TestMarket - Grab the Nuwave Gold Precision Induction Cooktop and Save Big!

Grab the Nuwave Gold Precision Induction Cooktop and Save Big!

Jan 15, 2024 08:59 am
Grab the Nuwave Gold Precision Induction Cooktop and Save Big!
Brand Name: Nuwave
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Title: I love this cooktop!
Content: I've been trying to convince my husband to switch out our gas cooktop to an induction one for a while, without success. Then I had the idea of purchasing a portable cooktop to see if induction really lives up to the hype. I am blown away! The ease of cooking and precise temperature control, the smooth surface that cleans like a dream, the limited heat transference to the air - this one is particularly great living in Houston - the cleaner air in my kitchen.... I could go on about how much I love this! My husband has been caught using it, too, and has said I can switch out the gas cooktop, too. Winner! Be warned, however, that all stainless steel cookware is not induction-friendly. We've had a set of Farberware Millenium stainless steel cookware for 25 years - it does not work on this cooktop. Newer Farberware (I bought one additional pot just a few years ago) does work. Fortunately, to me this is another winner, as I've been looking for an excuse to replace our cookware (don't tell my husband) for a while. The same happens with non-stick aluminum pans - old ones don't work, but newer ones do. Time to clean out the cookware cabinet, which needed it! Cast iron works great. We'll also be able to take this cooktop in our RV to avoid using the propane stove when we have electric hookups. More winner points for this Nuwave cooktop! This is a great purchase!
Title: First time with induction
Content: I tried induction for the first time and it was pretty neat! The pot got hot but the surface did not and the device itself didn't produce heat directly either! Though the device does have components that do get warm so there is a fan that runs when you use it to keep the components cool. This means that you don't have to worry about the surface you put the device on. That said, you do have to be mindful of magnetic surfaces or electrical devices being beat the cooker when in use. It works with electromagnets and coils to transfer heat to something within the electric field. While heat can only be transferred to things near the heater, the field itself ranges a little farther than that so you won't want your phone right next to it, probably at least a foot though they make a note of saying to make sure to keep things a few inches from the device so I would imagine a foot would be enough, though I'm not willing to test that... Make sure not to have it on a magnetic surface as well when in use. All that aside, it works well and I like having precise temperature controls. Funny enough, it isn't that much more difficult to make a pot/pan that works with induction so many pots and pans now adays have induction as a cooking option so many people probably don't even realize they can already use induction. The wattage controls makes it feel like a great item to have for camping when you might be somewhere where power is limited or perhaps making a large gumbo pot. It says that it can hold up to 50lbs so imagine even deep frying a turkey could be an option, all up to you. I plan to make Mac and cheese later but as a simple test, I heated a can of Spaghetti O's (basically soup). I had a hard time initially because I never pressed start. To start you need to either press start using default temperature) or set your temperature and press start. I imagine the program button also works as a start button since it will start a present, but I have no need for that right now. Either way, I like it so far. I picked this one over the other since it had more temperature control options and bigger is better. I figure I can get more use out of one I can use or anything than one that has a limitation, but if you wanted to get into induction, I would recommend either the gold or the flex. Hopefully if I have any issues later, nuwave will be helpful as other mark concerns.
Title: Brings the joy back to cooking!
Content: This review is for the NuWave Gold Precision Induction Cook-top (PIC). I received the unit in excellent condition; no visible damage to external packaging and it arrived on the scheduled date; excellent work NuWave/Amazon. I unpacked the NuWave and reviewed the instructions. Other than the slight odor from the first few uses, as is stated in manual, I have had no problems with the unit so far. I have to say the NuWave Gold PIC is by far so much easier to control the cooking process than the almost new Frigidaire gas range that came with my current home. While that range has control knobs that rotate from Off, Lite, Hi, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Lo over 195 degrees of rotation; Hi to Lo only covers 115 degrees and only the last 15-20 degrees (2 to Lo) makes any change in the burner flame. My local gas supplier confirmed this is very common for consumer gas ranges. The NuWave is much more like using an electric range such as the GE model I had in my previous home; back when I enjoyed cooking. The last 20+ years, cooking has been more of a chore. Not anymore. I can hardly wait for the next chance to use the NuWave. Plus, given the recent news about home air quality and natural gas ranges potentially going away; I decided it was time to try induction. Since receiving the NuWave my existing gas range has literally become additional counter-space as I haven't used its cook-top at all. Although I saw a number of reviews indicating the keyboard cover deteriorates over time/use; the features and price put the NuWave Gold at top of my list. I'm hoping this problem doesn't show up for several years of use. It would be great if NuWave made the PIC with a better or user replaceable keyboard cover; but that's not offered at this time. I selected the NuWave Gold primarily because it offered the larger cooking surface (I frequently use 7” and larger cookware) compared to other induction units AND more importantly it had 10 degree temperature adjustments. Others I looked into typically had 20 or so settings for cooking and a lot of reviewers grumbled about that; NuWave Gold (and Flex) has around 50. Granted the NuWave Gold does have 6 predetermined temperature settings; but all can be adjusted via the +/- buttons. I have noticed that all but the low preset button will initially display an xx5 temperature value and the 5F part will be dropped once a +/- button is pressed. After that, the display will show temperature by 10's until a setting other than low is again selected. I was so pleased with cooking my first batch of bacon on the NuWave. I started on the Medium selection; but the sizzle was bit too fast. I lowered the temp by 20 degrees and had a wonderful cooking temp that made near perfect bacon. The built-in count-down timer is an excellent feature. It is so convenient to adjust the time so the NuWave will shut down after my preset cooking time is complete. However, I haven't quite figured out how to apply the programmable feature. I understand how to use it; but there's no way to tell if the food has come to a boil or reached a required cooking temp. Or when it's time to reduce the heat and simmer or stay warm. My best guess, since there's no temperature probe like with my microwave, is that you have to monitor a prior cooking process once or twice and record the time it takes. Hopefully your cookware selection and recipe volume doesn't vary by much so that the time you learn works out properly. Plus the program is deleted once power is removed from the NuWave. It would be great to have them remain; especially if could enter say up to ten different user programs. In anticipation of the NuWave, I also purchased new cookware set. A Tramontina HA aluminum, induction ready, ceramic coated set, with insulated handles. It's a beautiful cookware set; but when I started using them on the NuWave they didn't seem to heat up very quickly. Performance was similar to using my old Pampered Chef HA aluminum non-induction cookware on the gas range. Fast heating is supposed to be one of the key benefits of induction cooking. So I set up a comparison with my old stainless cookware that readily passed the magnet test. To compare each piece of cookware, I placed a one inch depth of fresh tap water in the pot/pan with a starting temp ~ 55-60F. I then used a Fluke 87 Mark V multimeter with a type K thermocouple for the temperature measurements. The thermocouple rested in the upper 1/4” of the water in the center of the pan. I used a Poniie PN1500 energy monitor for the wattage readings. All tests used the NuWave on it's maximum “Sear” setting. Time was measured using the countdown feature of the NuWave. The SS dia column refers to the stainless diameter on the bottom of the pot/pan in inches; a similar inch measurement was made for the overall bottom diameter. Obviously the volume of water in each pan varied; but notice the consistency in the heating times and how the wattage reduced according to SS dia. Test results are as follows: Vessel Manu SS dia Bottom diameter Wattage Mins to 180F Water Vol 1.5qt sauce Tra 4-7/8 5-3/16 536-573 7+ 1.5c 3qt sauce Tra 5-1/8 6-1/2 745-771 7+ 2.5c 4.5qt saute' Tra 8-1/8 9/1/4 1200-1256 7+ 5.75c 5qt dutch Tra 6-3/8 7-3/4 1065-1118 6+ 3.75c 8” skillet Tra 5-1/8 6 705-748 8+ 2.75c 10” skillet Tra 5-13/16 7 955-1014 7+ 4c 1/2qt sauce Unk 3-3/4 NA 785-818 2+ 1c 1qt sauce Unk 4-1/2 NA 964-972 2+ 1.5c 2qt sauce Unk 6 NA 1225-1248 2+ 2.25c 4qt pot Unk 7-1/2 NA 1417-1468 3+ 3.5c 5qt dutch Unk 8-1/4 NA 1501-1530 4+ 4c 8.75” skillet Unk 7-1/2 NA 1487-1505 3+ 3.75c 11” sq griddle Green NA 10-1/2 1305-1345 4+ 3c My old stainless set dated from 1980's and was simply marked “stainless Korea” on the bottom. They appeared to be made from 20 gauge material and are fairly light weight pots/pans. I also recently purchased a GreenPan griddle with it's Magneto induction coating and added it to the results. However it could not be filled with 1” layer of water – about 3/8” was all it would hold. Notice how much lower the wattage is and the longer heating times on the Tramontina cookware compared to a similar size SS diameter stainless item. Clearly the very thin “holey” SS bottom panel is not designed for optimum heat transfer on the Tramontina cookware. This was confirmed via discussion with a NuWave representative – thicker SS will work far better. My magnet test also confirmed the Tramontina cookware had a much weaker “pull” vs the old SS cookware. While the GreenPan griddle also had a somewhat weak magnetic “pull”, it's Magneto performance was clearly much better than the Tramontina cookware design. The data clearly shows how well the NuWave PIC is protecting itself with the smaller size cookware and their poorer induction power absorption by reducing output power. What struck me odd is, as the volumes of water varied with each piece, the heating times remained relatively constant within the same cookware sets. While the commonly used “induction compatible” or “induction ready” statements by manufacturers are true; they are clearly not always the most efficient design to use with induction cooking. I'd like to see a “induction optimized” marking for cookware that gets the most efficiency out of induction heating. This “induction optimized” cookware should work as well and heat as fast as good stainless performs on an induction cook-top (consumer testing labs are you reading this?) My takeaway from all this testing is that you should buy good heavy stainless cookware with a strong magnetic attraction for use with the NuWave. The NuWave will perform it's best with that type of cookware; and make you much happier using it. One other thing I'll mention. The NuWave Gold model is fairly large and uses a good bit of counter-space. So when it is not in use, I created a simple wooden stand to hold the unit vertically on it's back edge (see pics). Most wall cabinets are 16” above the counter-top and the Gold will fit nicely at the back of the counter when standing vertical. Please note; NuWave does not offer any stand like I'm describing. I used two 3-1/2 x 8 x 3/4” wood pieces for front and back of the stand. The NuWave Gold uses a 12-3/8” diameter for the 1” thick top section and a 12” diameter for the 1-5/8” thick main body down to the counter-top. I added an extra 1/16” to these two thicker measurements for a felt liner in my stand design. Both of these thick wood pieces were cut from a 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 8”. The larger diameter arc was centered 1/2” in from the bottom edge of the 1-1/16” piece. The smaller diameter arc was centered 11/16” in from the bottom edge of the 1-11/16” piece. Arcs were cut on a band saw. The three thinner pieces (two 3/4” pieces and the 1-1/16” piece) were then squared up as a complete assembly; thru holes marked/drilled into these, 3/4” in from ends and 3/4” up from the bottom . One of the 3/4” front/back pieces accepts 1-1/4” long wood screws securing it to the 1-11/16 piece. I used 2-1/2” long wood screws to secure the remaining 3/4” front/back piece thru the 1-1/16” piece and into the 1-11/16 from the opposite side. Felt pieces were cut to fit the stand interior sides and bottom (curved pieces). A spray adhesive was used to attach the felt to the inside of the stand. The stand is simple, stable, and secures the NuWave Gold very well. Hopefully my idea benefits your use of the NuWave and your counter-space. In summary, I would absolutely buy the NuWave Gold again. I'm currently mulling over if I covered my range top with a piece of counter top; then I could buy a second Gold unit, make another stand, have two cook surfaces, and even more usable counter-space! My enjoyment for cooking has returned!
Title: Great Induction Cooker
Content: It works great but you HAVE to remember to push the start button to make it work. I made that mistake the firdt two or three times I used it. Really good range of temperature increments. Also, it doesn't have cooling fan when you are done with it like my other induction cooker manufactured by a different company. To turn it off you have to unplug it No off button.
Title: Best quality portable Induction unit out there
Content: In the past 20 years, this is my 3rd one, only due to the other may be starting to fail a bit. It takes longer to boil water now, after using it for nearly 10 years, often on a daily basis. Since the price is quite high now in Canada, and the availability to purchase, is extremely limited, I decided not to wait, but buy a new one while I can, which always gives me a backup, should my 10 year old one bite the dust. So for now, this new one is a spare. I use mine so much, that I don't want to be without it at any time, thus made the purchase while I could. The heat distribution, timer, reliability are excellent on these. Hands down the best one to buy. L Scott, Ontario, Canada Oct 9-23
Title: Best one out there
Content: I ordered one 2 years ago and really liked it. Used it instead of my stovetop gas burners for most things, as it was safer with no flame, boiled water quickly, and had much more precise and reliable temperature controls for simmering, as well as a logical and intuitive control layout that included a timer. A year later, I wanted to buy a second one, but they didnt seem to be available except for a model bundled with an intermediate-quality nonstick pan, which I didnt really need. So I got a Duxtop instead, based on consumer ratings from various websites. The Duxtop was much more cumbersome to use, had less precise temperature settings, a quirky, non-intuitive set of controls, and, worst of all, a timer that automatically reset the temperature back to baseline every time you used it. What? It was ok for boiling things, adequate for imprecise simmers, and pretty useless if you wanted to time anything. It was like a poor amateur imitation of the NuWave, adequate for simple tasks, but not really something you could cook with. After a while, we really got tired of it, bit the bullet, and bought another NuWave, with the included frying pan. The NuWave was great, just like our first one, and it was a real treat to have intuitive controls that really worked and seemed to make cooking effortless. Even the non-stick pan wasn't too bad, despite some of the negative reviews, and we're using it more and more. So far, it seems as good as our more expensive Scanpan CTX's, and is easier to clean. Time will tell, though. Overall, I am very satisfied with the NuWave, and wish I had gotten it right away instead of the Duxtop. The only advantage of having the Duxtop was to make me appreciate the NuWave that much more. With 2, we can move them to various locations if necessary, so 2 people can be cooking and not get in each other's way. We almost never use the gas stove burners now, and the kitchen is a safer, more efficient, more verasatile, and less messy place!

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  • MAKE ADJUSTMENTS ON-THE-FLY – Want hotter temperature or need to cook it longer? No problem. Simply adjust on-the-fly any time. Starting the cooking process over is not necessary. Gold induction cooktop’s intuitive digital controls are easy to operate, and the response is immediate.
  • 51 PRE-PROGRAMMED TEMPS - Select from the 6 convenient preset temperature settings or fine tune your own temperature from 100°F to 575°F in 10°F increments. You can also add or deduct cooking time at any time.
  • SHATTER-PROOF CERAMIC GLASS – There are no open flames or hot coils that can cause burns. Unlike the competition, Gold’s heating surface is heavy-duty shatter-proof ceramic glass, which was rigorously tested to withstand intense heat without shattering. It is one of the safest cooktops in the market.
  • FAST and EFFICIENT – Gold heats the pot directly transferring 85% to 90% of its electro-magnetic energy to heat energy! Traditional stovetops only convert about 30% of their heat for cooking. Cook faster without wasting energy and money.
  • MELT CHOCOLATE - Mastery of the double boilers is not necessary. Simply set the Gold at 120°F; add chocolates into an induction-ready pot; and stir. It will never burn. Even preparing the most delicate sauces like Hollandaise, Beurre Blanc, and Beurre Fondue is no longer daunting.
  • SAFETY BUILT-IN – Even if you forget, Gold will shut off automatically when the set cook time is completed. When there is no cookware on the cooktop, Gold will not start. There are no hot coils or open flames reducing the risk of burns.
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY - The slim design of Gold and its patented insulation technology brings the induction heating coils closer to your cookware than any other induction cooktop for faster and more even heating, ensuring no hot or cold spots for optimal cooking experience.
  • PERFECT FOR DORMS AND RV’S – Gold is light-weight and portable and is designed to work well when the power is less than full. It performs flawlessly in RV’s, dorm rooms, remote cabins and campsites. With its 3 wattage settings of 600, 900 and 1500 watts, you can cook anywhere, anytime with limited power.
  • PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTIONS – With Gold, you can sear, boil, simmer, fry, deep fry, stir fry, sauté, steam, slow cook, BBQ, melt, grill, warm, or simply re-heat and keep warm for up to 100 hours! The applications are endless. Now It’s easy to prepare healthy, great tasting meals with a touch of a button.
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