TestMarket - Hurry! Save 39% on Breaker Morant: The Epic Story of the Boer War

Hurry! Save 39% on Breaker Morant: The Epic Story of the Boer War

Apr 06, 2024 11:23 pm
Hurry! Save 39% on Breaker Morant: The Epic Story of the Boer War
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Title: Brilliant
Content: Well writen
Title: Preconceived Fitting of Narrative
Content: The book reads like the authors preconceived notion selectively adopting information to fit the narrative. There has been a lot written about Morant. During the Apartheid era he was one of the regimes pet subjects to demonise the "British" / "Boer War". No one was allowed another opinion on him, it was a school subject matter. So a picture was built up of Morant as the villain, rather than the scapegoat he so clearly was. He's not the first scapegoat in history, or the last, which is why it's so important for people to differentiate between politics and soldiers following orders from lofty Generals and their political masters. It's the Generals and the politicians who always need scapgoats, when they've clearly done wrong. To continue to bash out the Morant the psychopath line, is a diserve to all those soldiers past and present set up as scapgoats to deflect attention from where it is actually deserved... the people who gave the orders!
Title: A really excellent “his-story”
Content: Another excellent, highly detailed and foot noted history of the Boer War and the murder of Boer POWs and civilians by members of the Bush Veldt Carbineers under Lt. Morant and Handcock. Goes a long way to correcting the mythology that Morant and Handcock were victims of a British kangaroo (sorry) court. In fact, they were guilty and received the justice they and their victims deserved. The devious and criminal role of the psychopath Captain Alfred “Bulala” Taylor is finally detailed. Justice was not served in his case. The 1980 movie was great and still a favorite of mine, but this book, long overdue, is a far better and more truthful telling. Even 100 years later, the truth matters and should be always be front and center.
Title: Well worthe read
Content: Again Peter Fitzsimmons has thoroughly researched, and excellent historical account of the Boer War and presented and excellent read.
Title: Well researched and thought provoking
Content: At the onset of this epic I had my doubts but I feel that Peter and his researcher's have gone to extraordinary lengths to portray both sides of the story villan and or hero. His final opinion of villan is justified however war can bring out the worst in anyone. This story is reminiscent of Mai lai which took place during the Vietnam war.
Content: Most people will have heard of the Boer War as an historical event. However the details given here bring home the horrors and privations suffered. It is hard to decide which nation is the rightful owner of lands colonised, and to send armies from far away lands is perhaps not the right way to make these decisions. What struck me as different in this account is that enough background is given of the real people who go there to fight, and the people who are prepared to sacrifice all to defend their land, that the reader becomes emotionally involved. The reader feels sympathy and anguish for both sides, so much so, that it seems this has to stop. I wanted to cry out "Stop this war! Let's sit down and talk about this!" There is a lot of sordid detail about war injuries. This is hard to read, but it adds to the reader's emotional involvement. The writing flows smoothly, and I have been able to read it in bursts, and not get lost when I pick it up again.

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