TestMarket - Limited Time Offer! Insulated Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Kit with 15% Off

Limited Time Offer! Insulated Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Kit with 15% Off

Jun 15, 2024 09:53 pm
Limited Time Offer! Insulated Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Kit with 15% Off
Brand Name: Preciva
Category: Crimpers
Seller Name: AutumnRN
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 5322
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Don't Miss Your Chance to Save on this Insulated Wire Terminal Crimping Tool Kit from Preciva. This Ratchet Crimping Plier set includes 350 Insulated Butt Bullet Spade Ring Crimp Connectors in Orange. Get your Cable Lug Pliers Electrician Crimping Tool Set now for only 19.54£, down from the original price of 22.99£. Save 3.45£ and enjoy extra savings today!

Title: Super quality tooling
Content: I bought this tool having been very impressed with Preciva's ferrule crimping kit, also bought through amazon. As with the ferrule crimping tool, I was very impressed with this kit even before opening the box. The tool and box of crimps arrived very well packaged in what appears to be a purpose made cardboard box. Within the box was a sealed box of crimps and the crimping tool in a blister pack. Immediately, out of the packet, it was clear that this crimping tool was as good quality as the previous tool I'd bought. Again, a nice tight mechanism with very little play and it appears that the plastic handles have been carefully made with smooth and comfortable edges and barely any seam lines - nothing of any note when held in the hand. It seems that care has been taken to make sure that this tool gives a quality feel - something I've not been used to with tools of a similar price from other brands. Again, the normal functions are present - ratchet release between the handles, which requires a little handle pressure to use and cam-based pivot adjustment to trim up the jaws if you were to experience any play due to wear over the longer term. The plastic handles are also rigidly attached to the tool, no sign of slippage here, even when pulled hard. On to the crimps - there is a good range of crimps within the hand box. All sizes and quantities are listed on the card (photographed) and it's very handy to have a good range of ring, bullet, spade and butt splice crimps in all three sizes. Adds extra value to this already great value package. In initial testing, I used the blue crimps on some 1.5mm earth cable and the yellow crimps on some 6mm earth cable. Both gave good tight results. I was able to tug hard on the cable without any signs of slippage. As mentioned by another reviewer, it's harder to complete the crimp on the smaller dimensions, just taking a bit of extra hand pressure, but nothing unworldly - all expected and just a matter of leverage. In terms of practical use, it's important to have a trustworthy tool when working in the field. This tool certainly appears to be of substantial build quality, with everything lining up correctly.
Title: Was sceptical, but now impressed
Content: I use this professionally, I was worried, as branded ones cost £45+ and won’t break (that’s the hope anyway) I considered this ‘cheap’ and therefore no good, but tough times made me go for it… its very good, it does its job and hasn’t broken. The box of crimps are a great bonus, criticisms I’ve seen about the box being flimsy plastic is true however, I would either decant them into another container or just be delicate with the box, the crimps and the crimper are the important thing and they are excellent for the price, the box is unfortunately is designed not to be permanent, but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker.
Title: It's good as an entry level tool
Content: Got this for the house so I couldn't keep using the excuse I'd left my tools at work...It's decent quality and provides pretty reliable crimps. The crimps themselves are a little hit and miss but that's expected at the price range. If you're crimping connectors on it's a fair assumption you know what to look for in a connection so it shouldn't be an issue as there's plenty in the pack.
Title: Good quality low price.
Content: These are solid crimpers for the money. In the hand they feel robust and of good quality, The handles are tight and comfortable, There is not much play in the mechanism and they operate straight! Also the colour code on the side is actually correct which makes a nice change as cheap crimpers are usually marked up wrong!! I tried both crimps out of the included set and SWA branded ones I get from the wholesaler all crimped on nice and tight and I was unable to pull them off. The crimps in the set are slightly thinner than the SWA ones but there is no detrimental effect because of it. Overall these are the best low cost crimpers I have ever used. My only comment for improvement would be to have more of a selection in the crimp set such as forks and fully insulated spades but they are cheap to buy separate so not a big deal.
Title: Great item
Content: Exactly what I was looking for good quality and enough connectors to start with
Title: Awesome tool
Content: Great product great value

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  • Made of Carefully Selected Materials: Preciva wire crimping tool is made of hardened alloy steel with high strength; Exquisite process and special jaw make the crimping effect more perfect, smooth and firm.
  • Considerate Complete Connectors & Color-Coding: Preciva deeply explores the customer's needs, thus equipped this ratcheting wire crimper with the most commonly used 350 pcs terminals. And mark them with 3 colors that are easy to identify. The color of the terminals corresponds to the color of the jaw. Even if you are in urgent need, you can quickly find the right connector and jaw to facilitate your every step of operation.
  • Comfort Design: In order to ensure of both beauty and comfort, Preciva crimping tool set adopts Ratcheting+Lever double design, which makes the pliers beautiful and durable, and saves at least 60% of labor. Easy to Lock and Crimp.
  • Enough Terminals Details: Ring type, butt plug type, bullet butt joint type, plug-in card butt joint type, etc., which are respectively applicable to sizes of 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6mm² Connection of wires.RED for 0.5-1.5mm², BLUE for 1.5-2.5mm², YELLOW for 4-6mm².
  • Widely Adopted: Preciva ratcheting insulated wire terminal crimper are widely used in various electrical circuit maintenance, workshops, auto repair electricians, machinery or automobiles, motorcycles, etc. Include: 1*ratcheting wire crimper, 350*connectors, 1* user manual.
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