after my reaching out, and are sending a new one at no cost. We will see if this one continues to work! Now for the product review, not considering the defect: This light is simple to use. It works well, only have to go for about 90 seconds to get nails fully cured/dried (I use beetles polish primarily). This is great and very close to salon quality. I have had dip nails, shellac nails and acrylics for years via the salon. After a year and a half of having my son around, I have decided to start doing my own nails to cut a lot of cost, and this light seems to be a great part in being able to do that. The light turns on automatically (motion sensing) as well as a 30 second and a 60 second setting so you don’t have to keep track of time. The only con that I can think of is that it is powered by outlet. Overall, especially with the fantastic customer service, this product is great.
Title: Does the job
Content: Literally works great and dries the gel !!! and a plus is that it isn’t bulky !
Title: Great For Price
Content: Like many others, I decided to buy my own during Covid because there were no nail shops, figured it was a good time to figure it out! Then I kept doing it, because A.) tired of paying WAY too much at a nail salon and B.) tired of shotty craftmanship.. I figure for WAY less.. I can mess them up myself lol. . then I thought I was "treating myself" a couple times to getting it done "by a pro" and honestly.. I cannot even express how dissapointed I am. I have spent months getting my nails "finally" shaped into a perfect oval.. and not only is that shape GONE!! they are now horrifcly shapen. . what could almost be almonds if you squint.. smh.. but also I realized I do a better job, all the way around. My hands were not smooth, my feet were not smooth, my toenails weren't shaped nice either.. Literally NEVER again am I going to a nail shop. That being said.. I literally bought this lamp in the spring of 2020, like April-May . . and IT STILL WORKS just like it did.. Now I have read some of the se reviews and see people talking about 30 and 60 seconds.. which makes ZERO sense to me, I have to push the 60s button at least 4 times, so.. there's that, but they LAST! Since then I have created a whole thing.. I have hand soak, foot soak, and all kinds, slowly over time, grabbing this and that.. but honestly, it's meditative and it's a nice way to connect with yourself and just spend some time on self love.. It's kind of part of my "me time" and I dig it. Haven't really done my friends, but I wouldn't mind having a girl day here and there and doing each others nails! If you're thinking about it . . just do it. You can actually find really cool packages now that include all kinds of buffers, files, burshes and clippers, then packages that include all the polishes you like, various coats, and tons of other stuff - You can literally set up your own home shop for less than ONE TRIP to the salon for a many/pedi.. and then do your own for over a year without having to buy anything else.. That's what's up! Search: buffer, file, nail brush with handle variety pack gel nail base, top coat, colors and lamp set gel nail starter sets and you'll find TONS of cool package deals! Have fun ;)

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  • Quick Drying & Auto Sensor: SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer with UV+LED dual light source shorten curing time and cure all gels in 60s. Automatic sensor, no need to press any keys and work for 99s. Ideal for home and salon use, it takes your manicure and pedicure experience to a whole new level!
  • Curing All Nail Gel Polishes: This uv light for nails fast cure all gel nail polishes, e.g.base coat, top coat, color gel, hard gels, builder, acrylic, sculpture gel, gem glue etc. (not for regular nail polish) No bottom plate, cures 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time.
  • Save Your Money: Protable and easy to use, perfect for DIY nail enthusiasts, enjoy DIY nails at home instead of going to the salon. The uv gel nail lamp also a perfect gift for your friends and family
  • Safe & User-friendly Design: SUN9C curing lamp has no harm to eyes and skin. Lightweight, powerful, time saving, compact design, easy to use and clean.
  • SUNUV Trusted Nail Lamp Brand: SUNUV specialized in developing salon grade UV LED nail lamps for years, favored and trusted by nail lovers, this item provides 12 Months Customer Service. Please contact us if you have any problem.
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